What is The Difference Between Metal and Steel?

There are many different metals, and we choose the metal with the properties that best suit the needs of the job.

This tower is made of steel for strength and coated with zinc for protection from corrosion.

The blades are and also corrosion-resistant.

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Why anymore?

Still, the electric cables a copper because it is a good conductor.

The first, the recording and replay heads on a VCR need to be light, so they’re made.

Oven jewelry must stay shiny and not cause skin reactions, so it’s made of gold or platinum.

Non ferrous metals are metals that are not iron.

The first metal to be discovered was gold.

It doesn’t corrode, so it’s found as the pure metal.

It’s expensive because it’s rare, and it’s rare because it’s heavy.

Most of the gold will have sunk down into the center of the earth.

The crust is made mainly of light elements.

Gold is very malleable and can be beaten into a very thin foil and used to coat statues or jewelry.

Even after thousands of years, it’s still a shiny as ever.

It is used in jewelry.

Gold is usually mixed with silver or copper to strengthen it and make it cheaper.

Gold is the best conductor of electricity, so it is used to coat computer plugs.

The connections work every time because there is no oxide coating to stop the electricity.

Silver is similar to gold and also used for decoration in jewelry and silverware.

However, it is easily tarnished by hydrogen sulfide in the air and needs to be polished quite often.

Silver is cheap nowadays because it is not needed as much in making film on din jewelry has been mostly replaced by stainless steel.

Silver soldering is used to join copper parts.

It is made of silver, copper and zinc and has a higher melting point than normal solder.

Oh, copper is similar to gold and silver.

It is soft and a good electrical conductor.

It’s the third most used metal after iron.

On copper is the Medal of Choice for wiring most electrical machinery, appliances and power supplies.

It is also used for household water supply.

As it doesn’t corrode in water.

It can be easily bent to change direction, and it’s easy to join by.

Soldering brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, usually around 70% copper, 30% zinc.

It has a distinctive color and is malleable, so it can be worked into complex shapes.

But it’s harder than copper, so it wears better.

This is important where products have moving parts.

Brass is highly corrosion resistant.

This is a plus for a product constantly subjected to the moisture and salt in saliva.

A lower copper content producers brass.

That’s harder.

This kind of brass is used for tap handles, window and door fittings.

They’re usually made by casting.

These ancient Chinese statues are made of bronze, an alloy of copper and tin.

It is easy to cast and can be left outside without corroding.

Bronze is strong and was used to make tools and weapons such as spears and swords.

This metal brought about the Bronze Age bells are made of bronze because of the sustained notes it produces, and it’s corrosion resistance.

Bill metal has ah Huyton content upto one part in four.

These two sections of the bike frame are braised together with bronze, which was melted onto the surfaces.

It is used where the heat of welding would ruin the temper of the steel.

All may ruin thin sections.

This bronze cannon has a much lower team content probably around 10%.

Because this type of bronze is highly resistant to corrosion and very hard-wearing.

It’s used for gears and bearings in machinery.

If a little letter and phosphorus is added, it becomes even harder.

Phosphor bronze Zinc is a soft metal, relatively cheap and not easily corroded.

It has a low melting point, allowing steel to be dipped in molten zinc in our hot-dip galvanizing process.

Yeah, it is used mainly to coach steel to prevent it from rusting.

Then it forms a hard layer of zinc oxide on the surface.

In this plant, the steel is being coated with an alloy made of zinc, and the steel sheet is passing through a bar of molten zinc Alum Mhm mhm tin is another metal mind.

In ancient times, it is used as a corrosion-resistant coating that gives us silver finish, as evidenced by this trumpet.

Tin is used mainly as a protective coating on steel, like on these tin cans.

Nowadays, cans are often coated with a clear varnish.

Solder is an alloy of tin and lead and is useful because it has such a low melting point.

The leading edge of these wing flaps is made of.

It’s easy to machine this is important for appears as well as construction.

Yeah, because about £100 for 45 killed.

The natural oxide coating could be thickened by a process called an ID sizing.

To give a smoother, hardwearing surface dies could be added to produce color finishes.

One of the major uses of this means the sides and base could be made in one piece there, simply drawn down and pressed out of a flat sheet.

It’s life, so it’s cheap to transport because it’s malleable.

We get a sheep that holds its new shape.

What happened once it is molten oxide coating can no longer protected, so it then oxidizes very easily.

It is expensive because it needs a lot of energy to process it from the This is why it’s so eagerly recycled.

Okay, nickel is harder than iron, but it’s too brittle.

Thio use on its own nickel is commonly allied with softer metals like copper and the coins.

Look silver, but they’re actually copper-nickel alloys in the U. S. A. Nickel is a five-cent coin.

Anything nickel is allied with chromium iron and carbon to produce stainless steel.

Titanium is a fantastic metal.

The density of it doesn’t corrode.

It is used in military aircraft and climbing equipment, where weight and strength are critical and price is not.

It is also used inside the body to strengthen bones.

Sometimes stainless steel is used here.

Titanium is difficult to cut.

Here it is being cut by water.

Jet with abrasive in magnesium is the lightest of the common metals.

It is usually used as an ally with magnesium is often used in car wheels to make them lightweight.

It catches fire easily and is used in fireworks as a powder, producing a bright white light, so it should not be used near flames.

Yeah, the main disadvantage of steel is that it rusts.

It needs to be protected by a coating that doesn’t corrode, such as paint or a non ferrous metal.

Roofing iron is coated with zinc, which doesn’t corrode in air or water.

If the surface is meant to be shiny and wear-resistant, then chromium is the best.

This shaft has to slide through an oil sale without waking.

If it was corroded or scratched, it would ruin the seal and the oil would leak out Nikolay, similar to chromium and almost it’s hard.

Both are put onto the base metal by electroplating in nickel and chromium plating.

A Siris of chemical baths clean the surface before the electroplating deposits a thin, even layer of nickel.

In this case, only certain parts are to be plated, so the rest is coated with wax.

The thickness of the coat could be controlled by the length of time the plating continues.

Copper is a good conductor, so it spreads the heat evenly over the bottom of the pot, but it is too soft.

The best solution is to have a stainless steel body with a copper bottom.

Copper reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form a green compound copper carbonate.

As this process takes a few years, manufacturers nowadays produced this green color in the factory.

This stops any further corrosion, and it’s one reason chromium and nickel oxidize in air.

But the oxide layer is clear, preventing any more oxygen reacting with the metal.

Many other non ferrous metals, a corrosion-resistant because they’re oxide layers are impervious to oxygen.

This is why zinc and okay, okay, heat treatment can change the material’s properties.Working this copper hardens it and makes it brittle.If we quench it that is heated, then rapidly call it.It’s the effect is to soften the copper.The opposite happens to steal. Metals are all good electrical conductors, but some are better than others. Here we have three circuits.

The one on the left has copper wire, the middle way switch between the circuits, applying the same electric voltage to each circuit.

This gauge measures the resistance of the wire, the further to the right it moves, the larger the resistance.

This is the result for the steel wire and the copper wire.

Copper shows the least resistance.

In other words, it conducts electricity better than even though copper is the best conductor.Many high voltage power lines are actually on.When you mix metals, you can have trouble joining Copper to zinc will produce on electrochemical reaction.It will generate electricity, which is very useful if you want a battery, but in your job you will have corrosion.

Plumbers prevent this with Teflon type.

Yes, you can use steel bolts on some combinations.

Work some don’t these have bean?

A few of the many factors you will need to consider the next time you decide which metal Thio use for a job.


There are many different metals, and we choose the metal with the properties that best suit the needs of the job. This tower is made of steel for strength and coated with zinc for protection from corrosion. The blades are and also corrosion-resistant.

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