Sweet Boondia Ladoo Recipe

Description of Boondia

Sweet Boondia a super simple and quick-to-make afters formula. The most ingredients accustomed prepare this formula square measure gram flour, saffron, almonds, inexperienced cardamom, clarified butter, and sugar. It a standard Indian mithai that is typically created throughout festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Dusshera, and Diwali, and also Eid. It’s a must-try formula for all those that have a factor for sweet dishes and desserts. Sweet Boondia would be favorite by adults and children alike. Enjoy!

Boondia square measure little small spherical balls fabricated from besan (gram flour).

The batter, that formed of besan has had a ladle with holes.

As the batter drops through the ladle into the new oil, it forms the shape.

The size of the boondia can rely on the scale of the holes within the ladle.

I have used a ladle with medium-sized holes, for larger boondias use a ladle with larger holes.

The boondia deep-fried and so taken out of hot oil and so lordotic in syrup.

The process is not troublesome in the slightest degree. However, you will face difficulties in obtaining the shape of boondia.

When I initially created them, all my boondias had weird forms.

Some were spherical whereas different were elongated with tails and additionally clumped along.

So, here’s a way to check that that your boondia flip round!


gram flour (besan) – 1 1/2 cup
sugar – 1 cup
saffron – 2 pinches
water – 1 1/2 cup
ghee – 2 cup


Step 1

Combine the sugar and one 1/2 cup of water in an exceedingly broad non-stick pan, combine well and cook on a high flame for concerning 5-7 minutes or until the syrup of one thread consistency. Once sugar dissolved fully and therefore the sweetener becomes a touch sticky, defer the flame and keep aside.

Step 2

Sieve gram flour in an exceeding vessel and sometimes add water to that. Add saffron, soaked in one tablespoon of water. Check that that the batter does not get too skinny and no lumps area unit shaped. Currently, heat drawn butter in an exceedingly pan over medium flame, hold a perforated spoon a touch on top of the recently drawn butter. And pour some gram flour batter on the spoon. Enable tiny droplets to fall within the drawn butter by sound the sting of the spoon gently.

Step 3

Stir and deep fry the boondis within the clarified butter gently and fry until crisp but not brown. Take away the boondi on a cleanroom towel or towel to empty off the surplus oil. Currently, place the boondi within the sugar syrup and keep it for five minutes before putting off from the syrup.

Step 4

Chop the almonds employing a knife and create a sleek powder of cardamom by grinding. Keep them aside in separate bowls. Take a good plate and unfold the boondis thereon, garnish it by adding cardamom powder and cut almonds and blend gently. (optional)

Step 5

Allow to chill fully and loosen the boondi with a finger until every drop separates. Boondi ingested recently or is keep in an airtight instrumentality to serve later.

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