Stamped Concrete Pros and Cons

Setting up a family-friendly chill spot in the backyard can be stressful, with innovation that goes into it. One of the most common things you’ll see in a backyard or a walkway is stamped Concrete.

This however comes with its several pros and cons. Here are some of them to guide you in getting a stamped Concrete; 

The Pros

Personalized Aesthetics

You will never run out of choices when choosing the patterns, colors, and textures for your terrace. It has a wide variety of stamps.

Here are some of the options 

  • Slate
  • Natural stone
  • Brick
  • Tile

Every design has the long-durability of concrete. While there are a lot of options to pick from, a landscape designer will look at your environment, the size of your home for inspiration and cohesion.


Stamped concrete has succeeded in mimicking any hard-surfaced stone or slate. Check here for stamped concrete kansas city.


While stamped concrete requires a professional’s input in laying it out flawlessly, it requires less preparation, time, and equipment. The concrete pavers are placed in a specific pattern then stamped concrete is mixed, poured, and then formed by stamp templates.


Stamped concrete is relatively less expensive than its substitutes for a few reasons;

  • Concrete is more cost-effective than stones or bricks.
  • The installation cost for mixing, pouring, and stamping concrete are lower than brick or stone installation costs.

Stamp concrete is obviously the most economical option.


Stamped concrete requires the least maintenance when it’s compared to stone or bricks. It is a continuous stone so you don’t have to worry about weeds growing in between spaces.


Some contractors use seals along with their stamped concrete to avoid rain damage, portray a wet surface and offer slip resistance. This will require resealing after 3-5 years of installation and use.



This is the most common issue with stamped concrete. Even Though it conceals cracks more than other alternatives, concrete cracking is inevitable.

Difficulty Matching Colors

If the stamped concrete suffers any damage, getting the same exact color to replace it proves to be a problem. Stamped concrete patios are colored in a phased and specific process when installed and to recreate that color laying is almost impossible.


Even Though stamped concrete proves to be the best, it is still just a simulation for the original things e.g Slate and natural stone. It is an attractive alternative but it can not be the real deal.

In Conclusion

To install stamped concrete, you will be advised to get a professional on board with you to assist in the process. This article must have helped in smoothening your choice of using stamped concrete or not.

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