Increase the efficiency of your ducted air conditioning system

As a homeowner, selecting the most appropriate heating and cooling system is an extremely important decision. You’ll have to take into consideration the comfort of your family, energy consumption, installation costs, and maintenance requirements. In addition, the overall aesthetics of the system will have an impact on the appearance of your home’s interior and exterior.

The installation of a ducted air conditioning system is an excellent solution for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year. You can enjoy cold air without the presence of humidity, as well as year-round optimum temperatures. You can ensure that your ducted air conditioning system remains efficient for many years to come by performing regular maintenance and using it properly.

Here are a few suggestions for increasing the efficiency of your ducted air conditioning system:

  1. Setting your ducted air conditioning system’s temperature to an optimal 24°C.

The recommended air conditioning temperature during the summer months is 24°C, and the recommended temperature in Victoria during the winter months is 20°C. These temperatures are very close to the temperatures found outside of the building. To maintain an extremely low temperature, the ducted air conditioning system does not have to work as hard as it otherwise would, which would decrease its overall efficiency in the long run.

  1. Start your air conditioning in the wee hours of the morning.

The majority of people believe that it is best to turn on their ducted air conditioning systems after midday to reduce the load on the system and their energy consumption (thereby saving money on their electricity bills). As a precaution, experts recommend starting your system in the morning hours so that it can reach its set temperature as quickly as possible, thereby ensuring that it runs efficiently.

  1. It is best to turn off the air conditioning in unoccupied rooms.

One of the most advantageous features of a ducted air conditioning system is that it can be turned off in unoccupied rooms, thereby reducing the load on the system. By turning off and closing the doors to rooms that aren’t being used, you can reduce the amount of space that needs to be cooled. It improves the efficiency and long-term performance of the system.

  1. Keep all of the curtains and blinds are drawn.

As the day progresses, the temperature outside rises and the heat from the sun blazing through the windows increases the temperature inside your home. If you draw in your curtains and blinds to keep the heat out, you’ll reduce the amount of work your ducted air-conditioning system has to do to keep the temperature at the desired level.

  1. Sign up for a yearly service.

Make sure to have your ducted air conditioning system serviced once a year to ensure that the air filters are clean and that all of the components and systems are operating at peak performance. Preventive maintenance will also save you money in the long run by avoiding the need to replace parts that have worn out due to lack of maintenance.

Are you of the opinion that ducted air conditioning is the best option available?

Air conditioning that is delivered through the ductwork is extremely beneficial. It has superior cooling power and is capable of operating at a significantly higher efficiency in a variety of situations than its predecessor. If you were considering installing a multi-split system, you will be pleasantly surprised by the savings you will see on your energy bill if you instead opt for a ducted air conditioner.

Additionally, ducted air conditioners have a more appealing appearance, which should not be ignored. They will allow you to be much more creative if you are designing a new house, and they will not cause as much disruption to the design if you are installing air conditioning in an existing building. A bonus will be having a system that operates with minimal noise.

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