How Can You Build a DIY Plunge Pool?

If you have a pool in the backyard of your home then your family can enjoy a nice time, particularly during the summer months. If you can manage to build a DIY pool then it will be a great option.

A DIY plunge pool is possible and in this small post, we shall talk about that briefly.

#1) Planning

You need to discuss it with people who are having a plunge pool in their backyard and learn about it. Know what steps you need to take, what size of pool you want and how will you go about it when it comes to making them.

#2) Choose the location

The next thing will be to give a hard look at your backyard, whether it will be possible to accommodate the plunge pool that you want to make. Find the source of water in that location. You have to find ways to pump water into the pool and how will it be emptied.

Also, you have to see the source of electricity near the location that will be needed to power the pump.

#3) Decide whether you want it in the ground or above ground

You need to evaluate how skilled you are to lay brick and mortar. As such, the in-ground option will be an easier one as the above-ground option will need to offer a better finish that may need a professional.

#4) Materials

You need to dig the ground as per the length, breadth, and depth needed for your pool. You need to give a proper allowance for the bricks and also layers of plasters that will go with that so that ultimately you can get your required size.

You need to estimate how many bricks and mortars are needed. You may find YouTube videos where instructions are given on how to lay the brick and mortars and also how to make an estimation of brick, cement, and all other requirements.

You also have to make arrangements for all the necessary masonry tools, which will be needed while laying the bricks and also plastering them.

Also, consider pipes, pumps, and their proper layouts.

#5) Plumbing and lighting

Plumbing is another important thing to consider while making your pools. Depending upon the source of water you also have to consider the route through which you will lay out your pipes.

Also, decide how you will provide lighting to your pool.

#6) Select pipes

Pipes come in different shapes and sizes, but there are 2 types of pipes: rigid and flexible. Keep in mind that the “flexible pipe” may not be as much flexible as you think! Yes, you may bend it slightly, but it is quite hard, and you won’t be making any knots with it.

#7) Electricity

You will need an electrical connection for pumps and also for lighting. If you understand electricity well then you can plan it otherwise you may take the help of any professional electrician to do this work for you.

We hope you have got a basic idea of making a DIY plunge pool.

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