Digha, the new digha and old digha beach

Description of Digha

Digha could be a seaboard resort city within the state of West Bengal, India. It lies in the Purba Medinipur district and at the northern finish of the Bay of geographical area. It’s a coffee gradient with a shallow sand beach. It the foremost widespread ocean resort in West Bengal.


Originally, there an area is known as Beerkul, wherever Digha lies nowadays. This name referred to in Warren Hastings’s letters (1780) as the city of the East.

An English businessperson John Frank Snaith started living here in 1923. And his writings provided a decent exposure to the current place. He convinced West Bengal Chief Minister Bidhan Chandra Roy to develop this place to be a beach resort. An associate degree previous church is well renowned in Digha. Which may be seen close to the previous Digha Main gate this place additionally referred to as Alankarpur Digha. A replacement mission has developed in New Digha that is understood as Sindhu Tara that is beside Amrabati Park its a Church wherever it’s potential to would like for the welfare of the family and precious ones. The most effective thanks to visiting are to book a neighborhood van cart. There square measure such a big amount of place wherever one will travel that provide mental refreshments, like Tajpur, Odisa Border, Science town, etc.


It is settled 183 kilometers (114 mi) from Kolkata/Howrah via Mecheda and 234 kilometers (145 mi) via Kharagpur. This proximity has in all probability helped this little hamlet to emerge as a preferred weekend getaway with a range of excellent hotels and tourer lodges. Digha is connected to Kolkata/Howrah by a main road. And a rail-link via Tamluk. currently, several trains together with Howrah-Digha Super AC specific, Tamralipta specific, Kandari specific and EMU locals from Santragacchi via Mecheda and Tamluk run between Digha and Howarh and different stations in Japanese India. It is conjointly settled below the Contai Subdivision.


There are chiefly 5 seasons in Digha, particularly summer, monsoon, autumn, winter, and spring. Summer starts in the Gregorian calendar month and continues till June with the most temperature of thirty-seven °C (99 °F). though cold wind from the ocean keeps the weather pleasant during this time. Next comes monsoon in the Gregorian calendar month and lasts until the top of Sept. Digha typically experiences median precipitation with high wetness within the monsoon season. fall sets in October and lasts until the middle of Dec with a median temperature of around twenty-five C.

The weather remains pleasant now. Winter sets within the half of Dec and lasts until middle Gregorian calendar month with a pleasant average temperature of 15/16 C. The spring is that the most gratifying season in Digha ranging from middle Gregorian calendar month to middle Gregorian calendar month. The hotels stay choked with their capability as tourer influx is that the highest during this peak and best season. With totally different|completely different} environmental condition influence throughout the year with different scenic beauty Digha is extremely abundant gratifying around the year.

New Digha Beach

One of the foremost known beaches in Digha is New Digha ocean Beach, simply a pair of a kilometer (1.2 miles) aloof from recent Digha Beach. individuals from across the states of West Bengal and Orissa like this location for disbursal weekend holidays and even tourists from many elements of the Republic of India return here to correct with the tranquil fantastic thing about nature. you may conjointly notice some vacant places lined with tree trees wherever you’ll sit and relax your mind. The soft sand at the beach makes the place pleasant in most seasons.

Fascinating sunrise and sunset also are known at the New Digha Beach. invariably keep your camera able to capture those enticing moments, particularly once the golden rays of the sun create a mirrored image on the ocean waves. In easy words, those moments are utterly on the far side explanations. it’s invariably higher to decide on an edifice near the ocean so you don’t miss the sunrise.

During the daytime, you may get to examine native retailers merchandising deep-fried fish, beer, milk, grilled or cooked chicken, etc. In some places, you may get to examine rocks on that ocean water hits at a quick speed. Hence, it’s invariably higher to avoid those places as varied accidents have taken place within the past.

Shankarpur Beach – a less packed destination good for you

Just quarter-hour away (east) from New Digha Beach, Shankarpur Beach may be a regular fishing harbor. If you’ll manage to rise early, first of all, you may see the natural fantastic thing about the morning sun reflective on the ocean wave. Secondly, you may get to examine however the fishermen haul their large web out of the ocean to catch fish. For folks that don’t just like the crowd and need to rest on Associate in the Nursing isolated beach, this can be a decent place for them. Fewer individuals understand this place however you may still get all forms of facilities here.

Chandaneswar Temple

Chandaneswar Temple placed simply 5-7 kilometer (3-4.3 mi) faraway from Digha in Balasore district within the state of Orissa. And you wish to cross the Bengal-Orissa border to succeed in the placement. People, in the main foreigners, might imagine that crossing the border might not be hassle-free, however, that’s not the case the least bit. you’ll take your vehicle across the Asian nation, making certain that each one your papers ar valid.

The presiding spiritual being at Chandaneswar Temple is Lord Shiva. Since it’s high worth in Hinduism, an oversized range of tourists and pilgrims from everywhere the state visit here throughout the amount of Pana Sankranti, the primary day of the Odia calendar. the primary day in the main falls on Pan American Day per annum per the New Style calendar. If you visit throughout that amount, you may be surprised by the Chaitra Mela (an honest within the month of Chaitra) that continues for thirteen days.

It is higher to devote every day to the present place; you ought to have many hours spent at Chandipur beach. this can be a novel place wherever you’ll get to examine the Brobdingnagian ocean disappearing suddenly. Yes! Here a natural miracle typically happens if your luck favors. the ocean recedes by the maximum amount as a five-kilometer (3 mi) daily. this can be a splendid chance for the guests to run into the sea!

Marine fish tank and Regional Centre: a requirement for college students

Marine fish tank and Regional Centre or brandy is one in all the regional centers of the Zoological Survey of Asian nation, established in Digha. Established within the year 1989, this can be travel by the Ministry of atmosphere and Forests. The freshly created repository (Marine Museum) inaugurated on third Gregorian calendar month 2016 at brandy. And it’s currently receptive to the general public.

You may get to examine the various collections of marine species here. Those species embody ocean snakes, fish, horseshoe crabs, lobsters, mollusks, prawns, crabs, echinoderms, corals, etc. The repository conjointly displays varied awareness posters connected to marine life, diversity, and conservation. the scholar’s World Health Organization has an Associate in Nursing interest in marine biology. And extremely benefited by visiting this repository.

Talasari Beach

Talasari Beach lies within the Baleswar district of the province. the gap between this beach and Digha is simply a seven-kilometer (4.3 mi). The name Talasari has its significance for the palm trees close to the place. Since this location not stuffed with tourists like New Digha Beach. You freely capture the serene great thing about nature stuffed with inexperienced paddy fields, multiple rivers, blue hills, and stretched beaches. On the opposite hand, this place can for certain take your mind to Kerala since the beach itself has tall coconut trees, casuarinas, and palm trees. Here, the presence of white sand appearance distinctive, chiefly throughout the sunrise and sunset.

Experience Jurassic period Age Park at the Digha Science Center

Although Digha Science Center for all the age teams. If children or college goers square measure with you on your tour. It higher to not skip this institution. This can a lot of like Science town settled in Calcutta, the capital of the state of West Bengal. It quite well equipped and can provide you with honest expertise. And your kids can for certain find it irresistible quite you doing. Jurassic period Age Park could a major attraction in Digha Science Center.

Play hide & get with red crabs at Tajpur Beach

Tajpur set between Mandarmani and Digha. It simply around eighteen kilometers (11 mi) off from Digha. It fine-looking vacation destination. And you’ll not notice it over jam-packed like Digha. The crescent form of the beach here endows photographers associate degree uncommon view of the ocean. Here, like in Mandarmani, you’ll get to ascertain the red crabs enjoying hide and get within the sand throughout the morning hours.

Visit Udaipur Beach to be in solitude

Just three-kilometer (1.8 mi) far from Digha, Udaipur Beach was taken into account undiscovered or virgin. You’ll get a really pleasant atmosphere here. Because the beach is far from the group and busy town life. Some places area unit stuffed with tree trees wherever you’ll be able to simply sit, relax your mind or meditate. Some families of fishermen run stalls at the beach. And sell freshly lyonnaise food. it’s one in all the most effective places for a honeymoon trip.

How to reach Digha

Trains area unit out there from the urban center (Howrah Railway Station). And area unit one in all the most effective choices. As they take three hours to succeed in Digha train depot. Digha one in all the most effective vacation destinations for everybody. July to March taken into account the most effective time to go to these places on top of. Because the weather stays most pleasant throughout now. Get pleasure from it slow in stunning nature and coastline!

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