All You Need To Know About Garage Doors

Garage doors occupy a considerable amount of space in the front yard of a house. This makes them a major component of the home exterior design. There are two main sizes of garage doors, the small size, which is usually around 8-foot wide, and the large size, which is usually 18 feet wide. Do you wish to increase the curb appeal of your house or commercial area by installing garage doors? You should check Chicago Garage Door offering repairs and installation.  

What Are Garage Doors?

Garage doors are large-sized doors on a garage entryway that opens either manually or automatically with the help of an electric motor, also called a garage door opener.

Garage doors are made of fiberglass, wood, or metal. In order to prevent heat loss, they may also be insulated. Locomotive sheds, bus garages, and warehouses usually have larger garage doors.

Different Types Of Garage Doors

There are different options for garage doors available in different markets around the world. 

Up And Over Garage Doors

It is also known as a swing-up door. They’re the most common garage door and are suitable for houses with small or large garages. They work with most automatic garage door openers. The swing-up garage doors are also easy to operate and durable. It gives the house a distinct look. 

Unlike other garage door types that have more than two doors with space for wind, rain, and snow to pass through, the swing-up garage doors have a single panel within the door frame. This makes them weatherproof. 

Sliding Garage Doors

These are usually large doors that move from side to side. They are suitable for large garages with relatively small doorways. They’re one of the potentially least weatherproof garage doors. The doors slide across and meet at the middle, giving room for rain, snow, and wind to pass through if the doors are not properly locked.

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Roll-Up Doors

They’re also called the rolling steel garage doors. Roll-up garage doors are made of horizontal steel sheets and do not roll on horizontal tracking systems. They use the coil-up operating system. They also use an electric motor to roll up and down. There are two major types of roll-up garage doors; rolling steel garage doors for big commercial companies and roll-up sheet garage doors suitable for smaller warehouses, homes, and companies.

Bifold Garage Doors

They work like a folding closet door and make your garage look more like your second apartment. They add a modern touch to your home and increase the curb appeal of your home. They are suitable for areas with milder climates because snow and rain can penetrate through the doors. 

Side Hinged Doors

This type of garage door is one of the simplest and has one of the most practical designs. It is suitable for both large and small garages. The door can be opened halfway to allow convenient passage of bikes, motorcycles, and small equipment. Some producers manufacture side-hinged doors with an upgraded security lock system and double-skinned steel panels for durability and strength. It is very secure when correctly installed.

Garage Doors Buying Guide

You should take note of the following before you buy a garage door.

Review The Manufacturer

Do some research about companies producing durable garage doors. Visit their website to see the available designs and their reviews. To have a closer look, book an in-store appointment or watch clips in their showroom. Get recommendations from family and friends.

Consider The Materials

Wooden doors give a kind of countryside natural beauty and easy customization. It requires high maintenance to last long. Steel doors are durable, cheap, and require low maintenance. Fiberglass carport doors are made from aluminum frames with fiberglass sections. They are lightweight, translucent and resistant to salt air. They have poor insulators, change color as they age, and they crack in cold regions. You should choose a material that suits your type of weather.

 Make Sure That The Price Is In Your Budget

The materials and features of the door determine the price of the door. Also, if you purchase your door from a company that offers after-sale installation services, you’ll be charged for that. It’s important to know what suits your home so that you can have a budget to work with.

What Features Are You Looking For?

Some doors are high-tech with good insulation and high-quality materials. Non-wooden doors have realistic wood grain surfaces, and carriage-house doors give a classic look.

Garage doors are a worthy investment that every property owner should make. It will increase the curb appeal of your property and boost its resale value. Ensure you call an expert garage door installer who is licensed and can guarantee the work done.

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