Content creation is an advanced skill, and it needs practice, lot of practice. Hence it would help if you practiced this every time to make it work for you. When we both started Affiliate marketing, we asked our Sponsor how to promote the product. We were told that we need to see what my Sponsor is doing and watch other top earners’ posts. Take ideas from it and post in my style.

When we checked their profile, we saw that their profile was filled with posts like; how to make money online; I need ten people to work with, benefits of Affiliate Marketing, types of online businesses, etc.

We thought it was easy. So, we just used to remove their names and numbers, replace them with mine, and only post in my profile. Thanks to the Canva Application.

After a few weeks, we realized it’s not working, and the most important thing was that we are not getting any engagement and not getting any sales out of it. And then we realized it was not the correct way to promote.

We understood that if we have to take Affiliate Marketing as a serious business, we must learn some excellent skills. And one of the vital skill is Content Creation.

People don’t know you, don’t trust you. Hence you have to strike them through your content (Video/written). 

For your knowledge, here we are sharing the three most essential steps that are the firm foundation of content creation.


Even your best content won’t work if you are presenting it to the wrong audience. Hence your target audiences should be on your list before submitting any content.

Here we go… 

First of all, write down a minimum of 5 benefits about your product (if more than 5, then even better), like what your product does and how it solves your targeted audience’s problem. It should be handy for you.

Once your benefits are ready, start creating content around those points in three steps. 

How should it be done? 

For example, let’s say you have a digital product that shows how to generate organic leads.

Now make a list of points on what are the benefits of Organic lead and who are those businesses and people who will get benefit out of it.

After making the notes of what your product can do, now divide your content into three parts.

It should be based on 

1. Past problems / Pain / Struggle

2. How you got the solution (Product) for your situation

3. What happened after that.

Now let me explain through an example.

Example No. 1

Let’s say one of your target audiences who need organic leads are serious Affiliate Marketing people.

  1. Now create content, stating what happens when an Affiliate Marketer does not get lead. What are the consequences they face when people do not approach them? It impacts them when the sales go down (and many other points that an Affiliate has gone through).
  2. Then bring your product (solution) in between, mentioning how it starts helping them, how it starts improving them as an individual, and their team performance. 
  3. And then what happens after that. What is the final result of that ‘Affiliate’ after using your product? How it affects his own business and how his team performance improves.

Similarly, start creating content based on the other benefits of your product.

Example No. 2

If your product is about how to start an online business, create content in a similar fashion targeting the right audience. Present the content in such a form that they feel involved.

  1. Like, what problems people face when looking for an extra source of income? What is the mindset of an average person when looking for opportunities? What all challenges they face in terms of the industries they plan to get into, etc.
  2. And then bring your opportunity in between how it solves their problem. The time it takes to earn that extra income. And what do they learn during that phase. They should be able to relate it. They should understand that earning an additional income source requires money, energy, dedication, and time. (This will help you to get rid of freebies).
  3. And what happens to them & their family after they start earning those extra bucks.

Always be realistic with figures. If you talk about earning Millions and Billions in the beginning, prospects will run away.

Those audiences should be able to relate themselves. Remember, people buy results when they see themselves in your content.

These three steps framework of creating content applies to almost all the products in the world. 

Pro tip:

Try to create content in the form of a story so the audience should feel involved in that.

In this way, you will stand out from other affiliate marketers.

I hope it was of some help.

Till then, Learn often & Market better 

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