Commercial Entry Floor Mats Enhance Aesthetic Appeal And Deliver Brand Familiarity

Commercial Entry Floor Mats Enhance Aesthetic Appeal And Deliver Brand Familiarity

As a business owner, your brand must deliver familiarity and aesthetic appeal to the customers. A great way to do so is by installing custom-made commercial entry mats. Installing such mats not only prevent your floors from becoming soiled and keeps the guests safe, but it also introduces them to the brand for which you have worked so hard for its sustainability.

Choose the right kind of entry mats

The brand Ultimate Mats offer the best mats for creating a hearty welcome for your customers each day of the year. They provide WaterHog door mats that trap water, mud, dirt, and debris right at the doorway thus, keeping indoors neat and clean. These mats are highly useful in areas with high traffic and help in making a style statement for the owners as guests come in. Ultimate Mats provide the best quality anti-fungus mats, custom mats, and entry mats, all of which are made of the finest materials available.

WaterHog entrance mats are perfect for use in homes, offices, stores, hotels, schools, and everywhere possible. They come in various sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors and come with anti-skid backings to prevent slipping in wet conditions.

The main goal of Ultimate Mats is to offer its customers the best values, reasonable pricing, and excellent customer service.

Benefits of installing entry mats

Whether it is about enhancing safety measures or bacteria control and branding, commercial entry floor mats prove highly beneficial and advantageous for your business.

Safety and cleanliness

Good entrance mats minimize the danger quotient at entryways in two ways:

  • They clean dirt and remove moisture from the shoes of customers
  • Capture debris before it accumulates on the floor thus, preventing the floors from getting slippery
  • This saves time for your staff from regular sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floors
  • The non-slip rubber backing makes the mats stay fixed to the floor thus, reducing the slip and fall injuries.

Floor protection

Your expensive floor surface like granite, hardwood, ceramic tiles, and finished concrete have to bear a lot of wear and tear due to all that foot traffic. They can easily become scratched, chipped, or cracked.  Floor mats protect the floor from getting damaged.

Floor mats act as a buffer and absorb the shock of a falling object, which reduces the damage to the floor surface and maintains its original appearance.

Controls dirt and bacteria

Commercial entrance floor mats are extremely effective in controlling the accumulation of dirt, debris, and moisture making the workplace look neat and clean. This conveys the idea of cleanliness and professionalism to the customers.

Specialized floor mats come with antimicrobial technology for eradicating germs and bacteria making the environment sterile and hygienic.


Placing custom logo mats on the entrance, lobby, and elevator areas helps in developing brand consciousness among customers and generating better business.

Putting up a good-quality entrance mat that stays in place, withstands foot traffic, and collects moisture, dirt, and debris will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your workplace. So, determine the size and type of commercial entry mat and find the perfect kind for your business.

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