Best eight WordPress security plugins- 2020

Are you running a website or thinking about running a website? If the answer is yes, you must know what the security plugins mean. This is something that can protect your website from massive attacks and save all your hard work on your website. And fortunately, wordpress offers you the availability of security plugins. You just need to select the best one for you. Though it’s not that easy as it sounds.

How to know which plugin is the best to provide security? Well, to reduce your hassle here you’ll learn about the best 8 security plugins of 2020. Though before getting into straight to the topic, here we’ll go through the fundamental question. Keep reading to know.

Why does your website need security plugins?

Before knowing the list, is it not an essential question to ask? Why should you use it? What’s the need for it? Well, wordpress is secure enough by itself. But still, it offers you various security plugins. There is a reason behind it, you maybe didn’t know about.

Well, there is nothing to doubt about the wordpress security system. It’s the plugins you’re using. As you already know to run a successful website, a right plugins combination is necessary to use. And among your choice of plugins, there could be one with malware. Also, when you install an unsafe theme and face brute force attacks, you would need a plug that can keep your website from getting ruined.

Because of the popularity of WordPress, it faces almost more than 90,000 attacks every minute. WordPress in enough capacity to protect them. But you should never take a risk with your website security system. Stay away from the unknown source to login. You would get many options to choose as the plugin for security. Make a smart choice by knowing about them in detail. We’ve got a list of eight fantastic security plugins to secure your website. We’ll describe them in particular, and you can make a comparison for finding out the best one for you. Keep going to know more.

Eight security plugins to keep your website safe

Well, with this eight plugins list, you don’t have to go through the others. This may reduce your hassle and be a great help as a techie or non-techie person both. With each of them, you can easily set up and make your site more robust and safer. Here we’ll also mention the pros and cons of each plugin.

Let’s go straight to the list:

  • Wordfence security
  • Sucuri
  • All-in-one
  • iThemes
  • Ninja Firewall & scanner
  • Cloudflare
  • Jetpack
  • Hide my WP

These are the eight best plugins of 2020, you must take a look. Now time to know these in detail. Besides, all these, give enough focus to your hosting. If you have a good web host, these plugins will be a cream on the top. Without good hosting, plugins can’t be a good help sadly.

Wordfence security

Talking about the security plugin, Wordfence is something that pops into everyone’s head in the first place. You might also consider Wordfence as the most recommended security plugins with more than three million active installs. You’ll get two versions of it, one is the free version, and the other one is the pro version. To get the premium version, you might need to spend almost $99.

Wordfence already provides so many choices to you with the free version. But to unlock the extra unique features, you must go for their pro version. The plugin can save you from all kinds of malware as well as brute attacks by using the WAF (web application firewall). Here is another thing to remember, as unbounded login can adapt the possibility of increasing brute force attacks, you’ll have a limit of logging in on your website. Also, the Wordfence security scanner ensures the authentication by protecting you from bad URLs, spams and by checking themes, files, other plugins and etc.

Sucuri security plugin

The next security plugin that would be suggested is secure. Well, it does excellent work if your site gets hacked. The best thing Sucuri offers you is the customization power. Here, you get to set your own email alerts, whitelist and blacklist of files, scheduled scans and many more options. Not only these, but Sucuri is also a super user-friendly plugin. Besides, it offers you complete guidance whenever you face complications of using it.

Sucuri offers you both the free and premium version. There are more than 400,000 active installs of Sucuri. If your website has been hacked or attacked by malware, it can get you back the access to control your website. The Sucuri firewall provides you with the CDN ( content delivery network) service where they make sure that your website is available efficiently throughout the world. Though you can get these features on other security plugins, it’s not really a lousy plugin to try.


All in none is another amazing security plugin to experience. It ensures you the protection of your data as well as gives you the ability to restore. With the latest WordPress techniques and updates, it does everything to make your website more robust and protected. This plugin comes absolutely for free and contains features more than it should.

Even it’s capable enough to compare with iThemes. Using this plugin, you won’t have to worry about the brute force attacks anymore. Also, this has enough capability to stop spammers from entering. Besides, the plugin has a super user-friendly setup to try. You can install this plugin in a few minutes. If you’re entering this area and absolutely new in this field, this would be the right choice for you.


The next plugin you should have a look at is the iThemes. It shows 4.5 stars and more than 900,000 active installs. The installation number shows the popularity of itself. But if you want to know the speciality, then it offers you 25 ways to security optimization. And this is only for the free version. The paid version has many more things to offer.

Here is an important thing to notice, that if you’re already using Wordfence, you don’t need the iThemes. But if you still want to use both, make sure you don’t do the exact same thing by both at the same time. You can start with the free version and later try the premium one. The premium one gives you more exciting features. As; 2FA, changing wordpress salt keys, schedule scanning and etc. The premium version of iThemes will cost you around $80 per year.

Ninja Firewall & scanner

If you have a popular website, it’s really natural to receive threats regularly. Ninja firewall is a great web application firewall as well as a scanner that blocks those threats even before arriving at your blog. This plugin is different from the others in many ways. It offers you 280 security rules and various policies just to make sure the authentication.

Ninja has been holding its popularity for the last 9 years with its powerful and unique security methods. This plugin performs more than 50 security tests without holding any right to bring changes to your site. With the robust tests, you can stay safe from brute attacks, exploit attacks, malware attacks etc. Besides, it also takes care of the site vulnerabilities and issues. You get the complete control of bringing any kind of change. Like the other ones, it also offers you the free and premium version both. To get the premium version, you need to spend $45 per year for your website.


The Cloudflare security plugin ensures SEO optimization as well as protection. With this plugin, you can take your wordpress experience to the next level. With this plugin, you get the benefit of APO (automatic platform optimization). This unique feature serves fast performance to your visitors from any location. As a security plugin, it also offers you the SSL for wordpress users.

Besides all these, DDos is the most common attack your site can get. Cloudflare can save your site from this Distributed denial of service attacks. Here, Cloudflare also offers free and premium versions. For the premium version, you need to spend $20 per month, which is a little expensive compared to the other plugins. But here you get some unique features like image optimization, mobile optimization and many others. So, if you’re looking for an absolute high-performance plugin, this might be the right choice.


If you’re searching for some plugin that offers various features with the free version, take a look at the jetpack. This plugin provides automatic backups, easy tools, downtime alerts, one-click restore and all the other essential features to keep your website safe and secured. The vital elements are enough to keep you safe from the brute and malware attacks.

But if you want to explore more exciting features, you need to get the premium version. Though the premium version is really affordable and starts from $3.50 per month. You can install this plugin quickly and set up in a few minutes. Either you’re a techie or non-techie person, the plugin would be super easy to control. Because of the easy-controlling system and affordable premium version, it would be a perfect choice for the beginners to try.

Hide my WP

Hide my WP is the last one of security plugin least, but indeed it’s not the least one. In fact, many consider this the best plugin among all of them. This plugin contains 4.5 ratings with more than 4,000 active installations. This plugin is securing more than 50,000 websites till now.

With this plugin, you can hide your wp-login URL. With this plugin, you get the protection from brute force attacks, SQL injection attacks, script injection attacks, cross-site scripting and many more. The unique feature it offers is the firewall monitoring of malicious request. It does everything to hide paths from hackers and protects your wordpress website. This fantastic plugin also provides both a free and premium version. The premium one comes with the package of 6 months for $39. Later you can upgrade the package for 12 months by spending $12.75.


Well, these are the top eight security plugins, you should take a look. Plugins are something really essential to get if you’re running a website. But choosing the best one among so many options can create a hassle. By knowing the features, you can easily find out the best one for you. I hope this article helped you enough to clear confusions about choosing security plugins. Thanks for reading.

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