Best Masticating Juicer review 2021

Best masticating juicer

Are you wondering? Which are the best masticating juicers on the market? Well, after broad researching, interviewing with people and testing different types of slow masticating juicers, we cannot but recommend you to check the Omega NC900HDC juicer Extractor as our top pick because it offers the highest customer satisfaction with versatile usage and warranty policy at a reasonable price.

What is masticating juicer? Why it differs?

Masticating juicer is a slow juicer that uses an auger to squeeze elements with less speed

than centrifugal juicers and citrus juicers, ensuring all-natural value and highest yields of ingredients. This type of juicer can able to extract nectar from hard fruits and veggies, soft fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, and also uses as a food processor, pasta maker, grinding machine. Whereas, a centrifugal machine can extract fluid from fruits and thick veggies.

Moreover, slow juicer helps to get the highest amount of high juice yield from fewer ingredients. But with high-speed centrifugal juicers, you can have moderate juice yield. It operates only 40-110 rpm (revolutions per minute) and creates minimum oxidation which aids to get high-quality nectar and help store up to 72 hours.

On the other hand, centrifugal juicers run 3000 to 16000 rpm (revolutions per minute), creates more oxidation, spoils nectar within a short period, and also creates more friction that steps up the more annoying noise level.

If you compare the weight of masticating to the centrifugal, you will find that the former is a bit heavier than the latter. Because best masticating juicers use BPA free baby food-grade quality materials.

Types of masticating juicers

At present, a lot of manufacturers are making different slow best masticating Juicers. There are four types of masticating juicers on the market.

  1. Single auger
  2. Twin auger
  3. Horizontal shape
  4.  Vertical shape

Single auger vs Twin auger:

It is not tough to find out the essential difference between single gear (or auger) and twin gears (or double augers). While people talk about slow press appliance, they talk about single gear masticating machine.

It uses a central spinning gear that chews up ingredients like fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, celery, wheatgrass, etc. into high juice yield.

Twin gear appliance, on the other hand, uses two central augers to masticate the ingredients efficiently and faster than a single auger.

Furthermore, a single gear machine is less expensive than twin gear appliance. So when you intend to buy a masticating extractor, you can purchase twin gear extractor for better performance but a bit costly. In case you have a flower amount of money, you can consider buying a single gear appliance.

Horizontal vs Vertical:

The manufacturers are now making flat shape and vertical shape appliance.


In the case of horizontal configuration, the auger that squeezes and extracts the elements are set up horizontally. It takes more space than a vertical shape. It runs parallel to the floor and removes the ingredients efficiently.

The extracting process takes longer time than the vertical configuration, but the juice quality is better than vertical shape extractor.


The auger that masticates and extracts is placed vertically. This appliance takes less space, and you can easily set it up in your kitchen countertop for its compact design. This extractor is easy to clean than horizontal configuration because it has fewer parts to assemble and has an easy structural design.

Moreover, it is speedier than flat, takes less time to squeeze and extract the elements than horizontal shape, but juice yield quality is not better than the horizontal extractor. If you want high juice yield, you can think of buying a horizontal configuration appliance. Still, if you wish to compact design, easy cleanliness and faster juicer, you can purchase a vertical shape extractor.

How does the best mastication juicer works?

Before buying masticating juicers, it is crucial to know how it works. A feeding chute lies on topper part of the appliance where the ingredients are placed to be crushed and ground by an auger.

Furthermore, an individual section is used to get the pulp out of the machine separately. A single or twin gear performs this entire important task. It assists the auger to move slowly and performs the squeezing work efficiently. Moreover, it works in an automated way. When you put any ingredients into the feeding chute, this appliance will start moving right away and crush the fruits and vegetables properly.

It will not halt until it squeezes the ingredients into pure liquid. Generally, it operates at 40-110 RPM speed, slower, which makes sure of retaining all-natural nutrients and creates less oxidation that aids to store the nectar up to 72 hours.

Once all ingredients extract appropriately, the nectar store in a container; you can collect the high juice yield and serve it to your family in no time.

Best masticating juicer review

Here the top list of Best masticating juicer

  1. Omega NC900HDC juicer Extractor-Best Overall
  2. Things you can do with this slow masticating juicer
  3. Omega vrt350-Best Vertical Masticating Juicer
  4. Tribest GSE-5050 Green Star Elite– Best professional twin gear Masticating Juicer
  5. Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer-The best high-end juicer

1.Omega NC900HDC juicer Extractor-Best Overall:

With huge upgradations and improvements in design and efficiency, Omega NC900 juicer Extractor has beaten its successful predecessor, omega J8006 juicer. The larger feed chute of this nutrition center reduces prepping time before juicing produce.

The slow speed of 80 RPM produces less heat and oxidation that help maintain the full taste and the highest nutritional value and storage for an extended period. The rugged single auger crushes and sends the ingredients into a chamber that extracts every last drop of juice leaving dry pulp.

Five adjustable speed settings of this nutrition center step up your juicing experience to a great extent. 1st & 2nd settings help to juice soft fruits, 3rd & 4th settings for veg and hard nuts, and 5th setting for leafy vegetables, carrots, wheatgrass, and other chewy fruits. Omega NC900HDC juicer runs slow and creates less noise than centrifugal juicers that help lead a noise-free life.

Also, it is easy to use, and clean up-you need to throw some hot water on its different parts separately and are ready to use again but for more in-depth cleaning run its pieces into the dishwasher once a week. It is a bit heavier than j8006, And in the price point, it is a bit costly for complete beginners.


  • Produces a high yield
  •  Restores nutrients
  •  Easy to use and clean
  • dishwasher safe
  • Gives longer lasting juice
  •  larger chute
  • less prep work
  • less noise
  • five adjustable speed
  • settings
  •  Stylish and U.L.
  • approved
  • 15-year warranty


  • A bit heavier
  • Costly for beginner


With 6.5″ Width (165 mm), 14.5″ Depth (368 mm), and 15.5″ Height (394 mm), its chrome finish has given a new incredible look. Large chute size with 1.5″ by 2″ allows you to prep ingredients with taking less time before juicing produce.

That’s the great design we have ever seen. It’s a bit heavier with 17.45 pounds for its metallic stainless steel finish to protect from rusting.

Motor power and speed:

A powerful 2H 150-watt motor makes it unbeaten over other horizontal masticating juicing appliances, and 80rpm speed helps keep up the taste and superiority of nectar for up to 72 hours that we think a significant aspect.


It contains more than 34 ounces that fair enough for two or more person. If you need to make juice for more than that, just use it 15 to 20 minutes later, after completing the first time.

Assembling and Disassembling:

This best easy to use slow juicer allows you to assemble and disassemble it easily. But be careful when you assemble and disassemble its fragile juicing screen, don’t force much, be gentle with it.

Because most of the users of it don’t follow the right procedure, and they break the screen in no time. But no worries if the screen ever breaks, it shields under warranty, and the company pledges to replace it as soon as possible.


Seven years ago the company of this masticating juicer would provide an only ten-year warranty. But now the juicer comes with a 15-year warranty for USA and CANADA that’s quite impressive and makes it unique. And for Commercial and International use, the company provides a 1-year warranty.


Relatively easy to clean. Most people claim that they need 2-3 minutes to clean it up correctly for its easy setup, but we think it will take at least 5-7 minutes to clean up thoroughly. But if you want to sanitize it in the right way; You can scientifically wash parts by using hot water mixed with one or two drops of baking soda or a dishwashing cleanser for about 30 minutes.

Packages Includes:

  • One juice cone
  • One homogenizing cone,
  • Five nozzles,
  • One juice bowl (plastic)
  • One pulp bowl (plastic)

2. Things you can do with this slow masticating juicer:

1. Fruits juice: It’s slow

processing system enables you to prepare a juice from produce like soft and hard fruits efficiently without losing nutrition and keep liquid cold.

2. Wheatgrass and leafy

greens: spinach, kale, cabbage, pine tree can easily be juiced with this cold pressed juicing machine and take the full nutritional value from wheatgrass and leafy greens to enjoy a healthy life.

3. Vegetable Juice: All

varieties of vegetables, including celery, carrots, radishes, beets, peppers, and potatoes, can be juiced without losing the natural essence and nutrition values. The garden-fresh flavor and full nourishment are assured with this distinctive pulling out practice.

4. NUT BUTTERS. Make peanut

butter, Cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, almond butter, and many more with this excellent juicing machine- maintaining all-natural standard.

5. BABY FOODS. Now you can

easily make nutritious smoothie foods ensuring all-natural ingredients and easy digestibility for your baby with this smart juicing device.


meat and Chops, offering natural flavor and nutrition from onion, red pepper, ginger, garlic, and most other foods, containing basils and flavorings. It also can make soft food for babies ensuring health safety.

7. GRINDER. It can also grind

a bit hard wheat and coffee beans effortlessly.

Our Verdict:

 This machine is versatile and provides the best customer satisfaction. If you want all facilities in one pack, you can think of buying it. Because with this appliance, you can make juice from fruits to veggies, nut butter to leafy greens, and uses it as a food processor, and/grinder.

Besides, 15-year warranty policy makes this nutrition center best overall and different than any other same type of juicers.

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer -Best value Juicer:

Aicok slow masticating juicer is the most affordable and cost-effective horizontal juicer, and you can buy within your limited budget to get higher benefits in some criteria –namely, assembling, easy use and clean, quietness, etc. With its seven-segment spiral system, you can extract high yield juice effortlessly with lower oxidation. 80 RPM helps you maintain vitamins, minerals, enzymes of your vegetables and fruits. Its reverse function, a unique feature, help unclog pulp within 3-5 seconds while you just push on the button.

Mainly designed to carry on the juicing process with vegetables and soft fruits like the other best expensive cold-pressed juicers. So it is not wise to try juicing produce like hard fruits and nut butters, and hard seeds. Running the machine 15-20 minutes at a stretch is not recommended because of the harmful impact on its motor.


  1. Quiet operation
  2. Easy to use and easy to clean
  3. Reverse function
  4. Upgraded spiral system
  5. Affordable price


  1. Cannot juice frozen fruits
  2. Short year warranty


With 16.1 x 7.9 x 11.6 inches dimensions, its internal parts are made with resilient plastics, which help prevent rusting over time by heavy use, But the outer portion a bit thin and could fade away over time. The spiral parts made from PMMA materials retain the taste. Body-color black with green and weight only 8.23 pounds that lighter than omega.

Motor power and speed:

Aicok’s Quiet 150-watt Motor has a reverse function that is unique, used to unclog the pulp from the juicer. As per aicok its 80 rpm speed produces less heat and resistance, and Preserve the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and nutrients with less foaming.


this best value juicer extracts juice more than 30ounces at a time, that’s quite enough for 2 or 3 family members. If you need more, you have to make it again and again.

Assembling and disassembling:

Aicok AMR521 slow cold press juicer can easily be assembled and disassemble as it has limited parts to install. You need less effort to set it up, only containing nine easy parts


The company of aicok has only a two-year warranty policy that we think should be at least a three-year warranty. But with this lower price, it can still be adaptable.


It is straightforward to clean up for its design, Takes 5-7 minutes to clean up properly, but people say they need 1-2 minutes downright bizarre. When cleaning, you should use hot water with soap to purify it properly. Use the cleaning brush to clean nooks and cranny, especially the filter part.

Packages include:

  • juicer container
  • Pulp
  • container
  •  Pusher
  •  cleaning
  • brush,

Things you can do with aicok:

Leafy green: This slow the masticating machine can squeeze kale, celery, spinach, collard greens, garden cress, cabbage, beet greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, microgreens, and much more leafy green smoothly.

Vegetable juices: squeeze carrots, radishes, beets, peppers, and potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas effortlessly.

Fruit juice: make juice from soft fruit like pears, figs, grapes, plums, cherries, a whole apple, Strawberries and other soft fruit without hassle.

Our Verdict:

If you have a limited budget to buy a juicer, you can buy Aicok at an affordable price. Although you could not do everything like Omega NC900HDC with it, and you can make juice from soft fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, etc. whenever, you want to get all facilities in one pack, you have to spend a bit high for it.

3. Omega vrt350-Best Vertical Masticating Juicer:

Omega vrt350 is a compact, vertical slow masticating juicer that makes your kitchen countertop organized for its compact design. It also reduces your hassle while juicing produce because it is a bulky duty device.

Thanks to its 80 RPM slow speed that squeezes ingredients efficiently instead of grinding that helps produce lower oxidation, maintain pure color, natural taste, retain vitamins, nutrients and enzymes give foam-free healthy drinks and store for long term.

The dual-stage extraction system gives you a higher yield by extracting its pulp thoroughly. Besides, the reverse function system helps to unclog pulps from juicer as it runs with 80 RPM speed and creates less noise that allows you to lead a noise-free healthy life with your family and can continue your conversation with friends and relatives over the phone peacefully.


  1. decent yield
  2. low speed
  3. easy setup
  4. creates less oxidization
  5. Easy to run
  6. Auto-cleaning system
  7.  Compact juice extractor machine dishwasher safe


  1. A bit costly
  2. Juice remains a bit pulpy.


With 7 inches length, 8.5 inches width, and 15.5 inches height dimensions, omega vrt350 got popularity for its compact design that takes less counter space of your kitchen. Its curved shape feed chute with dimensions 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide makes decent room where you can place a lot of fruits and vegetables to make juice, but It can’t hold whole grains, you have to slice before to keep the elements into the feed chute.

As uses premium materials, omega vrt350 is a bit heavy-weight about 18 pounds. That’s why its heavy-duty keeps the high juicer heat-free and gives stiffness and durability. in the case of color combination; the company of vrt350 has shown creativity. Feed chute color is black; the the base is silvery with black and containers color keeps transparent that has given the juicer landmark of the aristocracy.

Motor power and speed:

A Single-phase induction 150-watt  motor is fair enough to squeeze the fruits and vegetables with the most delicate manner, and 80 rpm speed keeps the juice cold and tasty retains all-natural values of fruits and veggie.


It can pull out up to 32 ounces that is good enough for two or more people leaving dry pulp. If you need to make juice for more than that, just use it 15 to 20 minutes later after completing the first time.


You will get ten-year warranty if you are a citizen of the U.S. A or Canada. But for international users, it has 12 months warranty policy. If you buy a renewed model, and you will get only two years warranty when you are from the U.S. or Canada, excluding international users and commercial users.

Assemble and disassemble:

Assembling of this vertical machine is a bit different than the horizontal juicer like Omega NC900HDC- the best masticating juicer. Compared to horizontal, it’s not as much as easier for its varied designs. To assemble and disassemble it just follow the steps given in the screenshot.


Auto-cleaning brush features help clean pulp efficiently. Besides, in case of washing with hand, wash parts by throwing hot water with soap or baking soda, or use a dishwasher. If you would juice more than one item consecutively, don’t disassemble, close the juice cap, pour water into the hopper, and run the machine. Afterwards, open the lid and release the water, completing juicing wash the whole bowl.

 Package includes:


  • Food pusher (pusher)
  •  Feeding
  • chute (hopper)
  •  Juicing
  • bowl
  •  Spinning
  • brush (auto cleaning brush)
  •  Strainer
  • (H.D. strainer)
  •  Juice
  • container
  •  Pulp
  • container
  •  Silicone
  • blades
  •  Silicone
  • pulp
  •  Pressure
  • plug
  •  Sealing
  • ring

Things you can do with Omega vrt350:

Vegetable juice:

It can make different sorts of vegetable juice, namely carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, radishes, beets, and peppers.

Fruit juice: Make juice from soft fruits like pears, figs, grapes, plums, cherries, apples, Strawberries and other soft fruit and hard fruit without any stress.

Leafy green and wheatgrass: Make cabbage, beet greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, microgreens, kale, celery, spinach, collard greens, garden cress, and wheatgrass juice without difficulty.

Nut milk: Make hemp milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk and cashew milk easily.

Our Verdict:

If you want to keep your kitchen’s countertop organized, beautiful, you can buy omega vrt350 one of the best compact design and heavy-duty vertical juicers. You cannot use it as a food processor, pasta maker, but can use it to juice from vegetables, hard fruits, soft fruits, leafy greens, nut milk, etc., efficiently.

Some other fruits and veggies you can squeeze as well.

4. Tribest GSE-5050 Green Star Elite– Best professional twin gear Masticating Juicer 

If you are busy enough at work but need a lot of ingredients to be prepared within a short possible time with the most elegant way, then we are confident that

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar elite can be your friend. because it’s a professional turbo twin gears masticating juicer. it offers you the highest valued nectar with less wet pulp using 110 rpm speed as it uses magnetic and bio-ceramic technology.

luckily Tribest Greenstar reduces prep work before juicing and preserves the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. Tribest is more popular when we compare with super angel twin gear juicer. However, whether you are a new or older hand no matter what, its human teeth like complete mastication design allows you to make juice like a pro. Greenstar elite acts as not only a juicer but a food processor, pasta maker, and much more.

Its pocket recesses slice the ingredients, the cutting point pieces stiff fibers, and the gear teeth base crushes the elements. Though green star operates a bit speedy way than typical horizontal masticating appliances, it still creates less noise to tolerable decibels. Assembling and disassembling is a little challenging as it has plenty of parts and cleaning also not easy for its multidimensional uses.


  •  Twin-turbo gears
  •  Magnetic and
  • bio-ceramic technology
  • Versatile machine
  • 12 years warranty
  •  Produces higher yield
  •  Minimal oxidation


  •  A bit hard to assemble and disassemble
  •  Not easy cleaning
  • Expensive


Greenstar elite comes with an artistic look with dimensions of 18.6 W x 6.8 D x 12.4 H. it makes a significant the difference with stainless steel two gear masticating juicers. Apart from chrome color (considerably the most popular one), it also has two different colors that are black and white.

Motor power and speed:

The stainless steel turbo twin gear motor at 200 watts is a unique design to get better performance. Speed of 110 rpm ensures the quality of the nectar as it has magnetic and bio-ceramic technology to preserve the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients of the fruits and vegetables.


Greenstar elite extracts more than 30-37 ounces at a time, That’s quite enough for two or Three people. You can remove according to your need; you might have to operate two or three times if you have a large family.


The Twin Gears, The plastic parts, motor, and the stainless steel Twin Gears, other few parts of Tribest GSE- 5050 Green star Elite will be included under 12-year warranty from the date of buying. But Note that Cleaning Brush, the Strainer, the Juice Pitcher, and Wooden or plastic plunger is not subject to any warranty.

Assembling and Disassembling:

Assembling and disassembling is a bit hard compared to the other masticating juicers. Since it has almost 22 different parts with versatile working criteria such as juicer, food processor, pasta maker, and many more.


Having many parts takes more than 10 minutes to clean it up entirely, that’s much more than any other, the best cold press masticating juicers. Clean the appliance straightaway after using, before food particles are getting dry As it extracts minerals from the foods so well, that’s why clean the screen, the Main Body, Multiple Juicing Sessions, Stains, the stainless steel Twin Gears instantly after using to avoid insignificant mineral build-up.

Packages include:

  • stainless steel jumbo twin gear
  • Fine screen
  • Coarse screen
  •  Cleaning brush
  • Wooden plunger
  • Plastic plunger

Things you can do with tribest Greenstar:

Fruit juice: Make juice from soft fruit like pears, figs, grapes, plums, cherries, apples, Strawberries and other soft fruit and hard fruits without any stress.

 Hard Roots:

Need to drive Carrots, Beets into the slowly spinning gears decisively. Cut thicker carrots into lovely pieces for easier juicing. The Plastic Plunger does not get at the gears – trythe Wooden Plunger to juice carrot entirely.


Wheatgrass and Barley Grass contain a chemical that creates foams naturally. So to minimize foam, juice fresh wheatgrass, Barley Grass for about 2 hours juicing; and throw some cold water on the wheatgrass when juicing. If you squeeze wheatgrass along with carrot juice, you will get supreme produce on the wheatgrass juice with the lowest foam.

Fibrous Stalks:

Isolate celery into individual stalks, cut if needed, push the leafy side into the feeding chute and enjoy a healthy drink.

Leafy Greens:

Prepare Spinach, Kale, Dandelion Greens, cabbage, beet greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, and microgreens juices with maintaining natural value. Firm Fruit, Softer Fruit,

Citrus Fruit:

Wash fruits such as Grapes, Tomatoes, Apples, Oranges Pears, Persimmon, and cut into small pieces, drive into the feed chute and enjoy nutritious, healthy juice. Raw Breadsticks, Mochi, rice

cake Frozen Fruit Sorbets:

Prepare mochi from wet rice, raw breadsticks from the soaked nut butter, sorbets from frozen fruit, or other recipes with this great appliance. Pâtés and Basic Food


Make appealing pâtés or mock meats, grind soaking nuts, beans, or make other recipes where necessary food processing is essential.


To make pasta with this multi-tasking machine, the manufacturer provides with pasta Screen, Pasta Guide, and Pasta Screw-in packages. Use them carefully to prepare tasty pasta.

Our Verdict:

You are busy, need to prepare a lot of ingredients at a time, Tribest Green star Elite can be your helping hand because it is twin gear, heavy-duty, versatile, professional cold press juicer that will assist you in making juice from Fibrous Stalks, hard roots, grasses, leafy greens, Raw Breadsticks, Mochi, Frozen Fruit Sorbets. You can use it as food processor and pasta maker as well.

5. Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer-The best high-end juicer

We figure it out that Hurom Presser Juicer has been modified with an auger, new drum design, transparent hopper, slow-spinning brushes and ice cream strainer. It aids in providing a good user experience by delivering high yield with retaining natural quality. The control lever and fine and coarse strainers let you control a large amount of pulp to suit your taste. Apart from juicing produce, the Hurom H-AA is suitable for preparing Ice Cream and Smoothies. BPA-free, impact-resistant ABS plastic body gives long-lasting durability that allows you to heavy-duty uses. A bit expensive machine with upgraded features will provide you with betterperformance.


  1. Very quiet with 43 rpm speed
  2. Eye-catching and compact design
  3. Self-cleaning system
  4. Well-organized juice extraction
  5. Control lever Reverse function


  1. Expensive
  2. Pulp prone to clog up
  3. Customer service subpar


With 7.1 x 8.8 x 16 inches dimensions, its sleek updated design with smooth curves that slowly but surely develop thinner in the back, bring you stylish, yet modern beauty. 10.6 pounds lightweight allows you to carry it with no trouble. Contemporary matte black and rose gold color apt you with your personality. 2 x 1.5 Inches curved shape feeding chute enables you to juice a large number of ingredients at a time.

Motor power and speed:

A 150 watt quiet motor with the built-in cooling system and reverse function keeps the appliance cool from overheating. Apart from that, its 43rpm speed help maintains the natural value of ingredients and ensure food safety. Besides, you can store your nectar for up to 72 hours.


Extracts more than 500ml at a time, that’s reasonably enough for two or Three members. You can extract according to your need; it might operate two or three times if you have a large family.


Hurom’s manufacturer provides 10-year warranty for the motor but two-year warranty for other parts. We think it’s a decent period to adjust.

Assembling and Disassembling:

Compared to other masticating vertical juicers, Easy to disassemble and assemble again with ten different detachable parts.


One remarkable thing we really loved that the Hurom has its easy self-cleaning system. Just close the juice spout’s cap, pour the juice container with water through the hopper feed, and turn the juicer on and after 15 minutes of discharge the water. This appliance is helpful when making many recipes one after the other, since you won’t need to take apart from the parts to clean them. Once you’re completed using the juice extractor, you should need a thorough cleaning, and we would recommend that undertake this instantly so that the juice and waste bits don’t stick.

Packages include:

  • Fine Strainer,s
  •  Coarse
  • Strainer,
  • Drying Rack,
  • Hopper Cover,
  • Juice Container,
  • Pulp Container,
  • Tofu Press,
  • Pusher(hook),
  • Cleaning Brushes,
  • Recipe book,
  • Manual,
  • Squeezer
  • ice cream strainer

Things you can make with hurom A.A.:

mixed juices: Prepare simple juice with only single fruit or mixed fruit that will fit your taste and health requirements by uniting numerous components together. With the flexibility of juice cap mixing function, you can prepare a wide variety of liquids.

Vegetable juice: Extract nectar from carrots, radishes, beets, peppers, and potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas with ease.

Baby food: prepare nourishing, all-natural baby food by blending countless grains and root vegetable together.

Soy milk and soy juice: Easily make soy milk and soy juice, nut butter. Adjust the thickness and portion of the combination by functioning the juicer with the juice cap shut.

Ice-cream: With Ice Cream Strainer, now you can make ice-cream at home simply.

Our Verdict:

If you have enough budgets and want an appliance that will provide a satisfactory level service and a 10-year warranty, then you can think of buying Hurom H-AA but if you are a newbie in juicing, you should not buy this expensive machine at first. On the flip side, if you are an experienced guy in this field; we will recommend you to purchase this product.

How to choose the best masticating juicers?

When you go to buy the best cold press juicers, apparently you might find all are alike. But apart from the design, you have to consider the following criteria before buying the desired one.

Juice yield: Most of the centrifugal juicers keep the pulp dry, which means gives you less produce; in case of masticating it provides the the highest amount of output from fewer ingredients. But some slow press appliances leave pulp dry and give less nectar. So when choosing the best masticating juicer, make sure which one delivers the highest amount of juice.

Motor power:

Motor power is a unique feature of a juicer. In case of centrifugal the manufacturers mainly focus on RPM of the machine, but masticating manufacturers rely on the motor’s horsepower rather than rpm. So two horsepower the motor of masticating helps to squeeze the elements efficiently. The motor power is a crucial part of a cold press juicer.

Speed: This type of juicer typically runs at a slower pace of 40-110 rpm that helps to preserve all-natural nutrients. If you are health conscious, you should adjust with this speed.

Versatility: If you need a helping hand, you can significantly rely on the masticating slow juicer because it is a versatile juicer; you can use it as a juicer, food processor, pasta maker, etc.

Noise level: The centrifugal juicer runs at up to 16000 rpm, creates more fiction and makes more noise. On the other hand, the masticating operates at only 40-110 rpm, makes less noise, aids lead a happy and a peaceful life with family.


When you make up your mind buying a masticating slow juicer, you have to take into account the warranty policy provided. Fortunately, the masticating manufacturers offer at least 3 years warranty and at most 15-year warranty approach. Besides, some companies offer lifelong technical support and customer service.

Easy cleaning: Cleaning is an annoying process. If assembling and disassembling is easy, cleaning could be easy. Good news is that masticating juicers is easy to assemble and need 5-7 minutes to clean up thoroughly. Auto-cleaning brush features help clean pulp efficiently. Besides, in case of washing with hand, just wash parts by throwing hot water with soap or baking soda or use a dishwasher. If you would juice more than one items consecutively, don’t disassemble, simply close the juice cap, pour water into the hopper, and run the machine. Afterward, open the lid and release the water, completing juicing wash the whole bowl.

FAQ on best masticating juicers

Does a masticating juicer the same as a cold press juicer?

A: YES. The term cold press means the deficiency of heat and oxidation that aid to reserve vitamins, minerals enzymes and nutrient contents when juicing. best Masticating juicers run at less speed; that means it doesn’t help build-up more heat when juicing produces. However, oxidation is an issue that ensures the longevity of nectar, and whole slow juicer usually produces considerably less oxidation in the juicing process.

How long do masticating juicers take?

A: how quickly masticating juicers can extract rely on what you plan to squeeze and what model do you use. Typically, slow juicers can able to produce 30-35 ounces in 10-12 minutes except cutting ingredients and cleaning up time. It takes more time than centrifugal juicer but gives quality juice than the speedy extractor.

How long does juice last from a masticating juicer?

A: masticating juicers run with 40-110 speed which is remarkably slower than centrifugal and creates less oxidation that means less foaming when juicing produce that helps to store juice for long term for up to 48-72 hours. On the other hands, nectar from fast juicer last less than 24 hours.

Does a masticating juicer yield more juice than a centrifugal juicer?

A: Masticating juicers operate slower than centrifugal, extract the elements efficiently and leaves dry the pulp which means gives a higher yield. Whereas, a fast juicer like a centrifugal extractor runs at 3000-16000 rpm which is faster, leave the pulp wet that means extract less nectar than a cold press juicer.

Is a masticating juicer as loud as a centrifugal juicer?

A: slow juicers generally run at 40-110 rpm that creates less friction which means make less sound while juicing produces. On the flip side, the centrifugal juicer operates at more RPM, creates much friction, and eventually, makes a louder sound.

Why are masticating juicers more expensive?

A: Since to build masticating juicers, the manufacturers use the powerful motor, sturdy auger, BPA Free food-grade quality materials, includes many removable parts that make the juicer more expensive than centrifugal. Besides, some masticating juicers come with a 10-year and 15-year warranty policy.

Does a masticating juicer is difficult to clean?

A: Having many parts and being a relatively complex design, the masticating slow juicers are a bit hard to clean than a centrifugal juicer. It, naturally, takes 5-7 minutes to clean the extractor. On the flip side, to clean the centrifugal, it takes 3-4 minutes at best.

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