Top 10 Commercial Dehumidifiers (March 2021): Reviews & Buyers Guide

commercial dehumidifier

When you work in a warehouse or office area, it doesn’t take long to realize that moisture can create a rather stuffy odor in a building. Because of how these structures are designed, they rarely have excellent ventilation, allowing them to create moisture easily. This can be a significant problem, leading to things like mold and fungus and exacerbating people’s allergies. This can add a variety of health problems to your employees, customers and the building in general.

The solution is to look for an industrial dehumidifier that can handle the size of your structure, reducing humidity throughout the complex so that you reduce the chances of moisture build-up, thus eliminating odors and improving the overall health of the structure. Although there are many different types of commercial dehumidifiers, if you want to find the perfect one for your business, you are talking about a huge warehouse structure or a small office.

This may not seem like a big deal to you at first, but if you have problems with moisture in the structure, you probably know how it can damage your equipment and products and endanger your employees’ health. Finding a quality commercial dehumidifier can really make a difference and help employees reduce the costs associated with an ill or allergic reaction and reduce the potential damage to your product. And to get the most appropriate unit for you, you need to know the nuts and bolts of a dehumidifier.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Before proceeding further with this review, you are probably asking yourself why you would trust us to be able to provide a quality review regarding commercial dehumidifiers. It is quite natural to be skeptical because the reality is that many reviews on the internet are either completely wrong or where the reviewer has been paid to support a particular product. You don’t really know if they have the skills to be able to make accurate assessments. 

Your suspicions are well-founded in many cases, and this is why we need to explain to you why we should trust you to provide such a review. First, you should know that we have spent a wide amount of time, about 4 years, reviewing such products to ensure that we have the best evaluation for a good product. We’ve seen over 20 different commercial dehumidifiers and spent 55 hours on the web reviewing these products, where we’ve come up with the top 10 commercial dehumidifiers for you to purchase. Any of these manufacturers do not pay us, nor have we been influenced by them in any way. Instead, our goal is to find you the best commercial-grade dehumidifier that will work in various situations, be it the basement, warehouse or other types of structure.


It is also important to explain exactly what qualifies as an industrial dehumidifier. A commercial dehumidifier is one that is designed to remove large amounts of water and moisture from the air. Apart from residential grade options, this type of humidifier is specifically designed to provide a device that can handle large spaces and large amounts of moistness. 

Even if you hold a small office complex, chances are you can create a lot of humidity in the air, especially if you live and the human environment. Finding a heavy-duty dehumidifier can really help improve air quality and your business, making it significantly more comfortable for your employees and customers.

Who Are Commercial Dehumidifiers For?

Are you looking at this commercial dehumidifier review and asking yourself if this is for you? This is a good question. You will have no problem making up your mind if you already know what to consider when buying a dehumidifier. But the truth is that it can be a great choice for any business or other commercial setting and many homes.

You might need this if…

You are peeking for a hassle-free way to remove excess moisture from your business. Let’s face it – very few people want something that will make their lives more difficult. Getting a top commercial dehumidifier will not only help you remove moisture from your business and products that can be rotten, thin and moldy, but you will also find a product that can do all this for you without much effort in terms of its operation.

This can be done by giving you features like …

  • The automatic restart power should go off
  • Continuous drainage system
  • Controlling temperature and humidity levels
  • Portability

Easy-to-use is not the only reason to attract someone to a commercial dehumidifier. This is an excellent product for those who are…..

  • New to the enterprise world – If you are beginning your own business for the first time, you want to make sure you are on the right foot. Having a commercial dehumidifier can help ensure that your business and its products are not exposed to the effects of excess moisture.
  • A company is selling products stored in your warehouse – if your wares and products are stored in a warehouse, especially in a climate where humidity is a problem, you’ll want to make sure you’re protecting those products, so they don’t get damaged.
  • A company that has internal employees (almost all companies that do not work online) – if you have people working in your business, you will want to protect their health and protect the integrity of your product. Molds and mildews made from excess moisture can cause serious breathing problems for your workers, and so having a dehumidifier can help improve their health and eliminate the possibility of illness that can cause sick days or other problems.
  • A company that wants its buyers to feel comfortable – if your customers enter your business, you want them to be as comfortable as possible while they’re there. If they find it too humid or the smell is mild, they will not return and may report your business negatively to others. An industrial dehumidifier will make them feel much more satisfied.

How to Determine the Right Capability of Dehumidifier You Should Buy?

As we have examined in all commercial dehumidifier reviews, one of the requirements for any person to make such a purchase is to consider the amount of moisture that will be removed from their business or office in 24 hours. It’s about the power of the dehumidifier, which is one of the fundamental things for you to consider.

When making your judgment, here are four things about Commercial Dehumidifiers that relate to the condition of the building as well as the amount of power you need to operate your commercial dehumidifier:

> Moderately Damp Conditions:

If the business conditions are moderately damp, you should look for a dehumidifier that can pump out 10 pints of water over an area of 500 square feet. This means 10 pints of water can be moved for every 500 square feet (about 46.45 square meters). A good formula is to add 4 pints of power for every additional 500 square feet. For a 1500 sq ft commercial space, the dehumidifier needs to pump out at least 18 pints of water.

> Extremely Damp Conditions:

The dehumidifier must handle at least 12 pints of water in extremely humid environments per 500 square feet. In this case, you need to add five extra pints of each additional 500 square feet of capacity.

> Wet Conditions:

In wet areas, you should be able to collect 14 pints of water per 500 square feet. For every additional 500 square feet, 6 pints of extra capacity need to be added.

> Extremely Wet Humidity Conditions:

You need to extract exactly 16 pints of water per 500 square feet for this condition. Add 7 pints of extra capacity per 500 square feet.

Since you can now determine the exact pint capacity of your preferred dehumidifier, you can check out our reviews of some other dehumidifiers to suit your needs. We will review the top 10 Commercial Dehumidifiers here:

What is My Recommended CFM & ACH?

To help you determine what type of dehumidifier you need, a little explanation of certain conditions will help you to be able to make the right kind of decision for yourself.


ACH, abbreviated as air change per hour, tells you how many times the air is pushed through the dehumidifier per hour. This will help you determine the amount of airflow needed to humidify your space. Depending on the humidity level in your area, here are the recommendations for the ACH rating you need:

>> Extremely Wet: –At this level, the humidity level can range from 90% to 100% and you will probably see large holes or standing water. In this case, the suggested ACH is 6.

>> Wet: – Humidity levels in between 80% and 90%, with visible spots, wet spots, and mold and grime. It must be ACH 5.

>> Very Damp: – Where the humidity level is 70% to 80% and there is visible humidity on the walls and floor of your structure, as well as the smell of crack. The proposed ACH is 4.

>> Damp: – Humidity levels range from 60% to 70% in this rating. You will feel damp on the walls or even in the air and will feel a very mild odor in the complex. Humidity increases are most common in basements or crawlspaces. The preferred ACH is 3.

> CFM:-

 CFM is determined by your structure and ACH level cubic footage. Multiply these 2 numbers together and divide the result by 60 minutes. This will give you the recommended CFM for your business space, Even if you have the best equipment. You will find that it will take you to buy multiple commercial dehumidifiers.

What to Look for in a Good Industrial Dehumidifier?

As mentioned above, there are several things to consider in determining the best commercial dehumidifier for your business or office. When creating this review, here are some essential features that you need to consider.

Coverage Capacity

The amount of space that a dehumidifier covers is a huge expanse, covering 10,000 cubic feet and its outer space. This is important because the amount of energy you need to run a dehumidifier will vary greatly depending on the energy efficiency of the product and the amount of space to cover it. Be aware that this rating can vary significantly between different brands and even different models within that brand.

Build Quality

Most Commercial Dehumidifiers you will find are made of steel or heavy-duty plastic, while residential dehumidifiers are made of lightweight plastic. This makes the Industrial brand much more durable, even commercial portable dehumidifier options. Because of the materials used, you will find that they are more likely to survive and improve than residential alternatives.

Low-Temperature Operation

What makes commercial dehumidifiers better is that they are designed to help reduce humidity at much lower temperatures. If you think about it, the temperature in your warehouse is much lower than in your home. However, industrial alternatives are made to work fully at these low temperatures, reducing the humidity level below 35% even when the temperature reaches 32.

> Pint Capacity

If you have a large business space, you will probably need at least 70 pints of power which can last up to 24 hours. Anything below 50 pints is still considered a commercial dehumidifier unless it is made of heavy-duty materials. It will be helpful for you to know what to consider before buying a 70-pint dehumidifier.

Auto Restart

There may be samples where you have a power failure or some other type of interruption, which may cause the dehumidifier to turn off. An automatic restart function returns the dehumidifier to operate when power is restored.

Built-in Humidistat

Many of the most suitable dehumidifiers come with built-in humidistats, allowing you to control the amount of moisture in your structure. They respond to the amount of humidity or temperature, controlling both of these factors through the instrument.

Automatic Drainage

Although the power of the dehumidifier can be an important consideration, if an automatic exhaust system is included, it can alleviate capacity concerns. An automatic exhaust system lets you turn on the dehumidifier without having to worry about whether the storage basin is full.

Noise Level

Compared to residential dehumidifiers, commercial options can be quite noisy. Even a very good device would be significantly louder than a residential option.

Low Maintenance

Whether you bought a crawl space dehumidifier or a commercial dehumidifier for the basement, there are concerns about maintaining your dehumidifier for optimal efficiency. If you find it difficult to reach and service you, this means you need a dehumidifier that requires as little maintenance as possible, including an automatic exhaust system. This is not a concern for portable options, but you should consider it for many of the best commercial dehumidifiers.

How We Picked and Tested

In addition to searching the web to find reviews about the various commercial dehumidifiers on the market, we have volunteered to test equipment and provide feedback and data. This guide took four years to complete, and we considered and reviewed 20 different commercial dehumidifiers. We acknowledge that none of these products were perfect, but we’ve come up with 10 options that we’re sure will be ideal for your business. 

For each product, they were tested for a period of two months to see how well they performed in the manufacturer’s guidelines and real-life situations. Our volunteers tested separately of these products to measure their performance. The analysis included high-power, low-temperature operation, coverage capacity, automatic reboot capability, automatic shutdown, air filter efficiency, noise level, and exhaust. 

Issues such as the size and weight of the dehumidifier, its appearance, the manufacturer’s usability, the dehumidifier, and other features were also reviewed. We’ve carefully researched these products and consulted with consumers who have used them to determine their ratings, so we can give you the top 10 options on the market today.


To develop a comprehensive commercial dehumidifier review, we analyzed more than 31 different features related to these devices. Our review is quite extensive and intended to give our readers a clear idea of ​​the best product for them. We ask our readers to like our reviews on our social media accounts so they can open and read the attached report.

Our pick: AlorAir Industrial Water Damage Restoration Dehumidifier

Why We Chose it as Our Top Pick?

The AlorAir option gives you many reasons to like it, and it starts with the fact that it has the highest rating, offers the highest number of features and has several positive reviews. We liked it because:

  1. To make it the best commercial dehumidifier you can find on the market, we gave it an A grade because we analyzed 31 features related to this product, it gave the highest number of positives. Not only was it the most effective dehumidifier, but it also had the best features, according to our research.
  2. Within 24 hours, 85 pints of water were removed from the air, making it the most efficient water removal capacity. Its best area was 2600 square feet and offered a lot of features that made it the best choice. This dehumidifier includes a hot gas valve defrosting system, a durable condensate pump, as well as a bypass air sensor. The power star rating for this dehumidifier is listed at 1 to 40 ° C with a humidity range of 35% to 95%.
  3. This dehumidifier is ideal for controlling flood-related humidity, mold and dampness, and aids in carpet cleaning and restoration and works incredibly well in basements, vendors, laundry rooms, laboratories, garages, warehouses and merchandise stores. It is very effective in keeping the environment dry and reducing and preventing the growth of bacteria.
  4. This device’s efficiency coefficient (COP) is 3.0 liters per kilowatt-hour, the highest rating of all the dehumidifiers we have tested. This means that it works most efficiently compared to all other products. It is equipped with an HVAC remote system.


> Build Quality

Constructed with stainless steel side plates and coded coils, it is a finely made dehumidifier that provides plenty of durabilities and is durable. It comes with a heavy-duty condensate pump.

Pint Capacity/Coverage

It is an 85-pint dehumidifier at 80 ° F and has an RH range of 60%. Overall area coverage is 2,600 t.³.

Drainage System

Drainage capacity comes with 85 pints per day and the capacity of an uninterrupted drainage system.

Low-Temperature Operation

This dehumidifier is set to work efficiently at freezing temperatures.

Auto shutoff/restart

This dehumidifier does not restart automatically when the power goes off.

Filtration System

The filtration system uses a Merve-8 and has an automatic pump that helps to continue the drainage and filtration process.

Ease of Use

This is a very easy-to-use device. There are a variety of accessories that make it a great choice, including things like bypass air sensors, memory starting HVAC remote systems.

Runner Up: AlorAir Commercial Dehumidifiers

Why is it our runner-up pick?

If you are looking for a fantastic dehumidifier for sale with many features and skills, this is a great option for you. Our research shows that it is one of the best commercial dehumidifiers on the market today and falls short of our No. 1 option. 

First, it starts with the fact that it has one of the best removal capacity ratings on the market, removing 125 pints of water in 24 hours and covering 7000 square feet. This makes it one of the largest coverage areas for any industrial dehumidifier.

The initial downside to this high rating is that it is more expensive than our best choice and comes with a COP rating of 2.4 L / kWh. This kind of problem has made it our second best choice.

You can test these products with almost the same features but different pint capabilities:

  • Commercial Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration Carpet Cleaning and Building Dryer 70pint
  • Commercial Portable Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration Carpet Cleaning and Building Dryer 90pint


> Built Quality

Made with a durable plastic exterior, this is an incredible dehumidifier that provides an easy-to-remove backup box housing area that snaps up the device’s internal service. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. This dehumidifier uses coils coded with like a stainless steel side.

> Pint Capacity/ Coverage

It is a 125 pint/day dehumidifier with a drainage area of up to 6000 ft.².

> Drainage System:

You can easily connect it to a pump, making it an uninterrupted drainage system. Hours run meters allow you to determine how much time you want to run the dehumidifier if you use a reservoir to arrange drainage.

Low-Temperature operation:

This dehumidifier works at low temperatures and maintains optimum efficiency below 64°.

> Auto shutoff/restart:

The dehumidifier automatically restarts if it loses power for any period. You can also set the time you want to run before the dehumidifier turns off.

Filtration System:

This dehumidifier uses multifold filters, G3, including HEPA, carbon and prefilters, making it one of the most efficient dehumidifiers on the market.

Ease of Use:

It is very easy to use a dehumidifier, not only because of the controls it provides but also because of its portability. You’ll be amazed at how easy moving from one location to another and how easy it is to read and set up displays.

Budget Pick: Whynter Elite D-Series Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier

Why is it our budget pick?

This product has the lowest price and we had the top 10, yet it comes with many features that make it an effective dehumidifier. If you are a little worried about the cost of buying and maintaining a dehumidifier, then this might be a great choice for you. Moisture removal capacity is about 95 pints or 45 liters which is great regarding its price.

Priced at around $ 450, it is extremely reasonable and portable, making it ideal for any business setting. The frost-free system protects you from low temperatures and features a compatible, dial-controlled humidistat that lets you set the humidity level you want.

As well as being one of the lowest-cost commercial dehumidifiers you can find on the market, it is also one of the quietest during operation. It lets you protect your business, basement or other location without lots of extra confusion created by the noise from the dehumidifier.

The grill is made of stain-resistant polystyrene, which provides a great free flow of air. The grill is also impact-resistant, and a one-year warranty backs this product. This dehumidifier is designed to survive and operate efficiently in some harsh environments. It is found as a suitable alternative for those who want to remove moisture in basements, laundry rooms and other places where humidity can rise by a large percentage.


> Built Quality

This Whynter Elite D-Series Energy Star Dehumidifier is made of durable plastic. It comes in the shape of a rectangular cube, making it suitable for use in virtually any position. It has a mark-resistant cabinet with a dehumidifier mounted on wheels, making it economical and easy to use. You will love that it comes with a one-year warranty, allowing you to know that they stand behind their product.

Pint Capacity/ Coverage

The dehumidifier extracts 95 pints of moisture from the air within 24 hours. Ideal for use in places like basements, laundry rooms and leisure rooms. Virtually any area where you know that moisture is bound to form.

> Drainage System

An uninterrupted drainage system attachment is available, allowing you to continue removing moisture without worrying about reservoir filling.

> Auto shutoff/restart

The device has no automatic shutdown or restart and no 24-hour timer.

Filtration System – This Whynter product uses sophisticated water distribution and filtering solutions that make it ideal for both residential and commercial use. The polystyrene grill ensures that there is a free flow of air.

Easy-to-Operate Pick: Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR Dehumidifier, 12.5 inches

Why is it our easy-to-operate pick?

While price and power may not be your biggest concern, some people are concerned about the ability to use their product, and our research has found that this selection is one of the best on the market. Accessing the controls you want is not easy for you, but it is easy to clean and maintain, the easiest of the commercial dehumidifiers that have been tested.

Due to its size, it is easy to use in small spaces like bathrooms and stairs. The automatic restart feature ensures that the dehumidifier will be activated immediately after the power is restored if any power outage occurs.

The control panel lets you control the temperature and humidity settings and it is capable of removing up to 80 pints of water and up to 24 hours duration. The display has a built-in humidistat, which allows you to see the exact temperature and humidity conditions in the room where the humidifier is set. This allows you to control the percentage and temperature of the room through the appliance, which is done by a very simple LED display panel.

The range area is 7000 square feet, which is one of the most suitable products on the market and because of its portability allows you to move it anywhere you need. Using a standard hand truck, it is extremely easy to remove the dehumidifier—excellent airflow through the dehumidifier.

Detailed Review

> Built Quality

Weighing in at about 42 pounds, it is a compact dehumidifier that is easy to remove and durable. Hard plastic protects the dehumidifier while making it easier for you to remove due to its low weight.

Pint Capacity/ Coverage

This dehumidifier can easily cover 7000 ft.² and can remove 80 pints of moisture per day at AHAM.

Drainage System

Due to its high efficiency, this humidifier provides a great exhaust system for continuous use even in conditions of heavy humidity. It is ideal for people who need to use it after severe water damage and ensure the device is working without turning it off.

Low-Temperature operation

This dehumidifier is not designed for low-temperature operation.

> Auto shutoff/restart

After a power outage, it comes with an automatic restart to keep the humidifier running, but it does not come with a timer. However, it does have a humidistat that permits you to determine when to turn on the device relative to the relative humidity.

Filtration System

Sophisticated enables you to remove moisture from the air and remove moisture from some harsh environments.

Ease of Use

Extremely easy to use, particularly considering the high power and high power options that this dehumidifier provides. Humidistat makes it easy to read and offers rate control displays.

Large capacity Pick: Dri-Eaz LGR 3500i 33-gallon Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifier

Why did we choose it as our large capacity pick?

If your primary concern is the power of the dehumidifier, then this is really the option for you. This Dri-Eaz dehumidifier comes with a wide capacity reservoir, capable of removing 264 pints of water in 24 hours and saving up to 170 pints per day.

This dehumidifier was tested by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) at 60 F with a relative humidity of 60 and F. It was found to be extremely efficient at handling extreme conditions, still capable of removing above 260. Moisture pint in one day period.

The airflow volume is 400 cubic feet per minute, one of the highest ratings you can get for any dehumidifier, including a pump because it can process large amounts of air to quickly and efficiently remove moisture. The built-in humidistat assures you to set the control level for temperature and relative humidity. In contrast, a set of built-in sensors constantly check the air for both length and outlet temperature.

This dehumidifier is easy to carry and comes with eye handles and wheels, making it easy to transport anywhere you need. It is also equipped with wireless technology, enabling you to access the monitoring system via your smartphone or other devices. Somewhere near the dehumidifier, and control the dehumidifier settings using your device.


> Build Quality

Built with heavy-duty plastic, it is a highly durable dehumidifier designed to handle large capacity operations and has large rear wheels that make it easy to move. It is a highly durable dehumidifier, and you will find work for any operation. 

> Pint Capacity/Coverage

This Industrial dehumidifier can remove 260 pints of water in 24 hours and save up to 170 pints in its reservoir.

Drainage System

This device brings the ability to drain through the drainage pipe connector behind the dehumidifier continuously. However, if you use it in a place that does not give you space to remove water, the reservoir can handle 170 pints of storage.

Low-Temperature operation

This dehumidifier is designed for low-temperature operation but works best at temperatures above 64°.

Auto shutoff/restart

This dehumidifier does not have automatic shutdown or restart. There is a humidistat regulator but no 24-hour timer.

Filtration System

The filtration system you will find is one of the best, primarily high-capacity filtration processes that must occur. It has a low granulated refrigerant, making it environmentally friendly and capable of pushing up to 400 CFM.

Ease of use

The digital display of this dehumidifier is remarkable, making it very easy to read under control. This Dri-Eaz is so easy to use that you can even manage it from your smartphone. You can use it incredibly easy with a Wi-Fi connection.

List of 5 Other Commercial Dehumidifiers We Reviewed


This is a great portable dehumidifier, compact and can remove up to 64 pints of water in a day. AHAM has tested it at 80 ° Fahrenheit and 60% relative humidity standard, making it capable of removing 64 pints of water in 24 hours, making it one of the most outstanding industrial equipment on the market today.

This Dri-Eaz dehumidifier is quite energy-efficient, uses only 115V power, and can process wind up to 227 CFM rating. It operates at operating temperatures ranging from 33 to 100.

The housing of this dehumidifier is quite impressive. It is made with a very stable polyurethane outer casing that protects the unit and makes it easy to move without worrying about large-sized wheels and damaged handles. The display panel provides four different languages, including Spanish, German, French and English. It’s easy to read and use.

It is the perfect commercial dehumidifier for any service of cleaning, building maintenance and restoration. This enables you to control the humidity level as well as the temperature. This dehumidifier uses the same type of refrigeration technology that is located in most air conditioning systems today. This makes it efficient and easy to use.

Build Quality – 

It is a very stable dehumidifier with a compact outer casing that makes it easy to use in various situations. With a sturdy handle between the big wheels, the design is ideal for allowing you to use it in any commercial or residential situation.

Pint Capacity/ Coverage –

This dehumidifier can remove up to 64 pints of water and 24 hours duration. What makes it so exceptional is that it can cover an area of up to 12,000 ft.³

Drainage System –

You can purchase a separate duct attachment that allows you to provide moisture-creating exhaust so that you can run endless dehumidifiers in addition to the reservoir.

Low-Temperature operation –

This dehumidifier works perfectly at 33 and comes with an anti-frost feature that keeps the coils from freezing.

> Auto shutoff/restart

This dehumidifier does not come with automatic restart or shutdown and is primarily used for short-term work.

> Filtration System – 

Filtration systems use the same technology in many air conditioning systems, condensing water vapor into the water and then pumping it to a drain, sink, window or reservoir.

Ease of use – 

What makes it so easy to use a dehumidifier is that the digital display is exceptionally easy to read and accommodates a variety of languages such as French, German, Spanish and English. This allows the device to be used in virtually any country globally.


 Suppose you are aware of the symptoms that indicate needing a dehumidifier. Now you are looking for a dehumidifier that works fast, especially after a disaster like a flood, also prevents meadow and mold formation. In that case, this is the ideal option for you. . This portable dehumidifier was specifically designed to run for a long time and remove excess moisture from the house very quickly and efficiently.

This is a 95 point Human A Fire, built with great durability and reliability and guarantees efficiency by providing you with an energy-efficient system that does not use more than 115 V as a power supply. It gives you great energy efficiency while still giving you plenty of energy to handle the required load.

This is a great bargain at around $ 450 and is ideal for businesses that have to deal with problems where excess moisture loss is a serious potential risk.

Drainage System – 

Due to its portability, the drainage system gives you the option of using an external hose that connects to a drain or allows for uninterrupted use outside windows or to store water in a reservoir.


 Dri-Eaz is one of the makers of high-quality dehumidifiers, and this is another example of one of their best. This dehumidifier is capable of pumping large amounts of moisture from the air. It can cover rooms up to 26,000 cubic feet, making it one of the ideal portable dehumidifiers for those with large warehouses or large offices complexes. The standard room capacity is 13,000 cubic feet, which is significantly larger than many standard dehumidifiers you find on the market today.

It is ideal for use in various places, including basements, locker rooms, commercial poolside dehumidifiers, or other areas where humidity and water bills may occur. With an easy-to-use display, you will be able to control the humidity level and temperature with this commercial device, giving you a lot of energy.

Fire extinguishers include automatic restart after a power outage and an automatic pump out, which removes excess water accumulation, allowing you to drain continuously.

Priced at around $ 2600, it is an expensive option but can cover due to the cubic space.

> Build Quality – 

Although one of the most expensive options, it is a well-designed dehumidifier built for portability and high efficiency. It is scratch-resistant, durable and can handle any work required. It comes with a lifetime warranty that tells you a lot about how well it was made.

Pint Capacity/ Coverage – This dehumidifier has an exceptional range, covering 26,000 ft.³ space, and provides 235 pints per day for moisture removal. Takes 130 pints at AHAM.

Drainage System – The drainage system is designed to provide uninterrupted drainage using only a hose leading to a drain pipe or window or using a reservoir system in a dehumidifier.

Low-Temperature operation –

This dehumidifier is not designed for low-temperature operation.

Auto shutoff/restart – Automatically restarts when power is off.

Filtration System – The filtration system is specifically designed to handle heavy-duty work, as well as in areas where high humidity is expected, such as locker rooms, basements, and shop areas.

Ease of use – Very easy to use, including digital display which is easy to read and create settings. Designed with portability in mind, it makes it easy to use anywhere near your home or business.


This BlueDri dehumidifier is specifically designed to work in areas where water has been damaged or where construction projects are underway. It is a great-looking device, portable, compact and quite efficient. With an optimum rating of 40 pints at 80 ° F and 40% full humidity, it is not only capable of extracting 75 pints of water at AHAM. You will notice that this is a 15% improvement over the comparable unit in terms of rating and price.

It is also a power-efficient unit, operating at 5.5 A, making it the most efficient dehumidifier on the market today. It comes with a digital panel display, which is easy to use and read. This dehumidifier comes with an automatic restart after a power outage, allowing you to control the temperature and relative humidity as part of the standard features of the device.

The housing is made of a very durable material, which allows you to be fairly rough with it and still know that it will deliver for you. Inside the housing, there is an automatic water pump and it comes with a 25-foot cord. A great dehumidifier price is worth about $ 1100. The accommodation comes with a full one-year warranty and a five-year warranty.

> Build Quality –

This dehumidifier is a compact alternative with a lot of power. With a very durable plastic cover, strong handles, and large wheels, it is perfectly designed to be easy to move and give you durability for use on construction sites or other commercial locations.

Pint Capacity/ Coverage – 

This commercial dehumidifier removes 75 pints of moisture and provides 24 hours. 

Drainage System –

Due to its use for commercial locations, it is designed with a drainage system intended to provide uninterrupted operation without emptying the reservoir.

> Low-Temperature operation –

Designed to work at low temperatures of 40°F.

Auto shutoff/restart – Comes with an automatic shutdown and restart.

Filtration System –  

The filtration system is designed to remove large amounts of moisture from the air in areas where water is likely to accumulate or flood.

Ease of use –

With an easy-to-read digital display over a dehumidifier, this is a simple option that will enable you to set the humidistat and create the optimal humidity level anywhere. The design makes it a portable appliance that makes it snap to move anywhere.


If you are looking for a great portable dehumidifier that looks like a standard portable air conditioner, this is a great option for you. This April appliance is designed to handle a large capacity by removing 95 pints of water from the air in 24 hours. Not only is it effective and conducive to moisture and water retention, but it will also help you illuminate odor, mold and mild problems, as well as prevent bacteria from forming.

It’s the perfect device for both home and office, as it offers you some features that make it great. It can be programmed to bring in fresh air whenever you want to ensure that bad odors and allergens are not created in your home. The programmable display allows you to control your home’s temperature and relative humidity and is ideal for those who have trouble breathing.

This portable appliance weighs about 50 pounds, and it comes with a 25-foot cord that is easy to move—priced at around $ 1300.

Build Quality –  

It is one of the more unusually designed dehumidifiers, as it is more rectangular, much like an air conditioner unit. However, it is made of a lightweight metal that makes it durable while being portable.

Pint Capacity/ Coverage –

This dehumidifier can remove water up to 95 pints and a time limit of 24 hours and covers an area of 5000ft.².

Drainage System –   

It is specifically designed as an uninterrupted dehumidifier, making it easy to install a drainage system that connects to a drain or window.

Low-Temperature operation –

They are not designed to work in low-temperature conditions.

Auto shutoff/restart –

Does not come with an automatic shutdown and restart.

Filtration System –

The filtration system is commonly found in air conditioning units and is highly efficient due to the design of this device.

Ease of use – 

It’s extremely easy to use a dehumidifier. It not only gives you great control over the conditions you want to set but also allows you to bring in fresh air from outside sources so that you can operate the whole room.


Although getting a commercial dehumidifier is a great option for you, you want to get the perfect best performance. It is important to provide regular service and maintenance for your dehumidifier to ensure this happens. This means that you should do things like clean pipes, oil rolling parts, remove any debris and make sure that all crawl spaces and air ducts are maintained and cleaned.

You need to understand that failure to maintain and clean these parts of your dehumidifier properly can lead to contamination and poor performance. It is very common for rotating parts to break down over time, so make sure you maintain them properly and oiling them will extend the life of your dehumidifier.


> How much energy does a commercial dehumidifier consume?

According to the Department of Energy, the middle dehumidifier uses 785 watts. To determine how much power your dehumidifier can use, multiply the wattage by the number of hours and days it runs and divide it by the thousands. Then take the cost charged by your electric company in kilowatt-hours, which should be in your bill and your cost.

> Does a dehumidifier produce disturbing noise?

The fact is that a commercial dehumidifier can make a lot of noise. Although some options produce significantly less noise, rely on the fact that you will have some noise as the dehumidifier is turned on. It is quite comparable to an air conditioner.

How does a dehumidifier work?

The way that a dehumidifier works is actually quite simple. Hot air is brought in through the grill of the machine on one side of the machine. An electric fan actually pulls that air. When warm air passes over the cold pipe inside the dehumidifier, condensation from the air is created in these coils, thus removing moisture from the air. The treated air is pushed to the other side of the dehumidifier as new air is drawn in to continue the process. One last step is to treat the treated air where the moisture has been removed by heating it to a temperature set by a heating element before returning it to the environment around the dehumidifier.


> ACH – Refers to the change in the air per hour, which tells you how many times the air is drawn into the dehumidifier in an hour will be treated.

CFM – Refers to the cubic feet per minute and is a measuring instrument that measures the amount of moisture that can be extracted from an area over one minute.

COP – Refers to the coefficient of performance and is the ratio that measures the energy efficiency of a dehumidifier.

AHAM – The Association of Home Appliance stands for Manufacturers and is used as a standard to set a rating for dehumidifiers at temperatures up to 60% F with a humidity of 60%.

> Humidistat – It is a device that indicates or controls the amount of relative humidity in the air.

HVAC – Refers to heating, ventilation and air conditioning and is a term that would also include dehumidifiers.

Wrapping It Up

This is a lot of information for you to learn about Commercial Dehumidifiers, but now you know how these machines work, what their main features are, and what might be the best options for your home or business.

Before you get your own commercial dehumidifier, there are a few final things to consider. These include:

  • Cost
  • Performance
  • Need

Make sure the dehumidifier you are buying is something that works for you, fits your needs and comes at an affordable price. If you find that your current dehumidifier is not working for you, it may be time to upgrade. However, always consider that adding unnecessary expenses or getting a commercial dehumidifier that will not provide the performance you need is really the opposite. Be smart in your decision-making method and get one of these industry tools that work for you and your budget. Also, you should know how to maintain a dehumidifier to get the most satisfactory service from your unit year after year.

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