What to look for when doing landscape enhancements

Landscape enhancements can help add beauty and value to your home, and it is important to do them right. When done right, a landscape enhancement will give you an advantage over other homes on the block. It is essential to think about what is appropriate for your home and neighborhood when doing landscape work. At landscaping Ellicott City, we give you insights on the considerations you need when it comes to landscaping which include: 


Before you do any landscaping, it is essential to understand your location’s climate, as different climates will require different types of landscaping enhancements. If your house is located in a neighborhood with similar homes, the same landscaping enhancements might be appropriate. However, if your home is not like other homes on the block, adding an attractive landscape enhancement, e.g palm trees, could help give your home personality and stand out from others in the area.

Type of Soil

Different types of soil will require different types of landscaping enhancements. If you have poor soil, putting in a new garden might be a good idea. Generally speaking, adding raised beds to your flower or vegetable garden will work best for houses with poor soil. In houses with good soil, it is best to clear the ground and add plants that thrive well in the type of soil you have.

Zoning Laws

In some neighborhoods, homeowners cannot build a secondary residential structure, e.g., guest house, pool house, or cabana, unless you have a specific square foot area. Some areas allow accessory structures, so ensure what you want to do is within the law before jumping into construction.

Yard Layout

It is also important to consider the layout of your yard. For example, if you have a small yard, putting in big flower beds might not be ideal for them due to insufficient room. Similarly, if your yard slopes significantly, then planting trees at the bottom of the slope will cause them to fall over as they grow bigger. If your house has a fence along one side, you should place smaller plants on that side so they do not block the view from neighbors looking inside. Similarly, suppose you are building an addition onto your home or renovating part of the interior, it might be necessary to change some features around so they are more aesthetically pleasing.


It is important to remember that landscaping enhancements are not just about the aesthetics of your home; they also have practical purposes. Some landscaping enhancements will need more maintenance than others. For example, if you have a vegetable garden in your backyard, it will probably need regular watering and weeding to produce high-quality vegetables. If an item needs maintenance, try hardening it off before summer comes. For example, if you are building a rock wall around your yard for privacy or decoration purposes, make sure there is at least one spot where you can easily access it throughout the year.


The type of plant you use will depend on the climate, soil conditions, and the location of your house. Certain plants thrive better in cold climates than others. If you are planting flowers around your home, make sure they do not require too much irrigation because if they get too big for the size of your yard, they might leak out onto the sidewalk or street.


The most important thing to consider before landscaping work begins is how much money you can afford to spend on landscaping enhancements. If you can afford to spend a lot of money on one item, then by all means, do so. However, if you are working with a small budget, try to have the best-looking yard that fits within your budget. It’s best to go with what you can handle and slowly add on if needed.


Different types of mulch can be used for different purposes. For example, if you are putting down a new garden, bark mulch is excellent because it keeps weeds from growing and allows water to seep through the soil easily. On the other hand, if you are adding mulch around your house to protect your foundation or landscaping enhancements in general, hardwood or cypress mulch will work best because they do not break down as quickly.

Before beginning a landscaping project, do your research to see what best suits your needs. Consider the amount of maintenance involved and the type of climate you live in to determine the best layout for your yard. If this is not possible, it is probably better to hire a professional service because doing things wrong could cost more in the long run or even cause damage to surrounding items. It would be best to do Landscaping enhancements with function in mind, so always have your surroundings in mind when planning them out.

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