What Are All-on-4 Dental Implants?

Like every person, their dental situations are also unique and special to them. While some might need a routine checkup, others might have to for surgery. Some might also have to get implants. If you have never heard of All on 4 dental implants before, here is all that you need to know! If you are looking for the perfect All on 4 dental implant specialist in Culver City, Century Smile Dental might solve all your delta dilemmas in a wink!

A dentist must have a thorough awareness of each patient’s unique characteristics before devising the appropriate treatment strategy for that person. Parafunction, occlusion, periodontal disease, the amount of the area to be corrected, and the patient’s budget can all affect even the most routine-looking implant case. Before prescribing treatment, professionals must consider these variables and listen to their patients’ preferences. There are several different treatments and implant procedures out there, but today we are talking about All on 4 dental implants.

What are All on 4 Dental Implants?

All on 4 Dental Implants ensure that the replacement teeth have a solid and secure connection that is significantly more long-lasting and trustworthy than traditional denture anchoring procedures. All on 4 involve the placement of dental implants in the concerned person’s jaw to provide a firm and stable foundation for the teeth which are replaced. After a thorough inspection and analysis by the dental surgeon, the All on 4 dental implants required to establish a secure connection is carefully and strategically embedded in the patient’s jaw to achieve the most effective results.

Pre-procedure & prep

  • The first part of the procedure will commence once the patient has been fully informed about the procedure, the dentist has confirmed that the patient is an eligible candidate, and a commitment has been made to proceed with the treatment.
  • Many various measurements must be collected to accurately plan out the location of the dental implants and create the shape and orientation of the replacement tooth prosthesis before the surgery can begin.
  • Both the top and lower jaws will have bite impressions taken. These imprints will be used to make molds that will be utilized to evaluate the fit and sizing of the various All on 4 components. 

Advantages of All on 4 dental implants

The perks of the All on 4 approach are many, whether related directly to your oral health as well as other areas of your life. Listed below are some of the most important advantages of  All on 4 surgery. 

  • Prevent bone loss and degradation: Missing your teeth comes with the risk of suffering a bone loss in the jaw. However, with the  All on 4 method, the implants are attached lightly to the jawbone itself, ensuring it works just like the roots of your natural teeth. Even when pressure is applied to the jawbone, the sensation is the same as that of real teeth. This, in turn, allows bone mass retention and provides strength to the area. 
  • Better care and hygiene: Taking care of your All on 4 teeth is as easy as taking care of your natural teeth, which means a simple yet thorough routine of brushing your teeth, flossing, and rinsing your mouth with mouthwash. You are also required to visit your dentist as you normally would, and these are all great habits to cultivate whether you have real teeth or implants. All on 4 dentures ensure that your life after implants is simple and fuss-free, and there is no elaborate maintenance or pricey expensive adhesive required.
  • Increases confidence: Teeth loss can really put one’s self-confidence through a lot of stress. People who have used the All on 4 treatment are known to have received a full set of perfectly functional teeth, which look perfectly normal and feel quite comfortable in the mouth. You can now eat all your favorite food and feel comfortable and confident in a social setting without much hesitation. This is something that can add so much confidence in someone to go about their days, knowing that their teeth are firmly stuck where they should be and are looking natural.
  • It is permanent: One of the most important factors which put the All on 4 procedure in such advantage is that it is permanent. This means it does not need the periodic fitting sessions that traditional dentures do. Because the All on 4 system uses a denture that is securely held in place to the mouth via the implants, the connection is not vulnerable to the same challenges that traditional dentures are. While in this situation, the traditional dentures will result in gum recession, All on 4 treated teeth will be functioning quite normally for a long time.

Teeth treatment is extremely crucial, not just to your oral health, but for all the different areas of your life, whether that is the simple joy of enjoying the food you love or the confidence required to meet new people. Patients with missing teeth can go for All on 4 treatment and essentially get a new lease on life!

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