Shami Kebab recipe, the most famous kebab in Bangladesh

Description if Shami Kebab recipe

When you hear the name of Shami kebab, water comes out of your mouth. And when we make it, we get a little afraid that the kebabs will destroy. The kebab will burst, or it will not be fried appropriately or spread. We have all faced such problems. Those of us who cook always follow some tips and tricks so that you do not have to worry. This shami kebab can make very quickly if the quantities and materials are correctly known. I am giving today, how to make a perfect shami kebab recipe without any hassle.

I am giving you a beef shami kebab recipe today. If you want, change it to mutton or chicken according to your taste. This kebab is most famous for our country Bangladesh. Shami kebabs mostly found in wedding parties or anniversary programs. Let see the ingredients first.

Ingredients if Shami Kebab recipe

  • Beef mince – 1 kg.
  • Chana daal – 300 grams / 1 and a half cup.
  • Cardamom – 5/6 pieces.
  • Cinnamon – 3/4 pieces.
  • Bay leaves – 2/3 pieces.
  • Dried chili – 4/5 pieces.
  • Green Chili – 2/3 pieces.
  • Garam masala powder – 1 teaspoon.
  • Ginger slice – 2 tbsp.
  • Garlic slice – 1 and a half tablespoon.
  • Salt – According to taste.
  • Onion beresta – 4 tablespoon.
  • Coriander leaves chopped – 4 tablespoon.
  • Mint leaf chopped – 3 tbsp.
  • Eggs – 1/2 pieces.
  • Water – as needed.
  • Oil(for frying) -1 cup.

In three steps, we will learn the recipe made by Shami kebab. Let’s see how to make Shami kebab in three steps easily.

First step

First, the meat should be washed thoroughly and put it in a pan. In it, the stalk of the chana daal should gently be added to the Chula with hot spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cinnamon, dried chili, ginger, garlic, salt. The amount of water must be given as if the meat and all the other ingredients are submerged. Remain After stirring in the tarp stove, and it should be cooked for half an hour till it is boiled. After half an hour, the meat and the chana daal should check to see if it boiled? If not boiled, then cook with a little more water. After boiling, the water should be thoroughly dried and taken out of the Chula and cooled it.

Second step

When the mixture completely cools down, take a grinder. Put the mixture in the grinder and grind it well without water, after grinding, put it into a mixing bowl. Then break one egg into it and mix it well with hand. If the mixture is too dry, then it will break another egg. Then it mixes well again with Garam masala powder, onion beresta, coriander leaves, mint leaves. Cut the small balls into the dough and shape the kebabs. Then the kebabs can be stored in the deep refrigerator for 2-3 months, If you want.

Third step

The third and final step is to fry it in a frying pan. Put a frying pan and place it in the Chula, heat the oil. Once the oil heat, pour the kebabs in the oil and fry them well.

Tips: Shami kebabs are always frying on high flame. Because they cook the meat inside, nothing to cook in it.

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