Quickest ways to reset your AOL password

Passwords are considered our first-line defense against unauthorized access to our social accounts. It protects our privacy by maintaining the security of the account. You must periodically update the password if you want your account to be protected in security.  

Maintaining the password can be pretty tricky. Within this article, we will be discussing the quickest way to reset your AOL password. Let’s dive deep into these ways.

Ways to Reset Password for your AOL account

Reset your AOL Password

If you face issues logging into the AOL account, you might be entering an incorrect password. If it persists, then check your caps lock key and re-enter the passcode. If the problem persists, you should know how to change your AOL password. Moreover, If the situation gets out of your hand and you can’t remember your AOL password, you should take the following measures.

Resetting your AOL password is easier than we think; you have to enter your mobile number. If you don’t have your mobile phone with you, you can go for the email instead. 

  1. Enter the username and press the next button
  2. Now, click the link showing I forgot my password. you can find the link under the box where you enter password
  3. Enter the recovery email to resend a password link through your AOL email.
  4. Enter the new password and log in to your AOL account.

Recovering AOL username

If you are worried as you can’t access your AOL email, It may be possible that the AOL username you are entering is incorrect. If you forgot your AOL username, then you should follow the steps mentioned below,

  1. You can see the trouble signing in a link on the sign-in page. Click the link.
  2. Sign in helper page will get opened
  3. Enter the detail of one of the options to recover your account
  4. Click on the continue link
  5. Follow all the steps on the sign-in helper page to continue resetting your account. 


Enabling the Two-factor authorization on your AOL account

If you want your account to be secured, you can add the identity verification system. You have to enter the code added to the password while logging into the unfamiliar system or location as you activate it. To start this double security system onto your AOL account, you can follow the following steps.

  1. Login to your Account
  2. You’ll see the account security link. Click on it
  3. Now, within a link, you’ll find the Two-step verification option. Click that button to turn it on. If you want to disable it, you can turn it off by clicking again.
  4. Now, enter the mobile phone number you’ve linked to this account
  5. Click the send SMS button to get the verification code by SMS. If you want code through a call, click on the call me instead of SMS.
  6. Enter the code you received and click the verify option
  7. In case if you are using any third-party app to access your AOL account, click the Create app password. If you don’t want to do it simultaneously, click on a skip for now.

Why would you need to create an app password?

If you are using any thrift party app to access your AOL account, you should create a password to activate the two-step verification. It is the primary step as these apps don’t have the authorization to send the verification codes. If you want to protect your passwords, then Passwarden by KeepSolid could be your best choice as it manages the passwords and makes sure everything is settled. 

Final Verdict

We hope you’ve got a better understanding of how to reset your AOL password. You must be doing it correctly, but why would anyone make things difficult when they have the simple methods out there. Using these steps, you can secure your AOL account without getting into any problem. 

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