Just a Few of the Many Benefits Offered by Long-Term Residential Addiction Care

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You will find several options while undergoing any drug rehab treatment. The approach for treatment programs, their setting, and their duration may vary. If you or your relative is going through drug addiction, then you will be overwhelmed by looking at the available options.

Many of you may also be wondering how you should select the best rehabilitation program for your relative. One first question that you need to ask is whether you or your relative needs a short-term or long-term rehab program.

Most long-term drug rehab may usually involve a minimum of ninety days in a certain residential setting. There are a few rehab programs that may require even much longer duration as well. However, you must go for rehabs that take Blue Cross Blue Shield like Find Addiction Rehabs has that provision.

A short-term rehab program on the other hand requires less than 3 months of treatment. As per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the first short-term residential rehabilitation program was three to six weeks of inpatient treatment.

Thereafter the patients are moved to an outpatient treatment program. Typically, any short-term rehabilitation programs will be followed by certain extended outpatient care. Actually, this is because most of the recovery time may be longer.

There are several options available for basic treatment based on the specific need. Generally, the length of such rehab programs can be:

  • 30-day program
  • 60-day program
  • 90-day program

When deciding on a program, think about what will offer you the best possible chance of success. To get sober and start a strategy for long-term recovery, most addicts need at least 3 months of treatment.

Longer treatment periods produce the best results, according to research. The longer program may initially appear scary, but it may provide you with the finest outcome.

What are the various benefits of any long-term drug rehab?

Besides the all-important factors of higher chances of success for recovery, a few other important benefits of any long-term rehab are:

  • For a much extended period, a drug/alcohol-free environment
  • Time for breaking the cycle of dependence and relapse
  • Time for the whole body to physically heal
  • Structured daily schedule
  • Support and supervision
  • Accountability and sober peers
  • Education programs and family treatment
  • Regular monitoring for tracking progress and also modify the treatment process if needed
  • Social, medical, and psychiatric services for addressing co-occurring disorders
  • Intensive interventions and therapy techniques for those with dual diagnoses, medical issues, or criminal records.
  • Guidance in building self-efficacy, self-confidence, and various life skills to maintain sobriety
  • After rehab, support connecting with official aftercare and also community self-support groups

Long-term addiction treatment can transform lives

It is possible to recover from addiction in the long term, and addiction treatment is not only about getting rid of the addiction. It is all about assisting you in resolving the underlying problems that led to your addiction. It is about assisting you in rediscovering true meaning and purpose in your life, as well as regaining a sense of fun and joy without any use of drugs or alcohol.

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