How to Hire a Long-Distance Moving Company

Your Top 7 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Are you getting ready to move cross-country? That’s a big deal, and it requires the right movers to get the job done right. However, it seems like there are thousands of moving companies out there – how can you be sure which one is the best for your move? Sit tight and read these 8 tips on how to choose a moving company before you pack.

#1 ) The Best Movers Want to Know the Entire Plan

Of course, the long distance moving company you hire does all the heavy-lifting and will even pack your boxes. However, quality moving companies want to know your plans, too. They’ll ask you about what you want to take from your current residence, items you want to give away, things to be left for new residents, and how you plan to receive your household valuables once you arrive at your new location.

#2 ) Choose Movers Who Go Over the Fine Details

The best long-distance moving companies always take a thorough inventory of your belongings. This is for two reasons: to determine the weight of what needs to be moved and to make sure they leave nothing behind. Professional movers are sure to check places like closets, cupboards, drawers, and garages. Not only does this process ensure your valuables are kept safe, it means you’re getting an accurate estimate for your big move.

#3 ) They Never Ask for Money Before You Move

If you’re asked to pay cash or put down a deposit before moving, then you need to choose a different moving company. Paying in advance is usually a tactic used by moving companies that have a reputation for losing or breaking things. Don’t give a moving company the chance to take off with your belongings – never pay in advance and always use a credit or debit card to protect you from fraudulent activity.

#4 ) You Can Find Information Online and Talk to a Real Person

There are some moving companies that operate under several names, so they can avoid terrible online reviews from previous customers and assessment by the Better Business Bureau. It doesn’t matter if you’re choosing a long-distance or a residential moving company, always choose a business that is licensed, insured, and has employees you can speak to in person.

#5 ) Top-Notch Movers Can Do It All

Quality movers offer a variety of services you can add to your move. This can be anything from packing your boxes, storing your valuables, or making special considerations for your move. Some movers might even assemble furniture for you. They know moving is stressful and are dedicated to making your transition go as smoothly as possible.

#6 ) The Best Movers Aren’t Intimidated by a Challenge

You should never have to pay hefty fees for moving into a tight space. Experienced movers can easily navigate tall apartment buildings, staircases, and get complicated furniture into your new home. The best way to avoid hidden fees is to sign a contract that clearly states the pricing and protects you from getting charges you don’t deserve. Even better, the highest-quality movers will go over a contract with you, so you can feel even more confident about your move.

#7 ) Choose Movers Who Have the Right Contract Options

There are three kinds of moving contracts: a non-binding estimate, a non-binding to exceed estimate, and a binding estimate. A binding estimate is supposed to guarantee your moving price before you move, which seems like a great idea. However, if you sign a contract with a large binding estimate, you might end up paying a lot more for moving services than you’d like. The ideal moving contract is a non-binding to exceed estimate. It ensures you won’t have to pay for any overages to the original estimate.

Look for Reviews In Unexpected Places

The best way to find a senior moving company, long-distance moving company, or any other moving company is by doing your research. Look at company reviews online and ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations. Don’t forget to check out their social media pages, too. Sometimes, you might find special rates for sharing their posts or writing a positive review online.

The Takeaway for Choosing the Right Moving Company

Quality movers are here to make your life easy, and the journey to your new home is stress-free. However, the only way to find them is by doing your research and staying organized throughout your move. Read over every detail of your moving contract, double-check details, and stay in contact with your movers, and you’ll be settled into your new home in no time.

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