Google Snake Game | A Comprehensive Guide To Relive The Old Feelings

To keep a healthy relationship with its users, google always launch enjoyable games. It launches the classic old snake game on its browser and mobile stores for the same purpose. Although it is a retro relaunching, it comes with many exciting and new things. Here, we will give you every detail about the google snake game.


Google Snake Game: 


The game snake is among the games that were first launched. This touches the fame in the late 90s. When Nokia gave it on its simple mobiles, they originally launched the snake game in the 70s. Keypad buttons play the game. We have to eat the food coming in the game to grow the snake and avoid it from touching itself and boundaries to keep alive. The google snake game is similar and has something fun like the original. The difference is when you start, you have to select the location and train to play it.


Playing Destinations: 


On Android & IOS: 


To enjoy the game on your cellphones, you need to open google maps. Then go to the menu, and there you will have an option with the name snake. Touch or tap on it, and after a small load, the google snake game will be opened. That’s the simple process you have to do to access this game on your cell phone. 


On Desktop: 


The procedure is different from cellphones to play the google snake game on a desktop. You are not using the maps application to access it. Instead, a special link is available to play this game on web browsers. Just do the below steps to play it: 


  • Open on your chrome or desired browser. 
  • It will come up with the game page to play. 
  • You will see the Start button there. 
  • Click on it, and that’s all game will start. 


If you think you can only play the game on a chrome browser, you are wrong. You can access the google snake game on all other browsers too. Just put the given link in your desired browser, and the game will open to play.


Features Of Google Snake Game: 


  • The main feature is that you can select many locations covering the whole world to play the game. You can select cities like Sydney, London, Tokyo, etc., to start the google snake game. 
  • As we can play it both online and offline, it has become very famous among the lovers of the games. Moreover, it is a freely playable game. They created it in JavaScript and is open source code. 
  • It is a Google Snake game playable on every Android device. For the Google Map version of the game, you can steer a train that transports people from cities all over the globe. In addition, it gathers food and other milestones to earn you extra points.


Modes Of Google Snake Game: 


Peaceful Mode: 


The Snake will continue to live for the rest of its life until you decide to stop the game. The borders will not stop your Snake. You can drag it towards walls and then emerge from the opposite side. The game will end when you hit a stop button located in the upper right corner, or you have eaten the most strawberry for the level’s size.


Yin Yang Mode:


The board has two snakes. You control directly, and the other does exactly the opposite of what your main Snake is doing. The colour of the other Snake is different from your primary Snake’s colour. This is the end of the game when you cross paths with one of the snakes.


Key mode:


Alongside the lock and key symbol, a key symbol will be displayed. The lock block is unlocked, which allows the Snake to retrieve the banana. For example, it is hidden behind when we retrieved the key. It’s game over if you run through locks.


Portal Mode:


In this case, it is the case that there are two (bananas) are placed on the table at any moment. If the Snake consumes one of its bananas, it will release it from the other. Additionally, it can move in any direction. The game is over when bananas aren’t able to spawn again. When in Portal mode, we cannot spawn the banana within a radius of two Blocks around the snakehead once eating a banana. This means that you can’t use the portal in a place, but you won’t respond. In addition, the Snake’s speed through the portal mode will be slower than the speed of its movement in Classic mode.


Skull Poison Mode:


This one is meant to be amusement. The normal red apples will disappear, and all you’ll be able to see is “Poison Apples”. Consuming Poison Apples can make your Snake spin around in haywire. You’ll lose control and be able to determine which direction the Snake is going.


Classic Mode: 


It’s a sport in which the Snake consumes it grows longer, and the game is over after the Snake has eaten the largest quantity of food or has reached the limit.


Snake Twin Mode: 


In this scenario, the Snake’s head and tail move in a different direction in every direction. We believe that the Snake has consumed an apple.


Cheese Mode: 


They display the Snake in sections. Some are visible, while others are in the shadows. The result is that your Snake will be able to move through them without dying.


No End Map Mode: 


Because the map is infinite, no borders could hinder your progress. The only chance to fail is to get hit on the head by a snake.


Brick Wall Mode: 


Every moment your Snake eats it, a brick wall will appear in the game map. So, be sharp not to hit these bricks to continue playing.


Things To Keep An Eye On While Playing This Game: 


  • When the train starts its journey, you have to pick passengers as many as possible. 
  • Please don’t allow the train to hit itself or the boundary. 
  • The game will end if the train hits himself or crashes by hitting the boundary. 
  • You can share your results of the google snake game with your contacts on google.


Tips To Get Better Score In Google Snake Game: 


The Snake game played on Google Maps is played similarly to the classic Snake game. But, there are some specific aspects to bear in mind to get the highest score:

  • Be vigilant when you are near the borders that define the boundaries of your map. Contrary to different versions of the game, you’ll lose when you crash into fences. Therefore, you must be cautious when carrying passengers in the vicinity of the fences.
  • In the iOS and Android Snake versions, players can make a series of swipes while turning swiftly. Therefore, there isn’t any need to swipe in an agitated manner when you’re at an unrestricted turning point.
  • For those who remember the classic Snake in Nokia phones, the Nokia phones from a while ago, The arrow keys on the desktop are incredibly responsive. They don’t require an enormous effort to clock precisely.
  • These imposing structures appear to occupy lots of space. It is only necessary to put them together from the ground. Therefore, your goal should be to be skilled enough to score the 10 bonus points that they give.

It’s not difficult to see; however, keep in mind that you can succeed when you meet a person, milestone, or even a food item. So, you must make sure that you never fall short when trying to lift something close to the tail’s end.


Which Mode Is Hardest On  Google Snake Game?

Small Map, Speedy as well as Portal Mode is the one that is the toughest.

How To Pause The Google Snake Game?

The “snake” can move in any direction but cannot turn around and reverse into itself. Use the “p” to stop the game if you require an interruption. Note that stopping the game will result in 10 points being removed from your scoring.

What Happens When You Finish The Game?

When you eat apples, a total of 252 in a standard map, a window opens and displays your final score and the winning song, announcing your victory.

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