Facts You Didn’t Know About Invisalign

Facts You Didn't Know About Invisalign

Invisalign are clear removable aligners made after many years of research and development, beginning in 1995. Invisalign has been said to be the closest thing there is to braces. It doesn’t have to be hooked to the teeth all day long. However, there are many things you don’t know about Invisalign? Here are just a few!

1) What Is Invisalign Made Of?

One of the main components of an Invisalign tray is Polypropylene. This is the same material used to make water bottles and milk jugs. Therefore, it’s incredibly hygienic since it does not keep any bacteria. It is also the most cost-effective and durable material used in Invisalign trays.

2) Invisalign Straightens Teeth 50% Faster

Invisalign can straighten teeth faster because it uses a series of clear, removable aligners that can be changed every two weeks. They are also more comfortable than traditional hooked appliances. As a result, Invisalign causes less pressure on the jaw and surrounding teeth. This means patients have an easier time speaking and eating while achieving the results they want much more quickly. You can find an orthodontist with the best price on Invisalign and enjoy a quick procedure.

3) Invisalign Can Be Used to Treat Many Dental Issues

Whether your dental issue is severe overbite, underbite, cross-bite or open bites are all conditions that can be treated with Invisalign. However, you should consult an orthodontist before beginning the treatment regimen to ensure it is safe for your specific case.

4) Invisalign is Good for Your Oral and Overall Health

How Invisalign trays are removed, put into a new tray and the frequency of how often you change them means that bacteria have less time to become attached or transferred from one tray to another. This eradicates any infection that may occur with other types of straightening appliances and decreases plaque build-up.

5) Invisalign Improves Digestion

Invisalign straightens the teeth. This means that a proper bite will be established. This helps better position the tongue, lips, cheeks, and throat muscles. With a proper bite, chewing is also more efficient, which aids digestion.

6) Invisalign Has Virtually No Discomfort

Apart from being more comfortable than the traditional metal braces, there is virtually no discomfort associated with Invisalign. There are also no food restrictions. Patients can eat comfortably without pain or discomfort. This makes Invisalign a much smoother treatment process as compared to the traditional teeth alignment procedures.

7) Invisalign Improves Speech and Breathing

When you have crooked teeth, it prevents your mouth from completely closing. This leads to poor speech habits and, in some cases, difficulty when breathing. The lack of closure causes the tongue to press against the teeth, leading to poorly formed sounds or a stopped nasal passage when breathing.

8) Invisalign Can Be Removed By Your Dentist or Orthodontist

Although the actual tray is removable, it does not mean you can remove them anytime you want! You have to make sure that each removal is proper. For example, if you remove your trays before the recommended time frame, your teeth would return to their original crooked position. Make sure that when you visit your orthodontist, they help you remove the Invisalign safely.

9) Invisalign is Available at Any Age!

Invisalign is not only available for kids but adults too! Although it may be more expensive to straighten out an adult’s tooth. More steps are required to straighten the adult teeth. Adults can see their dentist much sooner than they would if they were wearing traditional metal braces. This means results happen faster, making treatment shorter and much more affordable.

10) Invisalign is Easily Concealed

Patients can easily conceal their trays, which means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing! This adds to the convenience and makes it an excellent option for those that want straighter teeth and don’t want to be seen wearing braces. It’s personal and up to you how much or little you want to reveal how you got straighter teeth.

Invisalign is an effective and safe treatment for adults and children to straighten their teeth without any discomfort. Also, they can be used to improve the overall health of your mouth. It consists of clear trays that are barely visible; meaning, you can hide your orthodontic treatment from everyone!

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