Cox’s Bazar, the World longest sea beach

The Tourist Destinations in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the longest and tourist town in Bangladesh, situated alongside the shore of Bay of Bengal. This town is located in the Chittagong Division in southeastern Bangladesh, besides Myanmar. The beach is sandy and has a gentle slope, and with a whole length of 155km(96miles), it is often termed the “longest natural unbroken sea beach” in the world. It is known by the name Ponowa, which translates literally as “yellow flower”. Another old name was “Palongkee”.

Today Cox’s Bazar is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Bangladesh, although not a major international tourist destination. In 2013, the Bangladesh Government formed the Tourist Police unit to protect local and foreign tourists better, as well as to look after the nature and wildlife in the tourist spots of Cox’s Bazar. Cox’s Bazar beach is only a bit crowded in tourist season, October to march,
especially near the hotel-motel zone, but remains virgin during the rest of the year, April to September, when it’s better to take a trip there.

Description of Cox’s Bazar

The part of the 120km beach is named differently having diversified flora and fauna. It starts with “Laboni Beach”, “Sughanda Beach” within the cox’s Bazar region and 10km south is known as Himchari Beach, 30km, fur is known as “Inani Beach” and more, 70km off is the ‘Teknaf Beach’. Things should be quieter here, but still expect to draw significant attention.

The entire 120km beach can travel in one go by motorbike. The more one gets into the south, the more the ocean water becomes blue. Another attraction is the Moheshkhali Island near Cox’s Bazar coast.
The Island can be reached via a speedboat. Here, visitors can view the breathtaking green color of its mangrove forest that will surely amaze everyone who comes to see the place. The next best thing to explore after one’s beach trip. Cox’s Bazar is the place recommended for people who seek serene, soberness and relaxing vacation. Every Cox’s Beach Bazar trip will surely please and satisfy everyone who visits here.


The town situated in 1869, eventually becoming a B-grade municipality in 1989. The town is a health resort, located along the Bay of Bengal in southeastern Bangladesh. But it is famous mostly for its long natural sandy beach. Cox’s Bazar is connected by road and air with Chittagong and has a population of 51,918. The riverine country of Bangladesh (land of Bengals) one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and its people are predominantly Muslim.

As the easter portion of the historical region of Bengal, the area once formed, along with what now the Indian state of West Bengal to the province of Bengal in British India. With the partition of India in 1947, it became the Pakistani province of East Bengal(later renamed East Pakistan), one of five areas of Pakistan, separated from the other four by 1,100 miles(1,800km) of Indian territory. In 1971 it became the independent country of Bangladesh, with its capital at Dhaka.

Subdivision Cox’s Bazar

After Bangladesh’s independence, It started to receive administrative attention. In 1972 the town committed of Cox’s Bazar turned into a municipality. In 1975, the Government of Bangladesh established a pilot plant at kalatali. Later, in 1984 Cox’s Bazar subdivision was promoted to a district and five years later(in1989) the Cox’s Bazar municipality elevated to B-grade. In 1994 the Marine fisheries and Technology station(MFTS) established at Cox’s Bazar.

Inani Beach

Inani Beach, about 32km south of Cox’s Bazar. It just on the beach, with the sea to the west and a background of steep hills to the east. Inani casts a magic spell on those who step into the dreamland. It is only half an hour’s drive from Cox’s Bazar and an ideal place for sea-bathing and a picnic.


Ramu, a few kilometers from Cox’s Bazar, impressive place of visit. It is a typical Buddhist village and has a few ancient wooden Buddhist temples at Ramu, about 16km, on the main road to Chittagong. There are monasteries, khayang, and pagodas containing images of Buddha in gold, bronze and other metals inlaid with precious stones. The village has a charm of its weavers ply their trade in open workshop and craftsmen make hand made cigars in their pagoda like houses.


Mahrshkhali, an island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar, has an area of 268 square kilometers. Through the center of the Island and along the eastern coastline rises a range of low hills, 300 feet high. In the mountains on the coast built the shrine of Adinath, dedicated to shiva. By its side in the same hill is a Buddhist Pagoda.

Sonadia Island

Sonadia Island, a small island of about 9 square kilometers (3.5 square miles), offshore of the Cox’s Bazar coast in Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. The western island is sandy and different kinds of shells found on the beach.


Teknaf forms the southernmost point in mainland Bangladesh(St. Martin Island). The name comes from the Naf River which forms the eastern boundary of the Upazila. It shares the border with Myanmar. Teknaf beach is a large beach about 5kmwest of the center of town, very popular with local sunset. It is much quieter there. Wild animals and birds can be seen, but the most exciting thing is a journey on the river.

Things to do

There a lot of shops in the hotel-motel zone catering to Bangladeshi and foreign tourists. Things made of seashells and pearls are trendy. You can also check out the Burmese market. The traditional Burmese dresses and fabrics are impressive.

You can also try some local beauty products(sandal wood-based). A local dry fish is a trendy and drinking green coconut water is another attraction of cox’s Bazar. Sitting on a beach that feels more like a tropical holiday while having a green coconut and banana.

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