Best Disc Golf Bags for 2021

Best Disc Golf Bag

It’s now disc golf season. Perhaps you’ve just started playing disc golf or got a stimulus check and are ready to invest in a new, bigger, or better disc golf bag. Almost everyone who plays disc golf experiences the fun and thrill of the game. Once you understand disk flight, you will see that not only do you need more disks; But you also need enough bags to carry them.

For me, the game started as a hobby and now it has become nothing less than an addiction! This guide will discuss the different disc golf bag options offered for different player types and experiences.

As a disc golfer moves from the beginning to the intermediate player, they find the need for different disc types that match the different disc golf shots that match their skills. When you find more and more specific types of discs useful, you need space in your bag to carry them.

You may only need one of those disks. Suppose you find that your competitive drive increases your desire to play disc golf tournaments. In that case, you will probably want a more giant bag (or cart) that can slowly carry all the accessories needed for the tournament round.

I know most experienced players carry more than fifteen discs at a time for their casual recreational rounds! For more than three disks, it is no longer convenient to carry everything by hand. This is when investing in the best disc golf bag for you.

The best disc golf backpack will keep everything equipped and it will help you to be comfortable while carrying all the necessary things on the course. Also, having a permanent bag for disc golf is effective for storing useful items like towels, sunblock, bug repellent, umbrella and a grip bag that you can easily see if the weather changes in the middle of your round.

Below is a list of the top 20 golf disc bags in 2021 for your consideration.

Best Disc Golf Bag Reviews

I will start this guide by going through the top ten disc golf bags available in the market at the moment. With the rapid growth of disc golf, many top products are selling fast and are not readily available. I have tried these bags myself and recommend the best disc golf bag for each disc golfer’s habits and needs. If you find this information helpful, please read on.

1. Infinite Discs HuckPack Disc Golf Bag

Best Disc Golf Bags

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I like most about the backpack of the Hawkpack is that it has a relatively large carrying capacity of at least eighteen discs but it is an incredibly lightweight bag and weighs just over a pound. This bag never feels too heavy, even when full. It will hold up to 18 disks.

If you have only a dozen disks, it is small enough that it will not feel awkward as the disks will still fill the storage area below exactly. To me, eighteen discs are more than I need. The upper buggy can hold at least four peters and be located on the top right, making it easy to access without bending down. In addition to the disk storage space, there is enough space in the side pocket to keep your keys, phone and snacks.

The hackpack has no large pockets, but the back pocket is large enough for a light weight raincoat. Measuring 19 by 11 by 9 inches, it’s not a big disc golf bag, but it’s enough for your recreational rounds and single round tournaments.

Unlike many similar bags on the market, Hackpack has not just one, but two water bottle holders. These insulating pockets are large enough to hold a 32 ounce water bottle to hold drinks. It also has a mini marker and a pencil holder, which doesn’t offer similar bags like Trooper, Shuttle and Innova Adventure Pack.

I would recommend this bag for those who want to upgrade from a small starter or shoulder strap bag. It’s stable, affordable, and big enough to bring with you whatever you want for casual disc golf rounds. If you are looking for a bag to play in the tournament, I suggest taking something a little bigger. The storage space is not large enough to store stool or lunch for rounds of long round tournaments.

2. Prodigy BP-1 Version 3

Best Disc Golf Bags

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If you are looking for the most affordable, full quality, full capacity tournament disc golf bag; No need to look any further than Prodigy BP1-V3. This is the 3th version of the BP1 bag.

It was a good bag at first but every new addition has been approved. Not only does the V3 look incredibly good with the usual solid colors, but it’s also made with ultra durable light weight rip stop fabric. When emptied, the bag weighs just over three pounds, which is significantly less than most premium tournament packs.

In BP1 version 3 you can keep storage at any time during your disc golf rounds. This bag is very modest with two large pockets on each side. Outside of the large pockets are two large insulated water bottle holders and two small pockets for storing snacks, keys, or phones.

One of the great features about these small outer pockets is that they seal off with a magnet! The magnets are highly powered and make sure you keep your items safe. Days of losing your personal items because you forgot to snap or zip. Speaking of zippers, Prodigy backpack zippers include a waterproof lining to protect your bag and help keep your luggage dry in adverse weather. The bag also includes a slide in the space around the umbrella or tournament stool to provide space.

The best thing about Prodigy BP1 that sets it apart from the competition is the comfort. This bag includes ultra-comfortable bands and back padding. It features a chest band to ensure a comfortable fit when walking long ways in the hole at the start of your shotgun start tournament or in a long way.

If you really want to show off your stuff, the large Prodigy logo at the top is velcro removable. If you want to customize your bag, just add your own 10 x 2 inch velcro name or logo.

The only feature I have missed about this disc golf bag is the easy accessible pencil holder. While many disc golfers, including tournaments, only use the app for score keeping, it could be something I will never really miss.

All in all, if you’re looking for a great tournament bag at a great price, or if you’re looking for a large bag that holds 30+ discs, consider the Prodigy BP-1V3.

3. Infinite Discs Slinger Disc Golf Bag

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Infinity Discs Slinger Bag is a unique single strap “sling” style disc golf bag. It is lightweight and easily holds 8-12 discs. It has a front mesh pocket that will hold two discs as well as a main bogie that will last up to ten. The best feature of the slinger is that the bag is easy to hold and wear. It can either be worn as a strap shoulder backpack or used as a slinger with the strap crossing over the chest. This bag is light weight, has great padding and is very comfortable.

As a non-disk feature, the slinger includes a small water bottle holder with a string of drawers, a towel or bag to hook the tags, a hook and a small pocket that will hold your phone, key and wallet, or a mini marker disc.

The Slinger is a very stylish looking bag but it has some flaws. This bag does not stand well on the ground, especially when it holds a water bottle. These are pretty easy tips. It does not have large storage capacity for discs or extra gear and is therefore not recommended for long tournament rounds.

Slinger is my favorite for quick disc golf rounds in the case of small starter bags. Several times a week I like to play fast rounds myself where I run through holes. The Springer is suitable for playing disc golf in this style because I can quickly throw, catch and carry a sufficient number of discs for each possible shot in the course.

4. The Throwback Pack 2.0

Best Disc Golf Bags

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This disc golf bag from Throwback is one of the best small disc golf bags on the market. The design is much comfortable, and the product is made from high-quality material. If you are looking for a small disc golf bag, the throwback is the best choice. The bag is light weight but at the same time strong and durable. So, you don’t have to worry about buying the bag again because it will be your longevity.

It also provides several pockets inside and outside the bag and comes with two removable walls. These walls can hold twenty to twenty-five discs. You can keep your drink or water bottle in another pocket and it will also maintain the water temperature.

The best thing about the bag is that it comes at a very reasonable price and offers awesome features like a cool pocket. You no longer have to bother about your drinks getting hot.

The bag also has four external pockets that give you plenty of space to keep your essentials.

It has a tarpaulin bottom and plastic feet wide to keep it stable. Since the bottom part is a tarpaulin, it is easy for a person to clean the bottom of this backpack.

You can store a 32-oz Gatorade, Nolgin or any other bottle of similar size in cooler pockets or dual containers.

Another feature I really liked about this bag is the padded shoulder straps that come with it. These features show that the brand has taken into account the consumers’ convenience while creating the product.

5. Backpack Disc Golf Bag MVP Disc Sports Voyager 

Best Disc Golf Bags

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The MVP Voyager bag is the backpack for a full service tournament. This bag contains everything you need for your entertainment, league or tournament rounds. Voyager is available in different colors of different bags including: black, yellow, orange, pink, navy, lime etc.

Moving on from the colors, let’s talk about the capabilities of this disc golf bag. It has the capacity to store up to 20 disks. The bag is not too big or too small; It is the perfect medium size.

The design is extremely trendy, and the bag is made from durable material. The strong and durable material makes this bag durable and wear and tear resistant.

The Voyager backpack bag has an upper potter pocket, two water bottle holders, a stool holder and a large storage pocket. It certainly provides plenty of space to store your jackets, mini, pencils, scorecards, snacks and all the things you need during your long tournament rounds. It has a handy D ring that lets you easily strap on your favorite disc golf towel.

To increase the durability of the bag, Voyager has legs to increase the rigidity of the bag, even if you store it in a slightly trendy way. Some users have complained that the legs fall on their backs causing discomfort.

Another excellent feature about the Voyager bag is that it comes with more padded shoulder straps for comfort. These straps provide extreme comfort and support when you are carrying the bag.

The best thing about the bag is its disc bogie design. The Voyager is designed so that the discs can be easily positioned and the area of the main disk can be easily pulled by widening the square.

The top disk storage bogie comes with an amazing three-way closure option. Potter pockets for quick accessibility and protection of cover panels and items in the upper storage section.

6. Prodigy BP-2 V3

Best Disc Golf Bags

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You can’t go wrong with Prodigy when it comes to disc golf bags. There’s a reason Prodigy discs have become the # 1 choice for golf backpacks. Prodigy BP-2 V3 has bags for all styles and best price ranges. All of their bags are affordable, efficient and ultimately built BP-2 is no exception and is the best choice among affordable tournament style disc golf backpacks.

It can store up to twenty-five disks, depending on your driver vs. midrange and putter ratio. This convenient bag also includes two insulated water bottle holders that help keep your drinks cool and provide extra padding.

The back of the bag has three ultra-thick soft pads to ensure maximum comfort. This includes the shoulder straps and chest straps that are allowed for maximum comfort when your tournament’s shotgun starting position is the farthest hole from the center of the tournament.

As for storage, BP-2 water bottles have zip-ups on both sides, just inside. These have plenty of space available for wallet-sized pockets, wallets, keys, phones and light jackets but not enough space for heavy jackets or hoodies. If there is one downside to BP-2, it is the lack of storage space for non-disk accessories.

The bottom of this bag includes two pencil holder slots on either side of the bag. It features a loop for towels, bag tags or carabiners. It features an easy access pocket for easily storing a tournament seat or umbrella.

In the case of quick access pockets, BP2 is full. The upper putter carriage has two separate zippers and can easily hold up to 8 discs. There is an easy access potter pocket just in front of the bag. You can also use this slot to save a scorecard or mini because there is no specific category dedicated to minis. If you put the bagiti zip up the front, you can direct an additional disc can okate.

These features make the Prodigy BP-2K one of the most affordable and most affordable Frisbee golf bags to play in a tournament. At the time of this article in March 2021, BP-2 is available in seven different attractive colors.

7. Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Disc Golf Bag

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This bag is one of a kind and new to add bags to the banner of dynamics It is popular as it comes with a combination of popular soldier bags and an isolated zippered bogie with an insulated cooler.

This bogie can hold six 16 ounce cans. This soldier’s bag can hold ten to twelve discs in the central buggy when you’re using the cooler. However, when you are not using the cooler, you can even store 18 discs inside the bag. It provides several mini pockets inside the bag to store small items.

Speaking of power more, the top of this bag has a zipped mesh pocket where you can store your belongings including pencils, scorecards, wallets and other valuables.

A potter’s pocket is placed in front where you can place a maximum of two pots. On each side of the bag is a small pocketed drink holder. The strap of the bag gives extra padding and you can adjust it according to your needs. The material is of high quality and makes the bag extremely durable.

Another feature I like about the Dynamic Disc Golf Bag is that you can enjoy the bottle of cold drink whenever you want during the match. Without an ice pack the drink will stay cool.

Cooler pockets or dual holders are very useful. If you want a not too expensive bag, this bag will be worth every penny you have.

Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

The Descroft Weekender Disc Golf Bag is extremely light in weight and has the capacity to hold up to 8 golf discs.

If you are a beginner and are looking for a bag that will help you in your casual sport, then you should definitely go with it. This is one of the best education available on the market, and the best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this bag. This is quite reasonable and will not hurt your pocket.

As already mentioned, this bag is meant for preliminary work only, so you will not be able to carry all your discs and gears. The bag is not so great for storage purposes with the ability to hold 8 discs and a single side potter pocket.

You’ll find a mini zipper pocket inside the bag to hold your valuables. Additional features of the Deskt Weekender Disc Golf Bag are that it comes with a compatible padded shoulder strap, bottle holder and a rain cover. You can easily roll the top and put the velcro in place.

However, if you are looking for a bag that gives you a huge capacity and extra features, I suggest you look for another bag.

It’s a frill bag and perfect for days when you don’t want to carry all the equipment on the course. This range is best for the money you are spending.

Kestrel Disc Golf Bag

The primary purpose of Castrel Disc is to make you the best disc golfer. They come with one of the best gears on the market and have been tested in all types of weather with all sorts of players at different skill levels to make sure they can withstand all results. The disc bags are designed for optimal performance and they can withstand tough courses.

The bag can hold 10 golf discs which is a sufficient number. The bag is designed and engineered for outdoor use and that is why the construction is strong and durable. It will last you a long time.

It does not have many bogies, only two large features. However, it is easier to somehow keep your disks in sync.

It comes with a bottle holder as well, and a compatible strap. The bag has an ergonomic design so that you can easily carry it around without losing weight.

The extremely light and sturdy model of the bag makes it efficient for advanced golfers who do not have to carry many discs at once.

The bag can easily handle tough courses and other outdoor elements. So, if you want a flexible bag that protects all your discs, the Castrel Disc Golf Bag would be the ideal choice.

You need to store at least five or six disks; Otherwise, it will not feel comfortable as the bag will lose its structure. You need to save at least six discs to maintain the structure and size of the bag.

Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag

Now I will talk about the Innova standard bag when it comes to the latest disc golf bag on this list. Innova Disc Golf Bags are a perfect choice for looking bags that can hold an average number of discs and still weigh less. This bag has the capacity to hold twelve discs and has ample space to store other valuables and accessories.

The best part about the bag is that it is water-proof. The design and construction of the bag is quite simple, not something very complicated. It makes it easy for you to carry balance equipment and it comes with a regular shoulder padded strap.

What I really like about this bag is that the padded part is no different from the strap. It will not slip and will stay in one place while carrying the bag. The price you pay makes it offer amazing features.

It works great for keeping all the disks and other valuables you need during a match. You can easily store wallets, keys, scorecards, snacks, drinks and other things.

If you do not always like to carry a big bag, this should be the ideal option for you.

Separators are detachable, and it comes with a disk sleeve to protect the disks. You can easily customize the spacing to your liking inside Because it comes with velcro.

The bag is made of high quality material and you can fit the discs comfortably. You can easily store large and small bottles of water bottle holder.

You can get it all in one bag, isn’t that a great thing? The bag isn’t something extraordinary, it’s really elementary, but it gives great value for the price.

How to choose the right disc golf bag?

If you want to take your game to the next level, the first thing you should do is buy a great disc golf bag. A bag specially made for your needs and aspirations will make your gaming experience more fun and interesting. If you are confident that disc golf is becoming a big part of your life, you may want to invest in a quality tournament bag right away.

I’ve seen new players buy a small starter bag many times, then improve to a medium economy a month later, and then the upper end of the month buy backpacks for more expensive tournaments.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best disc golf bag for you:

The capacity of the bag to meet your needs

This factor goes without saying; The amount of space you will get in a golf bag is something you should consider as it will determine the number of discs you will be able to keep inside your bag.

The smallest disc golf bags contain at least 8 discs, of which 25% are more. If you can own more than 20 discs, do you need to keep your surroundings with you during each round? Do you actually throw away all your disks, or do some of them just have backups?

If you just throw away a few handfuls of discs and use the same driver in each hole, you may want to consider a smaller bag even after knowing that you will play almost every day.

As much as you think you’ll want a great backpack that can hold a lot of discs, heavy bags tend to reduce comfort levels while walking long stretch courses.

The heavier and heavier your bag is, the more uncomfortable you will feel carrying it around.

Tournament Play

If you want to play in a PDGA approved disc golf tournament, I recommend buying a higher quality bag. The average round of the tournament has more than doubled the average casual round of golf discs.

During the rounds of the tournament, you want to keep snacks, sunblock, a jacket, a grip bag, a disc retriever, a three foot stool, and a backup towel. A large disc does not carry as many small bags as you wish during a golf tournament.

Even if you only throw a handful of different disc molds to play in the tournament, you will want a bag that has high disk capacity because you want to back it up.

I once played in the Glass Blown Open tournament and lost eight discs in that event, including six on the Alp Lake course. To play the tournament, you’ll want one to two backups for all your original cast discs that you could potentially lose.

Water bottle holders

No disc makes golf more uncomfortable than dehydrating. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a cold drink while playing disc golf? Although most disc golf bags come with water bottle holders, the number and size of holders vary.

Personally, I have a large drink and just having a water bottle holder for a round of heat is not an option for me. If you live in a hot climate or know that you’ve run out of water, you’ll want to make sure you consider the water bottle capacity when choosing your disc golf bag.

Comfort level

Regardless of other bag features, you may not want to invest in a disc golf bag unless you are comfortable. A painful bag that doesn’t fit you properly is going to be a big embarrassment in your disc golf Jane’s moments. Needless to say, the bag you buy to look for first is that it is comfortable.

It is extra expensive for extra comfort. Look for things like padded shoulder straps or the back panel’s quality to help you determine comfort.

Make sure the straps are large enough so that they do not drop all the weight in one place. Another important issue is the location of the pads; If the pads are not fixed in one place, it can be uncomfortable for you to run the bag around because they will be sliding. Look for straps and panels that have an ergonomic design as they will provide extreme comfort.

There’s no way to know if there’s any way you’re really comfortable buying a bag online, so I recommend reading the reviews before choosing your bag. If a bag is uncomfortable, reviewers will be sure to mention the matter.

Quality Material

Another important feature is that the bag provides quality material that will not wear out quickly or spread. If you live in a place where it often rains, it is advisable that you choose a bag that is waterproof with a rain cover.

Waterproof material helps keep your discs dry and protect your valuables from water damage. The best way to judge the quality of a bag is to read reviews. Reviewers regularly make posts to criticize weak components and defective products.


When you take your bag out for a long time, it must test its ability to withstand the weather and other elements. For this you need to buy a bag which is made from high quality material (say for example- polyester fabric) and is strong enough to withstand the roughness involved in outdoor activities.

Stability of the bag

When it comes to buying a disc golf bag, power is not the only thing you need to find. Capacity alone does not determine whether your bag will be able to hold more discs; You also need to check their durability.

Durability is the ability of the bag to maintain balance and stay stable when you place it on the ground. Stability is not something you keep in a bag until you are constantly putting tips about yourself.

If your bag lacks stability, it will continue to fall to the ground and the contents of your bag will spread. It’s not only annoying, it can accidentally lose anything you don’t want to lose.

Look for bags that have a wide base or repeated plastic feet. These features help to give a bag more durability.

Style of the bag

This can be a reason why people may feel more hesitant. Bags come in different styles and these styles have their own advantages and cons. When you buy a bag that has straps in it, you will have the convenience of holding it at your own convenience. Two straps reduce the weight of your shoulders more than just a bag.

Right now the trendy thing of disc golf is backpacks ks Most disc golfers find backpack bags as a stylish and comfortable choice. These have increased storage space and the design is effective and allows you to store your belongings in an organized way.

The best part about the backpack is that you can save a lot of money inside while distributing the weight in a manageable way. If you want something that has the perfect balance and power and plans to play tournament rounds, you should go for the backpack. On the other hand, if you want a lighter weight and lower price, then a single shoulder strap bag is probably the best choice for you.

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