3 Things To Remember When Ordering Printed Mailing Bags

3 Things To Remember When Ordering Printed Mailing Bags

If you’re trying to upgrade the way you post your products to customers, you might have discovered printed mailing bags. These can be a great way to offer an even better service to your customers, and you’ll be able to get your branding out there too. However, there are some things you need to consider. So, here are 3 things to remember when ordering printed mailing bags.

  1. Is This Bag The Right Size?

The most important thing to remember is the size. Although it may seem obvious, don’t just assume that your product will fit in the bags. Printed mailing bags come in all different shapes and sizes, so you don’t want to do a bulk order and end up with a whole bunch of them that you can’t use. Make sure you check the dimensions of your products against the maximum that the bags can fit. This way you’ll save any disappointment and not waste any money.

  1. Is The Bag Right For The Product?

Another thing to remember when ordering your bags is will it suit the product itself. If you’re sending something incredibly fragile like cookies, maybe mailing bags aren’t for you. Similarly, if you’re product is relatively sharp it could potentially rip through the bag and become damaged before it arrives at its final destination. Mailing bags also come in different materials, so you’ll need to consider which is best for your business. You might prefer paper bags as they are easily recycled, but a lot of plastic ones are now able to be recycled too. Don’t forget to consider the durability of the bags you’re choosing. Mailing bags can offer great protection from the elements and are a brilliant solution for most businesses, but sometimes you may need to change your shipping approach. This way you can ensure your product remains damage free on its journey to the customer.

  1. Does The Printed Bag Reflect My Business?

If you’re going for personalised printed mailing bags, you need to make sure that your design truly reflects your business and branding. For example, if your logo is typically monochrome and simple, don’t print your bags with a brightly coloured, busy logo just because you can. These mailing bags are a representation of your business and are still part of the customer journey. If the product arrives in an unsightly printed mailing bag, the customer will definitely remember it and question your level of professionalism. Try to stick to the same colours and themes that are currently running through your business so you can be sure that you’re really showing off your brand.

Printed mailing bags are an easy way to get your business brand out there and provide high-quality service to your customers, so be sure to take the 3 tips above into consideration when it comes to purchasing. This way, not only will you ensure that your product arrives in perfect condition, but you’ll also build a positive relationship with your customers as they’ll be able to trust your shipping process too. This positive experience will help you garner more clients and boost your business, so don’t miss out on printed mailing bags and you’ll soon see your customer base grow.

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