Why should you Use Hosted Drake Software?

Drake Tax software, an advanced tax management solution, is popular amongst SMEs as well as CPAs. The purpose of the software is to assist tax professionals in preparing and filing returns effectively and instantly. It assists them to concentrate on their core business processes rather than experiencing unnecessary tax difficulties.

With in-built forms, multi-state returns, automated data flow, and various other functionalities available, Drake software provides exceptional support to tax preparers and other tax experts. The availability of Drake Hosted software adds more potential to its features as tax experts can file taxes actively, from any place and time.

Here are the top advantages of hosted Drake tax software:

Remote accessibility to serve your customer better

Hosting Drake on the cloud enables you to get access to the data from any place and assist your customers. You are no longer restricted to the workplace to access your data and files. With a stable internet connection, you can work from any device like a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Users can also host Drake tax software on the cloud with Azure VDI to increase productivity.

Increased security in the cloud

When migrating their data or files to the cloud, the security of the data is an essential factor for tax preparers. Hence, the majority of cloud hosting providers deploy advanced security standards for hosting Drake tax software. Moreover, with firewall, SSH keys, and other security systems, your data remains safe and free from ransomware, hackers, viruses, and other malware.

Multi-user collaboration

Working from different locations and communicating over emails can increase the possibility of errors. Hosted Drake tax software makes it simple for all users to run the same file collectively. There is no requirement for installing the software locally or sending emails, which streamlines the data management.


Hiring IT experts or purchasing hardware can be a substantial expense for SMEs. To match the pace of the quickly evolving tech world, they might have to update the hardware repeatedly and bear the expenses for it. On the contrary, when you use hosted Drake software, you can simply prevent the hardware and maintenance expenses. All it needs is a device that has internet connectivity and is within your budget to deliver better productivity.

Automated backups and data recovery plans

Tax files or additional tax data are crucial for every tax professional. If the data is hosted on a local server, there is a risk associated with hardware malfunctions or data theft. Creating automatic backups is the suggested solution to this. Nevertheless, taking backups manually is a very time-consuming process and human errors in it can also create troubles. Also, maintaining data on-site would have the risk of data loss in case of a natural disaster.

Hence, Cloud hosting providers, create automated and reliable backups of all your data and store it in several locations, which assures that your data can be recovered if the need arises. All you have to do is sign into your account or ask your cloud hosting provider to recover it.

Apps4Rent is the best provider for hosting services related to Drake tax software with robust data security and assistance. Additionally, they also offer services for Office 365 Migration and more.

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