What Are the Benefits of Office Massage Programs?

Office Massage Programs

Many employees are under great amounts of stress, and their employers do not realize the negative impact it is having on production. When a person is in over their heads with stress, they often cannot meet production demands. Most everyone knows massage benefits stress levels. What employers may not know is that a corporate massage program will benefit both themselves and their employees.

What Are the Benefits of Corporate Massage Programs?

When it comes to Office Massage, benefits abound. Companies must learn about these benefits so they will be encouraged to implement these programs. The following are some of the many benefits companies will experience with a massage program.

  • Stress reduction is one of the biggest benefits of corporate massage programs. Massage reduces up to 85% of the stress employees feel.
  • Massage also helps reduce depression and anxiety in employees. Both depression and anxiety get reduced by as much as 28% when employees have access to massage programs.
  • Muscle tension and pain also find relief. Participants in corporate massage programs report their back pain is cut in half. When employees are in pain, they cannot work as effectively, so pain reduction becomes essential.
  • Massage therapy also reduces blood pressure in most people. People in the corporate world face great stress that can impact their blood pressure. Lowering blood pressure reduces the chances of someone having a heart attack or stroke.
  • Medical scientists have discovered regular massages help increase immune system response in humans. As most employers know, illnesses can deplete productivity and cause operations to come to a screeching halt. When a person’s immune system is made stronger, they are less likely to have sick days.
  • Massage helps stimulate focus and increases energy and mental clarity. All of these equate to better and more productive employees. By increasing alertness, employees will be more apt to perform their work and ensure they meet deadlines without high levels of stress.

Massage Programs Attract Top Talent

In the competitive marketplace, companies must have advantages available for potential employees. A corporate massage program is highly beneficial for attracting top talent to a company.

Individuals view massage programs as being one of the most beneficial perks of employers. Companies that want to recruit the best talent need to invest in corporate massage programs as a part of employee wellness.

Massage Programs Increase Employee Retention

When employers feel valued, they are more likely to stay. Massage programs help employers better value their employees. Employee retention is often difficult for companies to achieve. With a massage program in place, companies are more likely to retain their employees.

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Corporate massage programs and other wellness initiatives help improve company morale which translates to better productivity and increased creativity. Companies that want to ensure their employees stay happy and healthy need to learn as much as possible about implementing one of these programs.

Massage is one of the best treatments for the human body. Massage reduces stress, improves mental clarity, and stimulates energy. These things will keep employees happily working.

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