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Pride and Prejudice Characters

Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet, The second daughter of the Bennett family and the most intelligent and significant, Elizabeth Bennet is Pride and Prejudice’s heroine and one of the most well-known female characters in English literature Pride and Prejudice.

Her admirable qualities are countless – she is lovely, clever and in a novel defined by dialogue, she has a conversation as brilliant as anyone else.

Her honesty, virtue and lively intellect enable her to rise above the nonsense or bad behavior that spreads her into a classified and often meaningful society.

Yet, her sharp tongue and prompt judgment often lead her astray; Pride and Prejudice is the story of how she (and her true love, Darcy) overcame all obstacles to get romantic happiness, including their own failures.

Not only does Elizabeth Bennet have to deal with a frustrated mother, a distant father, two bad siblings, and several women, she must also overcome Darcy’s own imprints, which initially led her to reject marriage proposals.

Fortunately, her attractions are enough to keep him interested when she navigates family and social turmoil. As she slowly came to recognize the aristocracy of Darcy’s character, she realized the flaw of her initial superstition against him.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy

Mr. Bingley’s friend and wealthy owner of the Pemberley family estate in Derbyshire, has rumored to be at least $ 10,000 per year (equivalent to £ 796,000 or 0 1,045,000 in 2018).

Even though she is handsome, tall and intelligent, Darcy lacks comfort and social grace and so others often preserve her initial arrogance and err on the side of proof (which in some parts it is) as evidence of arrogance.

A new visitor to the village, he is finally interested in the love of Elizabeth Bennett. Although he seems proud and because of these people dislike him most of the time, his servants promise his kindness and modesty.

Mr Bennet

A logical and reasonable late-middle-aged Landed gentleman with a five-year-old unmarried daughter and a meager income of £ 2,000 a year, and a dry, satirical patriarch of the now declining Bennett family.

The Longburn men line bounds his estate. His affection for his wife spread early in their marriage, and now he is losing his temper. He is often described as “missing” in the novel.

Mrs. Bennet (née Gardiner)

Her socially upper middle-aged wife, Mr. Bonnet, and their five daughters’ mother. Mrs. Bennett is a hypochondriac who imagines herself in the throes of imagination and palpitations (her “weak nerves”) whenever she is not on her way.

The main ambition of her life was to marry his daughters to rich men. sHe has no worries about whether any such match will make the girls happy or not. She settled for a 4,000 dowry from her father, Mr. Gardiner Sr., probably investing 4 percent, giving her a chance to earn $160 a year; This is what Mr. Collins indicated at the time of Elizabeth’s proposal [“I am indifferent to fate andt make any claim of this nature to your father since I know very well that it cannot be complied with; You don’t have to, all you can get is”] her settlement may have increased to £ 5,000 in a few years, but 4 percent is invested.

Jane Bennet

Big Bennett’s sister. She was considered the most beautiful young woman in the neighborhood and was only interested in looking good in others (but could agree otherwise based on sufficient evidence).

She fell in love with Charles Bingley, a wealthy young gentleman who had recently moved in with a close friend of Hertfordshire and Mr. Darcy.

Mary Bennet 

Middle Bennett is the sister and the easiest of her siblings. Mary has a deadly temperament and mostly reads and plays music, although she is often impatient to show off her accomplishments and fails about them. She often maintains morality towards his family.

According to James Edward Austen-Lee’s Jem Austen memoir, Mary married one of her uncles, Phillips’ lawyer, and moved with Mauritania.

Catherine “Kitty” Bennet 

the fourth Bennet daughter. Though older than Lydia, she is her shadow and follows her in her pursuit of the militia’s officers. She is often portrayed as envious of Lydia and is described as a “silly” young woman. However, it is said that he improved when Lydia was removed from influence.

According to James Edward Austen-Lee’s Memories of James Eden, itty later married a pastor who lived near Pemberley,

Lydia Bennet

Younger Bennett’s sister. He is vain and headstrong. The main activity of his life was socialization, especially flirting with militia officers. It will be her farewell to George Wickham, although she has no desire to marry her.

Lydia pays no heed to her society’s moral code; As Ashley Tachart puts it, she “feels without reason.”

Charles Bingley 

A handsome, enchanted, wealthy young man from the north of England (probably Yorkshire as Scottborough is named, and in fact, there is a real-life town called Bingley in West Yorkshire), which gave Nederfield Park a three-mile estate. He was hoping to buy it from Longburn.

He is generally opposed to Mr. Darcy for his generally pleasant behavior, although he relies on his more experienced friend for advice. An example of this is Bingley’s incredible reliance on Darcy’s views, as is the resistance to Bingley and Jane’s romance.

He lacks solutions and he easily influences others; His two sisters, Miss Caroline Bingley and Mrs. Louisa Hearst, both denied Bingley’s growing affection for Miss Jane Bennett. He inherited £ 100,000, which could be invested at either £ 4,000 or £ 5,000 percent four or five cents percent annually.

Caroline Bingley 

Arrogantly, Charles Bingley’s nose-high sister, with a fortune of £ 20,000 (his £ 800 an allowance/pin money or £ 1,000 annually, depending on the investment percentage donated). Mr. Darcy has designed miss Bingley Harbor and so she is envious of the growing attachment to Elizabeth.

She ridiculed the Bennett family and criticized Elizabeth’s success to dissuade Mr. Darcy from choosing Elizabeth. Miss Bingley also denies her brother’s respect for Jane Bennett and despises society in Meriton.

Her wealth (which she spends extra money on) and her expensive education seem to be two great sources of Miss Bingley’s vanity and arrogance; As such, She and her family’s money came from all trades and he was very secure in this regard, and both were interested in buying a property for her brother, in ascending to the position of Gent of Bingley, and to marry an earthly gentleman for himself both (i.e., Mr. Darcy). The dynamics between Miss Bingley and her sister Louisa Hearst seem to echo Lydia and Kitty Bennett and Mrs.

Bennett and Mrs. Phillips

That one is none other than a follower of the other, with Caroline in the same position as Leah and Mrs. Bennett, and Louisa and Kitty in the same position as Landa and Mrs. Phillips (although in Louisa’s case she is already in the same position not frustrated as Caroline). Louisa is married to Mr. Hearst, home in Grosvenor Square, London.

George Wickham

Wickham had known Mr. Darcy since childhood, the son of Mr. Darcy’s father’s steward. An officer in the militia, he was extremely charming and quickly allied with Elizabeth Bennett.

He later ran away without any desire to marry Lydia, which resulted in him and his family being completely disrespected. Still, he was married off by paying his immediate pay in bribery to Wickham due to Darry’s intervention.

Mr William Collins

Mr. Collins is Mr. Bennett’s distant second cousin, a clergyman, and the current heir apparent to his property at Longburn House. He is a vague and stylish man, prone to long and tiring speeches, extremely loyal to his patron Lady Catherine de Borghi.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Mr. Darcy’s great uncle. Lady Catherine is the wealthy owner of Rogers Park, where she lives with her daughter Annie, and her rector, Mr. Collins, loves her.

She planned to marry the arrogant, stylish, dispute and miserly and his ailing daughter to Darcy to ‘combine their two great possessions,’ claiming that it was a favorite wish of both him and his late sister Lady Ann to Darcy (N Fe). Fitzwilliam).

Mr Edward Gardiner and Mrs. Gardiner

Edward Gardiner is Mrs. Bennett’s brother and a successful businessman of intelligent and gentle character. Aunt Gardiner is genital and elegant and close to her nieces Jane and Elizabeth. Gardiners is playing an important role in the marriage between Darcy and Elizabeth.

Georgiana Darcy

Georgiana is Mr. Darcy’s quiet, affectionate (and embarrassing) younger sister, paid £ 30,000 in dowry (paid her an allowance of £1,200 or £ 1,500 a year) and just 16 years old when the story begins.

Still, when 15, Miss Darcy almost lost hands with Mr. Wickham, but her brother saved her, to whom she gave the idol. Thanks to a few years of tutoring under the Masters, she sang on the piano, sang, played the harp, and drew and in modern language, and so Carolyn Bingley’s concept of “skilled woman” was described as.

Charlotte Lucas

Charlotte is a friend of Elizabeth who, at the age of 27 (and thus was considered the first marriageable age), feared a burden for her family and agreed to marry Mr. Collins for financial security.

Although the novel emphasizes the importance of love and understanding in marriage, Austin never seems to condemn Charlotte’s decision to marry for money. She uses Charlotte to explain how the women of her time lived up to society’s expectations that women would marry even if they were not out of love but not disadvantaged.

Colonel Fitzwilliam

Colonel Fitzwilliam is the youngest son of an Early and the nephew of Lady Catherine de Berg and Lady Anne Darcy; This made him the cousin of Andy Tiger and the Darcy siblings, Fitzwilliam and Georgiana. He was about 30 years old at the beginning of the novel. She is the co-guardian of Miss Georgiana Darcy with her cousin Mr. Darcy.

According to Colonel Fitzwilliam, as the youngest son, he could not marry without considering the dowry of his potential bride; Elizabeth Bennett joked that, as Earl’s son, Colonel Fitzwilliam would not be able to settle for the bride with a dowry of less than £ 50,000 (which suggests that Colonel Fitzwilliam’s annual allowance is about £ 2,000 to £ 2,500).


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