Panam City, Narayangonj

Panam City, the sole abandoned city of their kind in the entire world. It’s just inside a couple of minute’s walking distance coming from Sonargaon Folk-Art and Designs Museum. Early in the particular 15th century,
Isa khan established the initial capital regarding Bengal in Sonargaon.

At that time, the organization associated with the East India Provider’s commercial activities and the particular permanent settlement led to the emergence of Western European inspiration within the new colonial architecture. So that you can find a lot of memory and experience about that culture at that time what they performed.

Description of Panam City

It is the majority of engaging tourist’s sport throughout Sonargaon. Panam City seemed to be the founder of Sonargaon. In the early 19th century during British rule in the Sub-continent, like an investing center of
cotton fabric. Hindu merchants built their particular houses on this city-52 houses on a solitary street. Building style associated with these houses was motivated by European style along with the mixture of traditional
Bengal style.

Location of Panam City

Panam City, located at Sonargaon, Narayangonj in Bangladesh. It is a Historical City In Bangladesh. There are three cities in Narayangonj-Boro Nogor, Khas Nogor, Panam City. Panam City was the most attractive city, which has many historical buildings. It covered the twenty-kilometer area of Sonargaon. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Bangladesh.

History of Panam City

In some different time, Sonargaon had been the place to conclusion up being the step to the throne associated with Bengal for many distinct rulers. Sonargaon, utilized as a mint fund beside Gauda within the Ancient period. It abandoned since the capital of Bengal in 1610 by the Mughal rulers.

When these people shifted the capital of Bengal to Jhangirnagar, which later named Dhaka. Today, very few traces associated with the old money is remaining in Sonargaon. Looking at this town, no one can imagine how beautiful this kind of place once in its prime time.


Right now, there are two sorts of structures in Panam City. One particular was for the pure house. The other was enjoyment houses, which was amusement where the party utilized to happened came about every night time with unlimited drinks, dancing, and singing by Baijis. These houses have a fresh gallery in the center. The house owner and even his friends used to be able to watch the performance involving the Bijis from the particular gallery.

It, usually a great place able to spend an entire afternoon with the family. Panam City will now protect under the particular archaeological department of Bangladesh.

How to go

You can reach Panam City using Bus anywhere from Dhaka. It will take you around one hour to arrive at the place. You have to get down from the Bus at Mograpara Crossing. You have to take a rickshaw from the crossing and have to tell the rickshaw wala to drop you at Panam Nagar. He will take around twenty takas for the lift.

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