How to make quesadilla for kids in home


Description of Quesadilla

A quesadilla could be a heated flapcake with dissolved cheese within. however additionally to cheese, you’ll place much something in an exceeding quesadilla. My favorites area unit mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, and onions. I don’t cook these ingredients initially. However, it very could be a matter of style. you’ll if you wished to.

Traditionally in North American country quesadillas area unit created with corn tortillas, not flour tortillas, and a slice of melty white cheese.

Here within the states although, attributable to however shut we have a tendency to area unit to the Sonoran space of northern North American country, quesadillas area unit additional usually created with flour tortillas. we tend to wish to get the flour tortillas gently cooked as a result of it improves the flavor.


Large flour tortillas – 4 pieces
Grated cheese – 1 cup (cheddar, or mozzarella)
Olive oil or butter – 2 tbsp

Sliced mushrooms – 2 tbsp
Green onions – 1 tbsp
Black olives, sliced – 2 tbsp
Fresh tomatoes, diced – 2 tbsp
Chicken pieces – half cup
Avocado- half-cup (optional)
Apple cider vinegar
Salt to taste


Step 1
Heat the tortillas till air pockets form: Heat an outsized pan (cast iron works great) on medium-high heat. Add a little quantity of oil (about 1/2 teaspoon) and unfold it around the bottom of the pan with a spatula (you might use butter as well).

Take one massive flour flannel-cake and place it within the pan. Flip the flannel-cake over a couple of times, ten seconds between flips. Air pockets ought to begin to create at intervals the flannel-cake.

Step 2
Add cheese and different ingredients: once pockets of air begin to create, take a few of cheese, sprinkle over the highest of the flannel-cake, ensuring that the cheese doesn’t land on the pan itself.

Add no matter further ingredients you select – onion, sliced mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, etc. If you’d like your quesadilla to be a chicken quesadilla, add some diced saute chicken.

Take care to not layer on the ingredients to thickly – this can be a quesadilla, not a quiche!

Step 3
Lower heat and canopy pan: cut back the warmth to low and canopy the pan. The pan ought to be hot enough by currently owning lots of residual heat to soften the cheese and brown the flannel-cake. If the quesadilla begins to smoke an excessive amount of, take away from the warmth.

Step 4
Fold flannel-cake over: once the cheese is sufficiently liquified, use a spatula to raise one aspect of the quesadilla and turn over the opposite aspect, as if you were creating Associate in Nursing omelet.

Step 5
Take away quesadilla from pan and withdraw wedges.

To make the lettuce to accompany the quesadilla, thinly slice some lettuce. Sprinkle some vinegar thereon and a few salts.

Serve with the lettuce, salsa, sour cream, and dip.

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