Frequently asked SAFe Interview Questions

Undertaking the SAFe certification is a very good idea on the behalf of people but whenever they will be undertaking this particular certification, they need to be very much clear about different kinds of aspects of the industry. SAFe is a very fastly growing field within agile and comes with several kinds of relevant qualifications in the industry so that everybody will be able to give a great boost to the career prospects. Different kinds of questions will be asked in the interview in this particular case and some of the very basic interview questions have been explained as follows with the help of a comprehensive overview:

  • What is agilist and what are the frameworks associated with it?

The answer to this particular question will be that SAFe will be the best possible comprehensive methodology that will help in promoting continuous development along with testing systems of the projects. It will also help in encouraging rapid and flexible responses to any kind of changes with the help of the right systems so that lean development, scrum and SAFe will be easily made available to people.

  • How does agile and SAFe framework differ and what are the core values?

The answer to this particular question is that it is a comprehensive framework that will help in covering different kinds of aspects and frameworks very easily and regularly. This particular framework will be very much successful in terms of providing people with core values in the form of alignment, building quality, transparency and program execution throughout the process.

  • What are the biggest possible dimensions of building quality?

The answer to this particular question will be based upon five main dimensions which are the architecture inflow, design equality, coding quality, system quality and the releasing quality in the whole process.

  • What are the different levels of SAFe?

The four different kinds of levels of the SAFe have been significantly explained as follows:

  1. The team that will be involving the small agile team of 5-10 people will be delivering and working on a system
  2. The program will be based upon multiple teams who will be working together including all of the stakeholders
  3. Value stream at this particular stage will be including the collaboration of different kinds of solutions and the value stream engineer will be acting as the guide in the whole process
  4. The portfolio is the collection of different kinds of value streams of the managers so that the best possible business results can be easily enjoyed by people.

Hence, having a very clear idea about the above-mentioned SAFe interview questions is the perfect opportunity of becoming successful in this particular field so that everybody will be on the right track of making very well decisions. In this particular manner, everybody will be having a crystal-clear idea about the professional ethics associated with the field so that they will be always on the right track of making very good decisions. Apart from this moving with proper planning and confidence in interview is vital for people to be successful

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