Confused to Buy an Apartment for Sale in UAE, We’ll Make It Easy for You

apartments for sale

UAE has proven itself to be a growing economic hub and attracted investors from across the globe. Coupled with the steadily growing economy, other factors such as tax-free environment, state of the art infrastructure, favorable government initiatives and Fair Policy and Regulatory Framework, has made it a preferred choice for people looking for professional opportunities or setting up a business.

Not only this, but the fact that residents get to enjoy an upscale lifestyle is another factor that has added to its popularity. It welcomes a huge number of people every year who come to the UAE with the hopes of settling here.

The reason for the popularity of apartments lies in the fact that they are secure, inexpensive and offer a communal lifestyle. Furthermore, one may also get to enjoy modern amenities and facilities, albeit shared, such as a swimming pool, gymnasium and terrace etc.

With an increasing number of residential buildings, those looking to buy apartments in UAE have abundant options at their disposal. In particular, one can easily find flats and apartments for sale in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the latest projects are launched in these two emirates.

Other than the above-mentioned properties, there is also an option of buying plots, hotel apartments, land, loft apartments, compounds, bungalows, full floors and duplexes in the UAE as well. For apartments, you can select from furnished, unfurnished and semi-furnished units available in different configurations.

Popular Cities for Apartments for Sale in UAE

In terms of popularity, Dubai and Abu Dhabi rank on top of cities in the UAE. However, this selection majorly depends on numerous factors with the topmost being the city you are employed in. Needless to say, if you have landed a job in Sharjah or set up a business here, your preference should be to find a property in this city only.

Apart from employment/business, other factors that come into the picture when it comes to the selection of the city include:

  • Cost of Living
  • Living Standards
  • Facilities Available
  • Climate

apartments for sale

Price Trends for Apartments for Sale in UAE

Price trends for apartments and flats for sale in the UAE vary from city to city. Although you may find offers for cheap apartments for sale in these cities but they come sans modern luxuries and amenities. This is why most investors prefer Dubai and Abu Dhabi for investment purposes. Abu Dhabi, on the other hand, is also catching up to Dubai as its real estate market is progressing rapidly.

A major factor that impacts the price of the apartment and other properties is its location. Two apartment units with the same design and configuration can be priced differently if they are located in two different locations.

Other major factors that can affect the property price are the condition of the property, the number of rooms it has, amenities and facilities that come with it etc.

Steps to Buy a Flat in UAE

Follow these steps to buy an apartment or flat in the UAE:

Be clear with Your Requirements

First of all, be clear with your requirements. Decide the city and the type of property beforehand. As stated above, you have abundant choices when it comes to picking a type of property. Select the one that suits your needs and fits your budget.

Explore Listings

Next, explore listings for flats and apartments for sale at Zoom Property’s online portal. Use filters to sort listings further and get refined results.

Schedule a Property Virtual Tour

Instead of visiting every property, opt for virtual tours. It will save your time and enable you to discard options from the listings without having to visit them.

Home Inspection

The next step is to inspect shortlisted properties. It is an important step; thus, you need to be very careful and tactful during home inspections.

Look for Amenities & Facilities

Don’t forget to take into account the amenities and facilities. They greatly shape up the lifestyle. Ensure the property you have finalized features spacious and airy rooms with abundant sunlight. The residential building should have advanced security measures, a swimming pool, fitness center, terrace and ample parking space. Lastly, the area should be easily accessible from other parts of the city.

Reserve Your Property

The final step is to reserve the property under your name. You will have to go through an extensive process for this that includes making a down payment, signing an agreement and performing other formalities. Keep your emirates ID and passport in possession with you as you will need them at this stage.

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