A writer is someone who uses written words to communicate ideas in different styles and techniques. Writers create a variety of literary arts and creative writing such as novels, short stories, poems, plays, screenplays, and essays, as well as various reports and news articles that may be of interest to the public.

Charles Dickens Biography

Charles Dickens Biography

Charles Dickens was a British author who wrote favourite classics such as ‘Hard Times’, ‘A Christmas Carol,’ ‘David Copperfield’ and ‘Great Expectation’. Who Was Charles Dickens? Charles Dickens was a British novelist, journalist, editor, illustrator and social commentator who wrote favourite classic novels such as Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Nicholas Nickleby, David Copperfield, Tale …

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William Butler Yeats Biography

William Butler Yeats Synopsis William Butler Yeats (June 13, 1865 – January 28, 1939) was an Irish poet. And one of the leading figures in 20th-century literature. A guider of the Irish literary endowment, he accommodated find the Abbey Theater and completed two terms as a representative for the Irish Free State in his later …

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John Keats Biography

Born: October 31, 1795, London, England Died: February 23, 1821, Rome, Italy English poet Synopsis John Keats was an English romantic poet. He was one of the chief figures of the second generation of romantic poets, with Lord Byron and Percy Baishe Shelley. Despite publishing for only four years before he died of tuberculosis at …

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare Biography

William Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright. Please read this short biography to find out more about his life. William Shakespeare was an English playwright and poet. Who regarded as the author of one of the best all-time in the use of the English language. His works are a favorite around the world, but …

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