Xiaomi 12: Everything you need to know

Xiaomi 12

The Xiaomi 12 could be in transit with a 200Mp camera, super-quick charging speeds, and a different sort of RAM. Yet it will not be called Mi 12 by any stretch of the imagination

Xiaomi is going from one solidarity to another, with the Chinese organization as of late passing Apple to take the number two spot for overall cell phone shipments in Q2 2021, close behind Samsung. So everyone’s eyes are going to the brand’s next lead, the Xiaomi Mi 12 – or, rather, the Xiaomi 12. As indicated by the organization’s new naming framework.

The achievement isn’t excessively astounding, as Xiaomi has an amazing scope of items. Not least at the top-notch end of the market where it has been taking enormous steps lately. This looks set to proceed with now with the expected arrival of the Xiaomi 12. As of late reputed to be the primary telephone on the planet to utilize an altogether new kind of RAM. For more details, you can check out our full review of the Xiaomi Poco X3 GT.

When is the release date for the Xiaomi 12?

We’ve yet to get a firm date on when we’ll see the Xiaomi 12. In any case, we can utilize its archetypes as a sign of when it would show up. Here’s the point at which they all made their presentations:

As you can see there is something of an example that has been set up, with the worldwide rendition of the new Xiaomi leaders for the most part showing up in March or April. With this as our aid, it appears to be logical that Xiaomi will proceed with this timetable and delivery the 12 in December 2021 with a worldwide delivery following a couple of months after the fact in 2022.

Be that as it may, one site predicts a prior Chinese presentation, in November. MyDrivers reports that this is the point at which the Xiaomi 12 will make a big appearance. However, doesn’t name its source. One motivation to take this with a spot of salt is that the site likewise says the telephone will highlight the Snapdragon 898. The reputed name of Qualcomm’s next leader chip.

Regardless, you’re certain to be offered scope of choices when the dispatch shows up. As Xiaomi has supported its line-up in the late year to incorporate Pro, Lite, SE, T, and Ultra models that all hit diverse value focuses and incorporate specs to coordinate. They spread the deliveries out across the year. However, so they may not arrange next to each other when the Xiaomi 12 is revealed. And truth be told it’s as of now been supposed that the 12 Ultra will show up in June 2022.

Recall that for the second Xiaomi will not in general dispatch its telephones formally in the US, so while we’re anticipating a worldwide dispatch, it’s improbable that this will incorporate North America. For more details, you can check out our full review of the Xiaomi Poco X3 GT.

Xiaomi 12

How much will the Xiaomi 12 cost?

Once more, there’s no authority cost for the Xiaomi 12. As it’s as yet some time before we anticipate that it should be dispatched. In this way, again, we go to the past models.

After some time the reach has ascended in cost. The fundamental leap was between the Mi 9 and the Mi 10, with the Mi 11 remaining around a similar value point. As a 12 Ultra is likewise supposed to follow on from the Mi 11 Ultra, which cost £1,199/€1,199. We trust that Xiaomi can keep the sticker price similar when the new model shows up.

While 2021’s lead Xiaomi telephone was the Mi 11. Its follow-up is at this point not normal to be known as the Mi 12.

Xiaomi has affirmed, following a report by XDA Developers. That it is resigning the Mi marking – itself just utilized outside of China – to improve on its image. Accordingly. The new leader is relied upon to just be the Xiaomi 12.

“Beginning in 2021 Q3, Xiaomi’s item series ‘Mi’ will be renamed to ‘Xiaomi’,” the organization said in an assertion. “This change will bind together our worldwide image presence and close the insight hole between the brand and its items. This change might require some investment to produce results in all districts.”

What are the specs for the Xiaomi 12?

We’ve seen a couple of bits of hearsay previously coursing that could give us a few pointers on the expectations of Xiaomi.


One potential initially could be that the Xiaomi 12 dispatches with the pristine Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 processor that is relied upon to dispatch in late November, overriding the current top dog the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+.

The processor will utilize a 4nm assembling process and is relied upon to bring upgrades both as far as execution and energy productivity. These edges can have a major effect on the furiously challenged space of the market that the Xiaomi 12 will enter. Even though it will not hold the benefit for long as every one of the superior handsets will presumably come outfitted with the new silicon.

It’s hence been accounted for that the Xiaomi 12 will likewise be one of the principal telephones to help the new, quicker LPDDR5X RAM standard. And accordingly that the Snapdragon 898 will likewise uphold the arrangement. This new RAM type has a maximum information pace of 8,533 Mbps – a considerable increment from the 6,400 Mbps cap in LPDDR5.


My Drivers likewise report that the 12 could include an LTPO board. Which empowers variables to invigorate rates, albeit the top will stay 120Hz. There are likewise tales on Spanish site XiaomiAdictos that the showcase could flaunt a 2K goal. You can check out our full review of the Xiaomi Poco X3 GT.

Computerized Chat Station adds that the presentation will have a slimmer bezel than we’ve seen previously. With a decreased jawline to keep the bezel even. Factor in bent edges and a somewhat more modest poke hole selfie camera than on the Mi 11 series and the outcome will be an “extremely high” screen-to-body proportion.


Chinese tech site MyDrivers reports that the 12 series – undoubtedly the Ultra explicitly – could accompany the world’s first 200Mp primary camera. Which would be a leap up from the 108Mp shooter in the Mi 11. We’ve effectively seen comparative bits of gossip for the Samsung S22 Ultra. Albeit this is in transition as there are counter-tales that the Korean organization has chosen not to utilize the sensor on its cutting-edge gadgets.

Assuming that is the situation, it welcomes Xiaomi to take in and guarantee the 200Mp crown. However, it would in all likelihood do as such with Samsung equipment, amusingly enough. Samsung’s ISOCELL HP1 is so far the main 200Mp sensor available. And since Xiaomi has a background marked by utilizing very good quality camera equipment from the Korean organization this is more likely than not what we’ll find in the 12 Ultra.

Bigger measures of pixels don’t liken to better pictures, however, this sensor has a couple of stunts at its disposal. It can shoot 200Mp pictures with 0.64μm pixels, or use quad-pixel binning to create 50Mp pictures with 1.28μm pixels. This is additionally how it accomplishes an 8K video. Most stunningly, in low light it utilizes 16-in-1 pixel binning innovation to take shots at 12.5Mp with enormous 2.56μm pixels, hypothetically getting similar advantages as a lot bigger sensors.

Solid leaker Digital Chat Station has added more camera subtleties on the Chinese online media website Weibo. He’s rehashed the 200Mp case, yet explicitly as to the 12 Ultra. He later added that Xiaomi is trying a 10x optical zoom periscope focal point, apparently for that telephone. Yet that it’s considering a more “down to earth” 5x zoom choice.

Battery and charging

Concerning the battery, MyDrivers likewise reports that the Xiaomi 12 will come outfitted with 120W quick charging and conceivably 100W remote charging. And the site claims it will be the principal large-scale manufacturing telephone to include Xiaomi’s 200W wired HyperCharge tech. Prepared to do completely charge a 4000mAh battery in only eight minutes.

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