Winter Safety Tips for Warehouse Workers To Know

Winter Safety Tips for Warehouse Workers To Know

While it snows outside, you consider going out and having a snowball fight with friends before heading back to work. However, those cold and wet conditions can cause problems if you don’t clean up. So, as we get closer to winter, look at our guide filled with winter safety tips for warehouse workers to know.

Clear All Walkways

The biggest thing about staying safe during the winter is that you need to look out for ice. Ice can form anywhere, from the loading area to other areas of the warehouse. So place down rock salt to prevent falls while working and shovel all snow and ice from the site.

Block Dangerous Areas

If there’s ice in a particular area, put up a sign or barricade to prevent others from walking in that part of the building. Any spilled liquid can turn icy when poured onto the ground, so it’s best to act accordingly.

Be Careful Where You Walk

When discussing safety in your team meetings, it’s important to watch where you walk while working. While walking, don’t place your hands in your pockets because you risk sliding and injuring yourself. If there’s an area that doesn’t look safe, don’t attempt to carry heavy equipment or loads across the threshold.

Wear the Right Footwear

It’s always a good idea to wear non-slip shoes, even if it isn’t a rule. Non-slip or slip-resistant shoes help maintain balance while walking across slippery areas. If you aren’t sure what to buy, look for boots or shoes with a firm grip and a steel toe. A steel toed-boot is heavy and can protect your feet from heavy objects.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

Another thing to know when learning the essential winter safety tips for warehouse workers to know is to wear the right clothing. Right before working, tuck any loose clothing, including scarves, into a pair of jeans. Additionally, wearing a bodysuit before coming into work can help prevent your body from freezing.

We recommend wearing these other clothes:

  • Sweater (thick and not flowy)
  • Fleece
  • Rain gear

As you prepare to take on the winter conditions in the warehouse, make it a habit to practice these winter tips. Take the time to meet with your team and discuss new ways to improve safety and work conditions during the winter.

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