Why You Should Order 316 Stainless Steel Pipe Tube for Water Distribution? Top 9 Reasons

Just like oxygen, water is one of the essentials for the existence of humans on the earth. So, it is vitally important for us to drink squeaky clean and clear water to avoid possible health issues like cholera and diarrhoea. Since not all people can install water purifiers in their homes due to affordability issues, they rely on the widely spread pipelines to fulfil their water requirements. But the question is, can you trust the quality of water supplied through metal pipes? Because the chances are high for the water to get impure if the pipelines are not corrosion-resistant. Not only that, even soil chemistries and treatment chemicals can also affect the quality of drinking water. So, it is necessary to wisely choose the metal pipes through which you want to supply the water to the masses. Now the question arises, what should you choose between carbon steel, cast iron, and stainless-steel pipes for water distribution? If you ask this question from us, we recommend you order 316 stainless steel pipe tubes without a second thought from a trusted stainless-steel dealer in Missouri.

Now you might ask why you should do so? So, we already have scores of reasons for that. For instance, stainless steel tubes are more corrosion resistant and cost-effective than other piping materials to transmit the drinking water from point A to point B. It helps them offer a long service life and hygienic delivery of high-quality water, making it the most suitable metal for water distribution.

So, now you know why you should order 316 stainless steel pipe tube from a well-known distributor of stainless steel in the USA? Now let’s see:

What are some solid reasons to order 316 stainless steel pipe tube for water transmission?

  1. Corrosion protection

Perhaps the most sought-after quality of 316 stainless steel pipes you can leverage is their excellent corrosion protection. The stainless-steel tubes don’t require external or internal coating or even cathodic protection to prevent corrosion. Due to this reason, its manufacturing cost reduces, resulting in it being the preferred choice for metal pipe buyers.

  1. Corrosion resistance

Another reason to order 316 stainless steel pipe tube is that it offers more resistance to oxidation by water and biocides when compared to cast iron and carbon steel. It enables the stainless steel products to last long as far as water transmission through pipelines is concerned.

  1. Hygienic materials 

Do you know that stainless steel tubes are chemically inactive when it comes in contact with water? But, why? It’s because of their very high passive film stability. Do you know what passive film means here? If not, we must tell you that it is the spontaneous formation of an ultra-thin film of corrosion product on the surface of various metals to protect them from different chemical reactions.

That’s not all; the manufacturers even leach some alloying elements like nickel and chromium within safe limits to help stainless steel tubes deliver high-quality drinking water. If you are not familiar with leaching, we must tell you that it is the extraction of some materials from a particular carrier, such as water-soluble plant nutrients from the soil.

  1. Strength and ductility 

You might not know this, but the truth is stainless steel items have higher mechanical properties than carbon steel or cast-iron products. Thus, it helps manufacturers reduce the thickness of the pipe wall, resulting in considerable cost savings. What else? The high “ductility” of stainless-steel pipes could also come in handy for security purposes, such as in the case of an earthquake.

  1. Ease of fabrication

Just so that you know, the stainless-steel materials are very adaptable to different conditions. For example, it is easy to produce, operate on a machine, and perform welding and “ductility” without any hassle. It also allows you to install and modify pipelines according to your needs for water transmission purposes. Besides that, if you get in touch with a prominent supplier of stainless-steel tubes, they will let you choose your desired item from a wide variety of product forms.

  1. Ease of maintenance 

Above all, the stainless-steel pipes are easy to maintain since they offer high corrosion resistance and easy welding when water leaks occur. What’s more? You can also reduce the water leakage from 25% to less than 5% by taking advantage of its unique mechanical properties. Thus, it could result in hefty cost savings, which is an advantage seeing the increased water and water treatment cost.


  1. Better erosion-corrosion
  2. Excellent durability
  3. Recyclable

In a nutshell

We hope you have learned several reasons to prefer 316 stainless steel tubes over other metals for water distribution purposes. So, if you want to buy 316 stainless steel pipes now, please get into conversation with the leading steel supplier in the USA.


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