Why You Should Insulate Your Crawl Spaces

Crawl Spaces

The crawl space is the separation between the first floor, and the foundation of your house used to prevent vapor from coming into the rooms above. The name was derived from the fact that you can only crawl inside them because they measure up to three feet tall. Apart from separating your home from the foundation, the crawl space plays a key role in making your home comfortable. Through insulation, you can easily improve the effectiveness of the crawl space in your house.

While there are many ways you can insulate your crawl space varying with material and cost, you might be asking if it is worth the time or effort. Improvement in technology has brought innovation in this sector, making it easy and affordable to ensure your crawl space is sealed airtight. This article will provide you with reasons we think you should insulate your crawl spaces. 

Helps remove moisture 

Crawl spaces tend to be susceptible to moisture. This moisture is very destructive to both your family’s health and the structure of your home. This moisture can lead to an infestation of mildew and mold, which can damage the house while putting your life in trouble. Moisture can be a result of water leaks inside the crawl space or penetration of water from outside. 

The best part about insulation is that it allows you to deal with this problem earlier before further damages get severe. Stagnant water is released from the crawl space, ensuring the space is dry and free from moisture. If this moisture resulted from a leaking pipe, it would be sealed or replaced to ensure no more water comes into the crawl space.

Increases energy efficiency 

Uninsulated crawl spaces can increase the amount of energy consumed to maintain proper room temperature, and this is because of the amount of cool and heated air lost through cracks in the walls or joints. Sealing these cracks will not only prevent the loss of air outside your living space but also ensure no stary air enters this space making your HVAC system work efficiently.  

Improves air quality  

Crawl spaces can get dusty and full of pollutants that pollute the air in your living space. Although many people think there’s more pollution outside than inside, the reverse is true. Since we spend most of our time inside, the air we breathe can cause respiratory system complications and even heart problems. You might agree that the smell of a dead rodent in your living area is not the most pleasant or comfortable.

Right from the start of the insulation process, the dirt and clutter in the crawl space are cleaned to ensure the insulation is not contaminated. After installation, the quality of air in your living space will significantly increase with an improvement in air intake as well. Regardless of the insulation material you used, dust particles and pollutants get trapped to prevent them from escaping to the living area.

It prevents insects and animals

Whether you use your crawl space for storage or where it is just left unattended, it can be vulnerable to pests, insects, birds, or even animals. In most of our jobs, we have encountered rodents, both alive and dead, including all other pests in the crawl space. These animals harbor pollutants that are harmful to your health when inhaled, and also, when they die, they cause a foul smell which can make your living area uncomfortable.

With ventilated crawl spaces, the possibility of a bird or animal entering this space is higher than the unventilated ones. Insulation will help in sealing off cracks that allow these animals to gain access to the crawl space. Vents that open into the crawl spaces should be replaced if broken or non-existent.

Prevents temperature fluctuation

A poorly insulated crawl space makes your home susceptible to temperature fluctuation. This refers to the rapid change in the hotness and coldness of your home. While fluctuations in the temperature can seem like a minor problem, it overworks the AC reducing its effectiveness long-term. It also increases energy use, resulting in increased carbon emissions to the environment.

Insulating the crawl space will help in sealing cracks that can allow air from penetrating the living area. In the long run, you will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system while ensuring you feel comfortable indoors.

While most crawl spaces are dark and closed off, insulation can help rooms above to be well regulated and fresh. Although you can do it yourself, seeking professional help to insulate your crawl space can allow for quality work from experienced personnel.

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