Why should you choose windows movie maker for creating and editing videos?

windows movie maker

The evolution in technology and the rapid transition to digitalization has opened newer avenues for people to pursue different careers. For instance, in the olden days you needed a professional camera plus other equipments if you wanted to make movies or videos. Then it would be handed over to audio and editing  department for sorting out audio and editing respectively. The whole process has been made simpler and much more convenient due to modern digital technology. These days you can easily make videos on your mobile phones and computers with the help of a variety of video making and editing tools available online. One such effective software application is known as the windows movie maker.

Windows movie maker is easy to use and understand. It is all in one app that you can use to quickly turn your photos and videos into polished movies. Windows movie maker download is available for free on the website. You can easily add special effects, transitions, sound, and captions to help tell your story better and then you can directly post it to your chosen platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Windows movie maker is completely safe to download as Software has been scanned by popular anti-virus software Avast and AVG. it is also compatible with all the versions of windows from windows 11 to windows 7 to even windows XP and vista. If you want more information and answers regarding the use of this application software you can check out all the detailed information at

What are the benefits of using Windows Video Editor 2021?

Shooting and creating  a video used to be a cumbersome process in the past with different stages of editing involved. This has been made considerably easier with access to movie making software tools and applications such as Windows Video Editor. Everything you need to edit your videos can be found with this software. From Cut, Join, Crop, Rotate to Split, Trim etc. You can easily add effects, text, animations, watermarks, subtitles, music, etc in order to tell story your own way.

The other advantages include adjusting speed, brightness, contrast, saturation etc. according to your requirements. The qualified team at windows movie maker update the software like windows video editor 2021 and Windows Video Editor 2022 regularly. The updates are tested for compatibility and performance for all the different versions of Windows..

Windows video editor can assist you in making videos in batches and adding custom effects. You can easily add and modify an existing effect by using XML code. With Integrated Window Video Editor and Windows Movie Maker you can edit video and make movies with this software application. Visit eibik for more articles.


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