Why Prefer In-Ground Design Instead of Above-Ground Pools?

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Generally speaking, house owners have two choices of swimming pool installation; one is above the ground, and the other is an in-ground pool. When you look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two, you will think that both are good choices. But Atlanta pool builder suggests having an in-ground pool, and the reasons will be mentioned in the below-mentioned points.

Why Atlanta Pool Builder Dismiss Above-Ground Pools?

To understand the importance of in-ground pools, you have to know why many pool building companies dismiss the idea of having above-the-ground pools. The benefits of above-ground swimming pools might tempt you because they are affordable, installation is easy, and removing and reinstalling is effortless. But the following disadvantages might change your mind.

  • Have you ever looked at the pictures of an above-ground pool? If yes, then you might have noticed that these pools have ordinary designs and shapes. These types of swimming pools come in only basic shapes, and the styles are also common.
  • They don’t have a unique style, shape, or design, and they are not a permanent part of the house, so they don’t affect the house’s value. If you want to resell your home and you have this kind of swimming pool, then be ready to receive an average price for the house.
  • The above-ground can only have steps and a protective fence for children. These two features are the only ones that you can install in the above-the-ground swimming pools. Installing pool deck jets, pool bubbler, and water slides in an above-ground pool is challenging.
  • The materials used to make these kinds of pools are not durable and are of low quality. Also, the swimming pool is exposed to natural elements. This affects the durability of the material, thus lowering the life of the pool.
  • When you buy or install an above-ground pool made of low-quality materials, the structure will be damaged. Also, it is only a makeshift pool, not a permanent one.

Reasons to Prefer In-Ground Swimming Pools

When you consult different pool construction companies like Sandals Luxury Pools, the team of professionals will tell you about various reasons mentioned in the points below why it is best to prefer an in-ground instead of an above-ground pool. 

Available in Many Shapes and Designs

The first and the most compelling reason for selecting an in-ground pool is that you have the choice of determining which shape, size, and style of the pool will be the best for the area in your backyard. You can also match the swimming pool with the structure of the house.

Used for Different Purposes

People install a swimming pool for various purposes like recreation, exercise, and practicing water sports. Deciding the type, size, and features of the swimming pool also depends on the purpose of its installation. 

Adds Value to Property

When the pool builders come for an inspection, they have many features like hardscapes, various water features, and spas to offer their clients. These features increase the value of the property. The critical thing to note is that the right parts, design, size, and style of the swimming pool will positively affect the value of the house.

Choice of Selecting Features

The vital features added to a simple swimming pool are hardscapes, different water features, spas, and spill-overs. If the backyard of a client is large, then you have the option of adding all features.

In-Ground Luxury Pools are Durable

Many people think the luxury pools can be sturdy because they are large, and the pool builders might use low-standard materials. But, on the contrary, these swimming pools are durable and last for five to seven years.

Lavish and Stylish Appearance

As compared to the above-the-ground pools, the in-ground swimming pools have features and designs that make the later ones attractive, stylish and lavish in appearance.

When you study the disadvantages of above-the-ground and benefits of in-ground swimming pools by Atlanta pool builder, then you will come to know that the pools installed in the ground will last the longest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of having an in-ground swimming pool?

When you hire an Atlanta pool builder to install an in-ground pool, you will have these advantages. You have the freedom to select the size, shape, style, and features that go with your house. These pools add extra value to your home. The swimming pools are durable and made from the best quality materials.

Are you satisfied with your new in-ground swimming pool?

There are some concerns of people who install the new in-ground swimming pool like structure is damaged immediately after the construction is complete. But when you have hired the right and professional pool builders, then there should be no problems.

Does installing an In ground swimming pool increase the value of your home?

When you hire pool building companies for in-ground swimming pool installation, the team of builders inspects the backyard and judges the pool’s features, style, and shape will be suitable. The proper selection will increase the value of your house.

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