Why is vocabulary important and how will it helps you in the long run?

When you talk about communication skills, we concentrate on word choice, but communication is more than that. It’s about how you present yourself with your colleagues, how you make sure that they understand your point of view, how you can keep your colleague at ease, and many more. Therefore, when I say vocabulary, there are various aspects that you must focus on at an intricate level.

  • Body language

The ease of interacting with your fellow mates says a lot about your attitude towards different situations. So body language is a significant and often overlooked factor when it comes to communication. The way you use your hands and facial expressions makes an impact on the crowd. Let’s take an example, consider your boss talking to you in a goofy way and a stern manner. In one case, you feel his words seriously, but you take them lightly in the other. And there you have it—the difference between various body languages.

  • Tone

Your tone dictates the entire conversation, no matter who your partner is. When you speak with kids, you must seem approachable, but with your colleagues, you need to create some boundaries so that they don’t cross that line. When you are in a meeting with company stakeholders, then it is essential that you choose a humble tone because it can make or break the whole merger. But when it comes to talking to friends and family, you can select a more comfortable fashion because you know they won’t judge you no matter what you say.

  • Word choice

Let me explain the concept to you via an example. There is quite a difference between the words ‘sorry’ and ‘I apologize.’ The first one you use in case of a casual encounter where the other one is more official. Similarly, there is a difference between ‘It’s great to meet you and ‘it was fun. You use the first one in meetings, whereas the second one is more of a ‘get together with friends’ usage. Therefore, you need to choose the right words based on the situation. This skill will come in handy when you have to write emails and project proposals in the long run. One way to make sure you learn that is by training yourself from an early age. You can find 3rd grade spelling words that you can use to teach your kids from now on.

  • Written vocabulary

Written vocabulary is a must no matter what your profession or your age is. You use written vocabulary in your exams (if you are young) and project reports (when you are a working professional). Spellings are a crucial aspect that you shouldn’t compromise on when you focus on written vocabulary. You can find a  spelling website online that will help you hone your skills to a professional level.

  • Pronunciation

Spelling bee game is the best way to improve your pronunciation and spelling at the same time. So you must know the general spelling of the comments so that you can use them universally.


Here are a few tips that will help you out with the process.


  • Talk in front of a mirror.

Talking in front of a mirror yourself will help you improve your self-confidence, and you can correct your body language without the fear of judgment.


  • Read a lot

Reading is a fun way to improve your vocabulary because learning words with a story around them will simplify the entire process compared to other methods. It helps you with language and allows you to express empathy that you can use to your advantage in a conversation.

  • Grab onto the opportunities

Both as a kid and as an adult, you have millions of opportunities in front of you. But usually, you cower away because you are scared, or you don’t care enough. But those opportunities can be the golden ticket to improvement.

Conclusion: Having good communication will help you in the long run in one than one way, and now that you are familiar with how to start with the preparation, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work

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