Why Choose Breathe Well-Being for Type 2 Diabetes Reversal?

Diabetes Reversal

Breathe Well-being is a personalized, well-researched path to Type 2 Diabetes Reversal and its Management. Breathe Well-being helps control blood glucose levels. The program helps individuals move towards a healthy life as well as lower their risk of chronic disorders. Breathe’s evidence-based strategy takes care of your tastes, lifestyle options, and metabolic condition so that appropriate nutrition, progressive fitness, and mindfulness opinion can be delivered to you.

Breathe Well-being, the Gurgaon-based health-tech start-up was founded in 2020 by Mr. Rohan Verma and Mr. Aditya Kaicker. Breathe’s vision is to help individuals live a life free of diabetes via their clinically proven platform. The team is expertise in healthcare, community, and lifestyle management and is working jointly towards crafting a revolutionary change in the healthcare digital delivery space.

Breathe Well-being is a clinically proven program that helps you to lose weight, lower down your blood sugar and avoid the risk of certain health complications. This digital platform is customized to help you get the correct information regarding meal plans, fitness and stress mitigation, key factors in controlling type 2 diabetes.

To achieve all these, a specialized diabetes coach would discuss with you and generate a customized diet as well as fitness plan for you. Breathe’s private community helps in supporting and motivating you to endlessly walk towards your fitness journey.

Breathe well-being has inspired 10,000+ participants to recover their blood glucose levels within limits, decrease medicines, and lose a substantial amount of weight.

What actually, is Diabetes Reversal?

Type 2 diabetes is a life-long ailment that can be considered not curable. However, it is found in many studies that the condition in a few patients can be reversed. Diabetes is reversible. The glucose levels might return to normal and an improvement in the insulin sensitivity can be seen as well. This is called diabetes reversal.

Reversal of diabetes occurs when the patient stops his or her medications, and at the same time a considerable improvement for a long while can be seen in insulin sensitivity as well as the HbA1c levels come down to 42mmol/mol i.e. 6%. These all can be possible through the joint effect of exercises, diet plans, lifestyle change, as well as medicinal support. Constant diabetes reversal companion helps control type 2 diabetes. The facts and techniques shared by the Breathe Well-being professionals or diabetes educators assure incredible results. The dedicated experts monitor your health parameters, your blood glucose levels, adjust your medicines, your diet, and fitness or exercise as per need. This can be balanced by our online groups, mentors, as well as staff.

Key for Diabetes Reversal

If a person is aiming to attain freedom from diabetes, he or she must aim for diabetes reversal. For diabetes reversal, a person is required to break the cycle of insulin as well as glucose insensitivity. The best ways can be:

  • Diet regulation: Low carb diet and a very low-calorie diet should be followed.
  • Lifestyle modifications: lifestyle modifications, as well as regular exercises, are vital for weight management.
  • Bariatric surgery: this may help in regulating weight problems and improve beta-cell performance.

Breathe Well-being’s lifestyle intervention program has assisted people with diabetes. They have seen tremendous bodyweight loss, A1c reduction, as well as their stress levels, gradually improved. With above 95% patients showing HbA1c level decrease of above 10% and 90% plus patients stopped or decreased doses of their medicines.

Breathe Well-being offers:

  • Effective coaching with regular follow-ups
  • Excellent fitness programs and stress management techniques
  • Constant patient care
  • Education via reversal companion help
  • Individualized nutrition therapy

Breathe works on the mechanism of digital therapeutics to deal with the complex situation of diabetes. Digital Therapeutics is an ascendable as well as a workable solution to the rising issue of diabetes type 2 in India. At-home thorough programs using high touch-point allows actual monitoring as well as direction for the patients, which is not conventionally accessible in clinics or hospitals. Through Breathe’s platform, patients would become more and more aware and happy by the opportunity of reversal via a natural lifestyle modification instead of being stuck on medicines for life. In addition, attaining a complete diabetes remission gives them more independence in their diet as well as a lifestyle without diabetes-associated worries.

Breathe Well-being is keeping up to its promise of a sugar-free life a notch higher with its “No Result, No Pay” policy. In this policy, people with diabetes end up paying only if they notice a remarkable decrease in their HbA1c levels else the fee is refundable. Breathe Well-being works on the best routines for you; how to exercise, when and for how long. The company helps in reducing weight getting more fit and healthier.

Breathe’s diabetes management plan is a holistic program based on diet, exercise, and stress reduction. This involves intensive 1 on 1 coaching with a specialized health coach, a community for peer-to-peer backing as well as a cooperative game design. This helps in keeping the people motivated throughout their journey of diabetes reversal.

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