Which is better, induction or infrared cooker?



The cooking techniques were traditionally believed to be limited to the food being put in a vessel and exposed to the heat, which is mainly a flame or hot coal. This has changed over time to grant you with much safer alternatives such as the induction and infrared cooktops. There are several differences between the two and all have their own reasons to prefer one over the other. To choose from these moden cooking alternatives of the best induction stove and infrared cooker, understand the working mechanism, their safety features and ease of doing up the meals.

Now, the best induction cooktops in India work with electromagnetic heating and only the cookware which has iron parts in their composition can be used on it. The cooktop itself does not heat and thus is safe to touch and clean effortlessly. But in infrared cookers, the coils get heated, glowing hot and that emits heat in the form of the infrared rays in turn heating the food inside the cookware. Recall the similarity to the microwave action. These rays are actually safe and the food cooked with the help of these rays are perfectly fine for human consumption. On the infrared cookers any metal cookware works. Read on to know more-

  • Aluminium and ceramic cookwares do not work for the induction cooktops. Only the ones with iron in it or showing magnetic properties are successful.
  • Any cookware with a flat base can work with the infrared cookers
  • The best induction cooktops do not have hot coil visible in its befittingly sleek designs
  • The infrared stoves have coils that actually can be seen gleaming as they emit the infrared rays and are completely safe as they do not alter the molecular structure of the food.
  • Consider cooking safe for children and suitability in the hotter weather conditions, with the best induction stove. It causes minimal heat loss as the food in the ferrous cookware heats up on the action of varying electromagnetic field produced by the coils inside the glass-ceramic plate of the appliance.
  • Energy efficiency wise, the best induction stove in India is preferred over the infrared cooktops but, the temperature is mainly concentrated in its centre. Yet for evenly cooked food, the infrared stoves are ideal.
  • In case of durability, the induction cooker-5-8 years and the infrared cookers-7-10 years.
  • The infrared cookers get heated up so quickly and thus must be chosen according to the needs at home or the restaurant. This is a pro and also a con at the same time. But, radiation wise these are safe compared to the induction stoves.

Both have timers, power level operations, illuminated readings or indicators, are portable and priced in the same range while buying. The flameless cooking techniques with these two types of electrical appliances for your home can overhaul the kitchen settings. It modifies the space into a safe and secure cooking area for adults and kids alike. Thus, both are the best in their work and the decision to choose or have them both goes in your court for hearing.


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