When to Expect Android 10 For Samsung Devices

Android is an operating system that is made specifically for smartphones and tablets. It allows your device’s hardware to perform Functions. You can get access to various applications together with Google Applications also. Android enables you to perform a large number of functions like playing music, using Google maps to find locations, playing videos, capturing photos and videos using your phone’s camera, searching on the internet, and many more. As with the advancement of technology and android, we have seen Android OS in many advanced devices and gadgets including, Android smartphones, tablets, TV, and many other devices.

Google released android’s first version in 2008 and made it a huge success. With time, a lot of new Android versions were introduced until now. These versions started with Android 1.1, and the most recent version was Android 9.0. Without Android and its development was not possible to use android in various modern gadgets.


Recently, in November 2019’s last week, Samsung Israel released a roadmap on the Android 10 version. After the release of this roadmap released in Israel, people are also expecting that Samsung will also publish an android 10 roadmap in India and UK. Some people on Twitter and Reddit are also speaking about this roadmap that Samsung’s Korean manufacturers have released the schedule about Android 10 update in UK and India in Samsung’s member app.


According to the release of Android 10’s update roadmap, it looks like that all the products launched in 2018 and 2019 will be updated to Android 10 with ONE UI 2.1 near January 2020. The roadmap released in UK and India is different from the roadmap published in Israel by Samsung. This is because, the roadmap published in Israel shows that, all flagships of 2018 and 2019 will get updated in January 2020, while Samsung Galaxy S9 will be updated in April of 2020. In the roadmap released in India, there are also some updated details mentioned about the Galaxy M series. According to these details, Samsung Galaxy M20 and Samsung Galaxy M30 can get updates of the Android 10 version in January 2020. According to this roadmap, other phones of Samsung’s M series can get updates in different months in 2020. Like, Samsung galaxy will get Android 10’s update in March 2020, Samsung Galaxy M30s will get an update in April 2020, and Galaxy M10s can receive it in May of 2020.

In recent weeks, Some Samsung devices like Galaxy S10 and Samsung Note 10 have been receiving One UI 2.0 Beta. Also, Samsung Note 9 and Galaxy S9 are receiving Android 10 updates in recent months. But if you want to get a stable Android 10 version update for your phone, then you will have to wait till 2020.


When Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, Note 10, and Note 9 will get a stable update of Android 10

According to the latest updates from Samsung Israel, Samsung Galaxy S10, and Note 10 will also get updated in January of the coming year. People are expecting One UI beta Updates on Samsung Galaxy S10 and note 10 to be updated by the last of December. Once Google said about Samsung that, Samsung will update its devices to the Android 10 version at the end of the year 2019. But according to Samsung Israel, this is not true, because according to them, Samsung will update its devices version to Android 10 in 2020. It is also possible these updates vary country-wise. It is a possibility that Samsung devices in the UK and India will get an Android 10 update in this December. Samsung usually launches various Android updates in different markets at different times. There is also a possibility that Samsung will update Note 10 and S10 earlier than the schedule, provided by Samsung Israel.

If we talk about Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9, there is an enormous Gap in the Android 10 launch according to the mentioned roadmap. According to the schedule released by Samsung, Note9 will get a stable update of Android 10 in January of the next year. And about Samsung Galaxy S9, people will have to wait till April of next year (2020).


When Samsung Galaxy A series will get a stable update of Android 10

Along with the updates for Galaxy S10, S9, Note 10, and Note 9, the schedule for the Android 10 updates for Samsung’s A series is also in the roadmap released by Samsung in Israel. This update will be only for the following devices of the Galaxy A series:

  • Samsung Galaxy A7
  • Samsung Galaxy A9
  • Samsung Galaxy A50
  • Samsung Galaxy A70
  • Samsung Galaxy A10
  • Samsung Galaxy A20
  • Samsung Galaxy A30

According to the schedule given by Samsung Israel, the users of the A series will have to wait a little longer to get Android 10 updates. With regards to that schedule, Galaxy A70, A9, A7, and A50 will get Android 10 updates in the April of the upcoming year 2020 while the company will publish Android 10 updates for Galaxy A10s, A30s, and A20 in May 2020.


When Samsung Galaxy Tablets will get a stable update of Android 10

As announced by Samsung, there will be an update of Android 10 that will be available for various Samsung devices. With different Samsung Galaxy android phones, Samsung Galaxy tablets are also included in the list published by Samsung recently. If we talk about Galaxy Tabs, the Android 10 update for tablets will be available for only Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Like different series of Samsung Galaxy’s phone series, Galaxy tablets will also get an update in different months. For Samsung Galaxy Tabs, users will have to wait for a bit longer to get the Android 10 update. According to the road map released by Samsung Israel, The Galaxy Tab S6 will get an Android 10 update in April of the next year. And Galaxy Tab S5s and S4 10.5 will get their android 10 updates in July 2020.


When the Samsung Galaxy M series will get a stable update of Android 10

The roadmap released in India and Uk has also provided brief details about the Android 10 update in the Samsung Galaxy M series. The Android 10 update will be available for the following models of M series.

  • Samsung Galaxy M20
  • Samsung Galaxy M30
  • Samsung Galaxy M40
  • Samsung Galaxy M30s
  • Samsung Galaxy M10s

Some devices in the Samsung Galaxy M series will get Android 10 updates with Samsung S10 and Note 10 mobiles. And other Galaxy M series users will have to wait a little bit. According to the roadmap published for UK and India, Samsung Galaxy M30 and Galaxy M20 will get the Android 10 update in January of the upcoming year while other devices of the M series Galaxy will get an android 10 update at different times. Following the latest news, Galaxy M40 will receive an Android 10 update in march of next year, Galaxy M30s in April 2020, and Galaxy M10s in may of the upcoming year.


When the Samsung Galaxy J series will get a stable update of Android 10

Like other Samsung series, users of the Samsung Galaxy j series will also get Android A10 updates. According to the details provided by Samsung, they will also roll out Android 10 updates to Samsung Galaxy J6, Galaxy J6+, Galaxy J7 Duo, and Galaxy J8. But users of the Galaxy j series will have to wait about 5 to 6 months to get Android 10 updates. According to the recent Roadmap released by Samsung Israel, Samsung Galaxy J6 will receive updates in June of next year, 2020, while Galaxy J6+, J7 Duo, and Galaxy J8 will get Android 10 updates in July of the upcoming year.

To put in a nutshell, it is a piece of great news for Samsung users, that they will receive Android 10 updates very soon, and use a lot of amazing features. But you should keep in mind that the roadmap varies from country by country. The release dates of Android 10 updates are different in different countries. So, it is possible that you can get Android 10 updates earlier than the above-mentioned dates, or you will have to wait a little longer. This is because there is a contradiction between the roadmaps provided by Samsung Israel and Samsung UK. You can check manually in settings that the Android 10 update is received or not.

We will soon provide you with information about other Android companies and their latest versions.

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