What’s the First Thing You Should Upgrade on a New Car?

What’s the First Thing You Should Upgrade on a New Car?

The world of car upgrades can feel infinite when you buy a new car. Should you tackle a wheel upgrade first or is it more important to focus on your horsepower? We’ll help you determine the first thing you should upgrade on a new car.

Sway Bars

Sway bars, or anti-roll bars, are great options if you’re planning to take sharp corners regularly. Body roll is a significant danger when making turns at speed, and sway bars help distribute your vehicle’s weight evenly. Since most cars have their engines in the front, your front sway bar must be larger to accommodate the extra weight.


Upgrading your horsepower without handling modifications leads to jerky driving and uncomfortable rides. You may feel tempted to lower your vehicle until it’s practically scraping the ground, but there is such a thing as too low. In truth, the perfect height for most cars is only an inch or two lower than its original suspension to pinpoint the optimal airflow.

Exhaust System

You might think your car is too quiet. If you want to hear your vehicle roar to life and growl down the road, upgrading your exhaust system makes a lot of sense. While this modification will only boost your horsepower slightly, never underestimate the importance of a powerful sound.

If you want a bigger performance increase, go for a cat-back exhaust upgrade. Axle-back exhaust upgrades are ideal if all you care about is a pronounced growl.


If your car didn’t come with a turbocharger out of the factory, this is a perfect first upgrade. Horsepower is an attractive statistic to boost, and a turbocharger will make that happen for you. There are a few drawbacks to know about, but overall, this is a massive change that you’ll feel immediately after installation.

Now that you know the first thing you should upgrade on a new car, start your modification journey, and enjoy your souped-up vehicle!

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