What programming Languages are Used in the Development of Mobile Apps?

Development of mobile apps

Did you know?

We have been forced to follow social distancing since the covid 19. Lockdown policies make it difficult for people not to want all the things they want. However, this changes the trajectory development of mobile apps. According to the report, users downloaded nearly 33 billion applications during the quarter of 2020.

The quarter saw total mobile users spend 180 billion hours and 28 billion dollars.

These are some essential deep figures.

Covid has changed many industries. The development of mobile apps industry is just one example.

Covid has also introduced us to innovative technologies and tools for the mobile industry. As a result, the mobile developer’s job is now more challenging, exciting, and creative. Many technologies attempt to improve frameworks, create new tools and provide fast compilers that allow us to complete a task. This will enable us to make a mobile app that is elegant, fun, and user-friendly.

A good platform for creating apps is essential. We know that a well-designed app will be able to survive on the market and make money. Your product or service must be as good as your app if you wish to remain in the market.

These are the five most popular technologies, and they are allowing us to create crazy applications.


Python is a popular programming language that many developers around the world have used. It is straightforward to use and offers many great features.

It is open-source, highly orientable, and easy to understand. In addition, it is portable and has built-in debuggers that make it easy to deploy.

Python also offers:

  • GUI programming support
  • community supports
  • frameworks
  • Libraries

It mainly gives us rich features for making smooth web-type applications.

Pinterest and Youtube are the top examples.


Java is a well-known and highly oriented language. The language is most commonly used on Android platforms. It is very secure and famous for the development of mobile apps.

Java is an open-source project with unique libraries and excellent documentation. They also offer community support to assist developers.

Telegram and SeaWeather are great examples.


Google has created Flutter, a cross-platform app development tool. Is it possible to develop mobile apps that run on Android AND iOS without compatibility issues using the open-source Dart programming language? Each system’s native interface. Developers no longer have to create code specific for one platform; they can work on other platforms. Xianyu, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. currently use Flutter and Reflectly Pte Ltd. These companies help increase productivity while saving time & cost through seamless porting across different operating systems.


Swift is a flexible language that’s easy to learn and maintains a clean design. It can be used on any platform, including macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. This makes it genuinely universal programming. It has Cocoa Touch Framework underpinnings and C code that allows you to write native apps on top of iOS SDKs. All this in a compact package.

Linkedin and Lyft and Hipmunk, are two examples of companies that use swift for their primary development tools.


Kotlin is a popular language for creating native apps. Because it is cross-platform, it is trendy. It’s capable of creating dynamic mobile apps that work on all devices and operating systems. These can be desktop computers, smartphones/tablets(ios &android), or laptops. Trello app by Expa lets users manage multiple projects on multiple platforms. Coursera offers online courses in many domains, including medicine, engineering, science, technology, and education.

React Native

Do you ever want to create cross-platform apps that can run on multiple platforms? React Native allows developers to achieve this. This framework was developed by Facebook in 2014 and released two years later under the MIT license. It has been extensively used in developing apps such as Myntra in 2012 and UberEats in 2013. JavaScript knowledge is required. However, Cocoapods and Android Studio’s Kotlin plugins will help you with JavaScript. This framework is worth looking into if your company needs something innovative.

R Programming:

Machine learning and data analysis platform. It can be used for everything from general statistics computing to mobile app development.

R is a great library that has a lot of packages on its built-in functions. This allows its users to quickly access any project, whether they are using the framework from another company’s software package.

How do you increase your sales with a mobile app Development?

You feel the need to grow your revenue. But you’re not going to the track anymore. If you’re not online, the point is a box that surrounds you with limiting factors. You can’t do more, even if it’s what you want!

A custom mobile app will meet your needs. This will create a healthy environment for your business.

Even if you don’t have immediate success, you will have a plan. It will be ready to meet your needs. Obstacles, when the time comes, won’t hamper your sales.

Final thought

These techniques will help you create an excellent application for your client or yourself if you already have one. You can pick any framework you like, but you need to be familiar with your industry and project.

This article showcases seven of the most popular technologies that developers at a mobile apps development company use to create Python and Kotlin. Which one is the best? This article will help you understand how to develop an Android or iOS app. It could save you time and money later on when you need new tools.

Every framework, technology, tool, and language may not be the best. They all have their unique strengths. However, they are all great. You have to pick one!

You have two options: Hire a mobile app developer, or use custom mobile app development services offered by a Mobile App Development company.

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