What Is Your First AA Meeting in San Diego, California Going To Be Like?

Even if you have done plenty of research on your end, you might still be wondering what happens when you enter an AA meeting. Will you be required to speak? Will you be judged for your past actions? Will you be expected to spill out all your secrets regarding your addiction? Is it similar to how you have seen it in TV shows and movies? Being riddled with questions like these is a typical occurrence for anyone seeking recovery. However, your imagination about your first AA meeting needs to be explored and clarified. 


AA meetings exist everywhere around you, not just in your favorite television show. If you need help finding one in San Diego, California, you can check out the AA Meeting Locator and begin your recovery now! 


  1. Your first day at an AA meeting is your first day of sobriety. On this day, you are given a sobriety chip for your day one of progress. As you increase the number of sobriety days, you earn more and more chips. Hence, they maintain a sobriety calculator for you to feel proud of your recovery. 


  1. Of course, all AA meetings are different. However, there is a popular misconception that all of them require you to stand up and introduce yourselves as an alcoholic. While people may encourage you to give an introduction, it is not a mandatory exercise. You can choose to stay silent and listen to the attendees. Many meetings also schedule a time for reading literature on Alcoholics Anonymous. 


  1. You can search the AA meetings in San Diego, California and choose the one that suits you best!


  1. During your initial days at an AA meeting, you would hear about the 12 step program. These steps teach practices of honesty, humility, and forming re-connections with others. Through spiritual connection and sincerity, you acknowledge the harm you may have caused to others and learn to make amends. This program encourages acknowledgment with self; you are not required to share all your secrets. 


  1. You will capture the significance of taking it one day at a time. For many of you out there, envisioning your entire life without alcohol can sound difficult and hopeful at the same time. AA meetings retain the feeling of hope by allowing you to have patience. For many, the mere thought of steering clear of alcohol forever causes worry and anxiety. Hence, you imbibe the practice of focusing on the present.


  1. Apart from this, this gives you an incredible opportunity to form social bonds with people on the same journey as you. Most attendees go for a cup of coffee later or have conversations during breaks. Through such experiences, you feel motivated to attend AA meetings and keep yourself on track with sobriety. 


Your body and mind start to heal from the first day of an AA meeting. To find a meeting near your area in California, you can visit the AA meeting directory. 


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