What Is the Various Commercial Catering Equipment Required in Every Office?



An office is a place for social activity involving vibrant culture of the corporates only if the employees are allowed to use the free space. The commercial catering equipment starts from machinery and cutlery utensils to fresh food supplies like fruits and snacks. If the office lacks these essentials, then the commercial company would have to face a lot of unhappy employees and see very low productivity. 

Now we will be discussing on everything that is required in the kitchen of the office as commercial catering equipment not only increase the productivity but also raise the morale of the workers. 


  • One of the most common commercial catering equipment in an office is coffee machine, toaster, oven, juice machine etc. and without these the office pantry is incomplete. 
  • These may seem to be an investment which many businesses owners think is not required but it can give a benefit to the culture of the company as well as increase the morale of the employees.
  • This will result in the weightage of the monetary cost. For example, drinking coffee is a very common ritual in offices. Whether the employees are completely tired from an excess of workload or sleepy on a Monday morning then a shot of coffee will surely make a big difference in their working manner. 
  • If the company’s owner installs a coffee machine or a juice machine in the canteen space of the office, then it will encourage the employees to use the office pantry or canteen as they will not leave the premises often to have a cup of coffee. 
  • Coffee builds a strong bond between the workers and a healthy competition can be seen in the working pattern. 
  • When the employees generate greater productivity then it will eventually add a benefit to the company. 

Crockeries and Cutlery Items

  • A kitchen in the office acts as a nerve centre where social activities can be performed during the working hours but only if the manager or the head gives the permission and supplies the necessary commercial catering equipment.
  • In case the employees bring lunch and forget to carry their own cutlery they would look for a substitute in the office pantry. If they realize that there is no cutlery in the kitchen of the office, then it would be a very difficult situation for the employees.
  • Every commercial space should have a small kitchen having basic utensils or tools like spoon, plate, glass, bowl, knife etc. 
  • You can have ceramics, glass or disposable paper and plastic utensils and cutleries available for the employees.

Fresh Eatables and Drinkables

  • Fruits as snacks could be the best option that could be given to the employees in the office.
  • Discouraging unhealthy snacks and preferring fresh seasonal fruits like oranges, apple, bananas etc. 
  • Providing fresh fruits to the workers would boost their level of vitamins as well as remove the stress, which will motivate and energize the workers.
  • Fresh milk is the first and foremost available liquid given to employees to enjoy.
  • Average of the employees love to eat cereals with hot milk early morning. After having a light meal in the morning, they can work in a better manner with full energy in their body. 
  • These services provided by the office would be either on a weekly basis or monthly basis.
  • This is only possible if you the correct commercial equipment to store the fruits and other perishable items and maintain its freshness


Supplies of all the above-mentioned commercial catering equipment bring in front a sense of care and wellbeing of the employees in the office. This strong caring characteristic will surely retain the workers and build a strong relationship between the employer and employees. The working kitchen in the office should ensure a stock of goods in the either cold storage or dry storage cabinets. 


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