What is the impact of Live Video Shopping on eCommerce?

Live Online Shopping or livestream ecommerce is the marketing strategy that brands across industries are using successfully to get an advantage. To learn more about how Live Online Shopping is transforming eCommerce, read the entire article.

What Is Live Online Shopping?

 Live Shopping also known as Live Video Shopping has demonstrated remarkable vigour in 2020. Various live shopping platforms are developing and becoming more popular, while the epidemic has increased online work, entertainment, and consumption. The combination of live streaming and commerce, often known as live commerce, has proved successful in China, which has taken the lead in demonstrating to the rest of the world the many possibilities that it offers to both buyers and retailers.

At its most basic, live streaming for eCommerce involves advertising or showcasing your products and services through live video on a live streaming shopping platform with the option for viewers to add-to-cart and check out without leaving a live shopping show.

The COVID-19 pandemic undeniably accelerated the practice of clearing out stocks via live stream shopping. Customers are turning to live shops to shop now that social distancing measures have been implemented. This change has resulted in a loss of connection and engagement between brands and buyers, prompting brands to shift away from selling on a website and toward selling via live stream shopping, where they can still interact with customers in real-time regardless of their location.

 How is Live Online Shopping accelerating Online Sales?

 Live Commerce is rescuing brick-and-mortar retail malls, as well as other industries. Live video shopping allows you to show a product to promote it to an online audience. Customers engage with the live experience via online video, chat, or any other feasible method of contact.

The ability to buy the goods right away provides for a more engaging experience.

  Top Benefits of Using Live Video in Ecommerce

Live video shopping or live commerce improves customer experience and sales conversion rates. The live video feature generates excitement and keeps visitors on your website for a longer period. Live video shopping fosters exclusivity and a feeling of urgency, increasing the average amount spent on each transaction. Because of its broader reach, the live video draws new consumers.

 How Can Live Online Shopping Be Used in eCommerce for the greater good?

It’s an excellent method to interact with customers and generate discussion about your product or service. Using live video shopping for a product launch, for example, is an excellent method to present and sell your goods. Engage in real-time discussions with prospective consumers and make purchasing choices readily available.

The goal is to go beyond conventional e-commerce and give a fresh perspective to online shopping. By including prospective consumers in the shopping experience, you may establish a stronger bond with them.  

Tips for successful live shopping shows

  Promote and showcase products up close and personal

This enables consumers to get a better look at goods, which is another feature that distinguishes live commerce from selling on a shopping website.

 Promote your live shopping show ahead of time

This enables you to attract attention and guarantees that more consumers will participate in your live stream shopping show.

 Make your live shopping shows as mobile-friendly as possible 

Streaming of live videos is the fastest growing trend that provides value to purchasing, particularly in these times of social isolation. This may help you remain ahead of the competition and you can sell successfully via your digital or live shops.

Live stream shopping platforms will not only help you boost sales but will also offer valuable information to your customers.  

Finishing up: 

It’s simpler than it seems, due to platforms like, which offer end-to-end solutions for your Live Online Shopping requirements. This implies that you can have your live streaming shopping platform that can help you connect with your shoppers in an unfiltered manner.

For years, live video shopping has been on the increase and its popularity is only rising day by day. It is easily accessible, fast, and handy for all retailers as well as buyers. There is no need to wait in line or look for your size. You’re never more than a few taps away from the displayed product. Embracing new trends is critical in business, and research on live video shopping indicates potential for the e-commerce sector.

The advantages are clear, and the work required to create a pleasant shopping experience for consumers is worthwhile. Over the last several decades, there has been a significant shift in how customers are reached. Don’t fall behind. If you need additional information on how to get your live streaming shopping platform or a customized live streaming platform , e-mail us at [email protected]

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