What is reverse dieting? Is it suitable for bodybuilders?

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Bodybuilders have to change whole eating habits and routines to get in shape for specific events and contests. Some also go to extreme lengths and buy steroids online. Click Here

This isn’t exactly a bad thing unless you know how do anabolic steroids work and what they are made of.

They also go to the extreme level of cutting meals and to a deficient level of calories to reach the desired goals. And same is the case for weight loss hopefuls, and they also go for challenging metabolic changes to bring results. Bodybuilders need to recoup their strength and everyday life to keep pursuing the sport while staying in shape, so they follow the process of reverse dieting.

Reverse Dieting: Recouping and Recovering

The progressive process of regaining the proper body mechanism and metabolism by gradually enhancing the intake of calories to get the desired body strength and recovery is referred to as Reverse Dieting.

Most bodybuilders retain the shape and body by taking necessary calories to get the energy to heighten the metabolism.

What is the mechanism?

Bodybuilders remain in low-calorie mechanisms to compete in the contests, and after competitions, their bodies become sustainable to the low calories. Now, if a bodybuilder starts eating regular meals like before, the body only consumes what is required, and the rest goes to become fat, and this is how you see most bodybuilders become fat after contests. The mechanism of reverse dieting is to eat tiny portions more than typical meals to persuade the metabolism to behave more energetically to become normal.

Metabolic conditioning: the body gets adapt

With a strict diet, the body’s metabolism adjusts to the particular amount of food that maintains the body’s stature in the competitions. The body gets used to the meal amount and doesn’t utilize the excessive carbohydrates or fats you eat, and this leads to work on the slow increment of nutrients to get the results.

Thermogenesis: slow calorie burn

In reverse dieting, the body puts the metabolism on the slow calorie burn, often called thermogenesis. It increases energy and provides essential nutrients to the body for consumption that the body requires. You will start getting the results with some time gradually.

Why Reverse Dieting: Get back the Strength

Reverse dieting is mainly done to get back the necessary strength you lose while working or lean body for the competitions as a bodybuilder. This strength is mainly obtained by controlling the intake of necessary carbs that provide energy but lead to fat gain.

Gradual Process: the piecemeal for the results| no skyrocketed results

Keep your head up while doing reverse dieting, as it takes time, and you only get results with patience and persistence. You can not assure whether your body is getting into reverse dieting or not. Different bodies give different results in reverse dieting, so don’t put on so much instantly.

Plan and make strategy

For reverse dieting, you need to plan the complete execution from day one to the last, where your goal is. What you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat – make a better strategy to get better results.

Appraising the condition

After doing all the planning and executing all the conditions, you need to keep a complete check and balance of the situation, whether you are getting results or not. Like, keep your weight log and fat measurements.

Is it suitable for bodybuilders?

Yeah, this phenomenon is worthy for bodybuilders, and to get the best results, they need to follow the complete process and wait for the magic.


Reverse dieting is the systematic and slow process that maintains body shape and structure without making a bodybuilder acquire fat. If you are a bodybuilder and want to get into this phenomenon, you better mentally prepare for the time and patience it takes, but it indeed yields results that are what you mainly look for. Also, you can use steroids to quicken the progress. However, only using real steroids is recommended. Wondering where to buy legit steroids online? There are many online stores that claim to offer the best steroids, but if you are looking for real products, place your order at UGFreak.

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