What is Professional Year in Australia? 

Professional Year in Australia

Australia is one of the best countries to live, study and work. Students from all over the world prefer Australia for higher studies. Top universities, vibrant culture and highly skilled instructors make Australia a number one choice for overseas students. Graduates from Australian universities can also apply for professional year in Australia. 

Professional Year in Australia?

The professional year is a well-structured program in Australia. It’s for international students in graduated in IT, Engineering and Accounting from Australian universities. If you want professional training to pursue your career in Australia, the Professional year program is for you. It aims to develop professional skills in students to work in Australia.

This course aims to develop the professional skills of overseas students. This program combines theoretical knowledge and practical training. It is a 44-week program. It includes 32 weeks of classroom study and 12 weeks of internship.

Professional year in Australia offers actual exposure to Australian work culture to international students. They gain employment experience in their field to work in Australia. If you complete the Professional year program, you can gain extra 5 points for PR in Australia.

The professional year program is available 3 specific fields. They include Accounting, IT and Engineering. Foreign students who want to get PR in Australia must apply for this program. They can improve their skills and knowledge during this professional year. Students become highly skilled by the end of their course. Eventually, they can work as experts in Australian firms in their respective fields.

Professional Year in Australia

Benefits of Professional Year Program                          

Professional year in Australia offers a lot of benefits to international students. They can work in the well-known organizations of Australia. Further, they can become a valuable part of the Australian economy. Here’re some of the significant benefits of applying to the Professional Year Program.

Internship Opportunities 

It’s pretty challenging for international students to find a reputable job in Australia. However, the Professional year program offers internship opportunities to students. Many Australian universities provide internships to students after completing the Professional year.

Internships provide a great experience and learning to international students. They can improve their skills to get hired in Australian firms. Most of the students even get a permanent position during their internships.

  • Extra 5 Points for PR 

The professional year program is an excellent opportunity to get permanent residency in Australia. If you complete a professional year in Australia, you can get 5 extra points for Australian PR. International students can develop their skills in the professional year. They can work as professionals and be settled in Australia permanently.

  • Expand Your Social Circle

International students can grow their social and professional circles with a professional year program. As you get a chance to meet a lot of people with same interests. However, you must select a reputable institute for a professional year program.

  • Familiar with Australian Workplace 

All countries have different codes of conduct in their organizations. Australia has its own work conditions and environment. Through the Professional year Program, international students can learn about the Australian workplace.

Professional Year in Australia

You can improve your communication skills by working in a professional environment. Professional year instructors teach you about the tactics that can help you in the future. They teach you how to communicate and act professionally in the Australian workplace.

Eligibility for Professional Year Program 

International students must meet the eligibility requirements for the Professional year program. As, you must;

  • Provide evidence of your English language proficiency.
  • Have completed a degree in Engineering, IT, or Accounting from an Australian university.
  • Hold or have applied for a Temporary Graduate Visa 485. As this visa allows overseas students to stay in Australia for up to 18 months after completing their degree.
  • Have a valid skills assessment from relevant skills assessing authorities such as (ACS, EEA, CPA, IPA and ICAA).
  • Be under 50 years of age.

Application Process 

International students can apply for the Professional year program easily. They’re required to follow a few steps. They include;

  • Firstly, you must find the right course which you want to study in the Professional year program.
  • Each program has different eligibility criteria for students. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements of your selected course.
  • Complete all required documents for the application form.
  • Pay the Professional year program fee.
  • Review your application thoroughly before submitting it.
  • Visit the website of Navitas Professional to submit your application online. Navitas Professional is the official website for Professional year in Australia.

Fields of Professional Year Program 

The Government of Australia recognizes the professional year program. The professional year covers three different fields. It includes;

  • Accounting Professional Year Program
  • ACS Professional Year Program
  • Professional Year in Engineering


Overseas students who want permanent residency in Australia must apply for a Professional year in Australia. It helps students to develop their skills to work in Australian firms. They can live and work permanently in Australia after competing in a professional year program. This program is an excellent opportunity for overseas students to improve their skills and secure their future in Australia.

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