What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sliding Doors?

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Sometimes deciding what windows to get installed in your home can lead to an immense amount of frustration. With so many different options and styles of windows on the market, boiling it down to just one can be difficult. Consulting with a windows and doors company can assist you in the process, and one thing they might ask you is if you’re interested in sliding glass doors or French doors. Figuring out which one will work more effectively for your home is something you’ll have to put a good amount of thought into. 


Which Door To Go With


Sliding glass doors and French doors are both good options to consider and nailing it down to one depends mostly on personal preference. There are a couple of varying configurations that you can go with when it comes to sliding glass doors and French doors.


French Doors 


French doors are doors that are side-by-side and each one can be opened through swinging motion that will protrude from the middle


Single Operable Hinged Door


You can also get French doors where only one door is functional. Getting a door like this is perfect for parts of the home where you only need one door to open because there are objects on the other side of the door. Not every home design has the room for two large doors to open wide, and with a single hinged door, you’re getting the unique factor included in the package.


Inswing Doors And Outswing Doors


With inswing doors, the doors will invert back into the house while an outswing door will protrude outward from the home.


Sliding Doors


Sliding doors are very efficient at creating a lot of room in your home because they just slide back and forth. These doors are perfect if you have walkways outside of your home and don’t want to interrupt the flow of traffic between people walking past.


What Should I Think About When Deciding What Door Go With?


Deciding to go with a French door or sliding glass door should cause you to think about a number of things such as:


  • Size of the door
  • The type of material for the door
  • What type of glass you’re going to go with
  • What your budget is for the door


Each of these considerations can have an impact on what your door will end up costing, and aside from these things, there are a couple of other factors that you’ll want to think about.




The design and overall setup of your home play a tremendous role in what type of door you’ll be wanting to go with. If you have a bunch of furniture around the area where your door will be installed, that needs to be considered. With a sliding glass door, you’ll have a little more space in the area because the door won’t be extending inward or outward from the home. 


Sliding doors provide you with a good range of flexibility in terms of where your furniture can be arranged, but French doors provide you with a larger door opening. If you’re the type of person that likes transporting new furniture into your house all of the time, then going with a French door might be an option to consider. If you have lots of guests over and you think there will be a lot of foot traffic, then going with a sliding door might be a little too small. 


French doors can tend to make a room feel a little larger because of how wide the door span is. If you’re unsure of what type of door to get, consider consulting with a window and door company for more information.


Design Of Your Door


You’ll want to put a lot of thought into the design of your door. There are many options available to choose from, and you can also get your doors customized in just the way you envision in your mind. Both sliding doors and French doors provide a lot of natural light throughout a home. Sliding doors have very large panels of glass on them, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the views of your yard or wherever you have them placed in your home. These large panels of glass can have the room where the doors were installed feeling and looking much larger than the room really is. 


If you’re worried about privacy being intruded upon because of how large your doors are, consider installing some blinds on the doors. For those that live in a home that has more traditional design elements, then you might want to consider going with French doors instead of sliding doors. French doors tend to make older homes look increasingly appealing. If you install them in more modern-looking homes, they can make things feel timeless. There are many different material options available for both sliding doors and French doors, so you’ll want to make sure you do your research when selecting one.


Ease Of Use


Sliding doors and French doors are both very straightforward to use. Sliding doors are a little easier, but also might be a little more tedious because there is a tiny track that you’ll have to step over in order to get through the door. During the consultation with your windows and doors company, you’ll want to ask them which one will look and function best in your home.


Sometimes climate plays a factor in what options people will go with. If you live in a climate that deals with high winds and gusts on a regular basis, you typically won’t have to worry about your sliding doors shutting on you. If you’re going with an out-swing patio door that is on hinges, then there is a higher chance that wind can blow it back and forth. There is also a chance that snow can drift up against the door and prevent you from opening the door as easily as you should be able to.


Each and every door on the market comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and in the end, choosing a door usually depends on the personal preference of the homeowner.

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