What Are The 5 Tips To Clean Dog Urine From Carpet

Dog urine smell is a harsh smell to get rid of. The smell comes from two compounds called thiols and ammonia. Thiols are sulphur-containing compounds resulting from the breakdown of amino acids. Ammonia, the other combination responsible for the odour, smells like urine because it is cleaned-up dog urine.

Everyone knows of dog urine smell. Anybody who has a house with a dog knows what it’s like to have that smell come into the air. Dog urine smells from naturally occurring bacteria in the pet’s diet – bacteria that produce ammonia as a metabolic product. The closer you are to the source, the more pungent the odour. The smell of dog urine can be difficult to remove, but it’s not impossible.

The off-gassing odours seem to emanate mainly from porous surfaces like carpeting and concrete but even hard, non-porous surfaces can hold odorous smells. Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has suggested many tips for removing these because you can not leave dogs, you will have to learn these cleaning tips. Dogs are amazing pets, go for dog urine cleaning tips to eliminate dog urine smell from carpet. It is essential because it makes the house & your costly carpets look and feel cleaner.

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Here Are 5 Dog Urine Cleaning Tips From Carpet:-

  • Use Clean Cloth 

Dog urine can be hard to get rid of, especially if it has already dried. The first step in removing dog urine odour is to identify the source of the smell. First, check for a wet spot on the carpet and blot it up with a clean cloth. If there is still an odour, check your pet’s bedding for odours. If there are no traces of urine on the bedding or rugs, then your pet may have urinated on the floor and the smell may have soaked into the carpet fibres. You can also read our blog on Top 4 Reasons To Hire Expert Brisbane Carpet Cleaning Service.

  • Using Baking Soda and Vinegar:-

Baking soda Soda mixed with vinegar is a very strong oxidant and when applied to an area on which the odour has been developed cleanses it properly and cleans it within a matter of minutes.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide:-

Hydrogen peroxide mixed with warm water will eliminate all the smell from your carpet. 

  • Steam Cleaning:-

It becomes very important to steam clean the area of odour as it will develop a very pungent smell if it is left as such. Carpet steam cleaning Melbourne will not only clean but also disinfect the carpet surface properly.

  • Sundry:-

The carpet must be dried in the sunlight. The sunray will naturally disinfect the surface and will help in reducing dog urine odour and bring newness to the fabric of your costly carpet. It is one of The Best Method of Clean Carpet.


A dog’s urine smell is among the strongest scents that humans encounter in their daily lives. Dog urine is particularly severe because it is so old when it reaches our noses, not in terms of days, but in terms of interactions with other molecules. It has a very sharp stench and pungent smell which is hard to remove.

Dog pee smell is so potent that after those few hours, it can permeate through pretty much any material. Dog urine can be dangerous to your health, so it is important to follow a few dog urine cleaning methods to remove the smell. However, you can also take help from a certified Carpet Cleaning Company available in your area. Experts can solve all types of carpet cleaning problems without any risk of damage and harm to carpet fibres. 

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